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Page One: Barrow Fields to Darkwood Marsh/Swamp

Demon Door: You must be fat for this door to open. Eat lots of meat and pies in front of it to put on the weight. You get a will Master's Elixir for opening this door.
Demon Door (2): This Demon Door wants you to be fat to get in. Instead of buying a lot of food, go to the Hobbe Cave. Kill them until you have twenty to thirty Red Meat. Then, walk in front of the door, hotkey the meat, and eat. By doing this, you not only save money, but gain it and some experience.

Easy money: Use the following trick to cheat at the card pairing game and get a lot of gold. When you first go to Bowerstone, go to the bar and find the man sitting at a table. Talk to him and start a game of card pairing. Note: Save your game first. Bet as much as you can (the maximum bet is 1,000). When the game starts, flip a card and immediately remove your controller. The game will pause. Write down the card number and where it is. Reinsert your controller and repeat for all the cards until you win. It is possible to win about 20,000 in a few hours. You will also win a doll if you beat the time, and get a doll collecting quest.
Easy money (2): Join the Fist Fighters Club in Bowerstone South. When you are finished with a fight session, leave that area before the leader then go back in the Quay. Notice that the club is starting back up again. If you are good, you will get about 300 gold each time.
Easy money (3): When in Bowerstone South and you have at least level 4 in Guile and the Steal ability, go to the weapons smith's shop. Wait until people are not looking. When you are clear, steal his weapons until you see weapons that have red handles and black blades. These weapons are Obsidian weapons that sell for a nice amount of gold. When you steal these weapons, immediately sell them back to the smith. When you turn back around to the tables, the Obsidian weapon will have instantly reappeared on the table, waiting to be stolen again.
Easy money (4): This trick requires owning a house. When you own the house, fix it up, then rent it. During the day, sleep in the bed six times. Then, go outside to find three money bags with 205 gold. This will happen repeatedly, as long as you rent.
Easy money (5): Their will be a house for sale close to the Bowerstone Quay. Buy it, and upgrade it has much as possible. You should then be able to hang one of your trophies on the wall to the right, once you enter the house. Hang your most expensive trophy, then sell the house. After you sell the house, the door will close. Break it down and get your trophy back. Then, buy the house again -- it should cost about 4,100 gold. Hang your trophy, sell the house and repeat. The more your trophy is worth, the more money you will get each time.
Easy money (6): Go to the clothing shop. The shopkeeper will be to your left when you walk in. Turn right, and there should be a display of an item. Go to the corner of the room and get as close to the item as possible without being seen. Keep selling and stealing the items this way. Some may be worth more, and some less. If you do not like what is there, save the game and reload, A new item will be there. Also, the more difficult the item is to steal, the more it is worth. Note: You must have the Steal ability and Guile.
Easy money (7): In the Bowerstone armor shop, there is a shelf that usually has leather on it. The shelf is on the part that holds up the stairs. Stand in the corner where you can barely see the counter. Get close enough to the shelf to where you can steal from it. The shopkeeper should not be able to see you. Steal what is there, then sell it to back to him. The item should be back on the shelf, allowing you to steal it again. Note: Sometimes people will come into the shop. If this happens, immediately stop then try to steal it again after they leave.
Easy money (8): This trick requires the Jack's Mask trophy, which is obtained by defeating Jack at the end of the game. Purchase the house in Bowerstone South for about 1,400 gold. Then, purchase all the decoration upgrades for the house. Next, place the Jack's Mask trophy on the trophy board on the wall. Then, break the door and sell the house. Go back inside the house and retrieve the trophy. Then, buy the house again and repeat. Each time you do this, you should gain at least 2,000 gold.
Key: Go onto the upstairs porch of one of the houses across from the item seller.
Easy experience: At night, go to Bowerstone Quay and you will see some shirtless men. They are the Fist Fighters Club. The following trick will work on anybody except the leader of the Fist Fighters Club, Rund (the only person of interest; a green dot on the map, besides the old man). Start hitting someone until you can use a flourish. Then, hit someone with one, who will then fall to the ground. When they are on the ground their feet should be at yours. Move around then so that their head is your feet. When they get up, their back should be to you. Start punching them. This should increase your Strength experience. Although it does take a long time, it is well worth it. It is possible to get 10 Strength experience points on each hit. Also, when your combat multiplier gets high, it is a good time to use your Ages Of Might, Skill, or Will potions. They give more experience with a higher combat multiplier.
Easy experience (2): Use the following trick to get dark points and strength experience relatively easily. Buy the house that is for sale and get married, or get someone on the balcony in the upper floor of the house. Then, target them and keep hitting them. The guards will not see you, as long as you do not stop to let the person leave. You will get one dark point every time you hit them, and your multiplier will keep increasing as long as you hit them. It takes about thirty minutes to get the points high, but it is well worth it, allowing you to easily get more than 150,000 strength experience points.
Easy experience (3): Note: This also is a way to get revenge against the man in the slums that made get your hair trimmed so that you look like an idiot, as well as mastering all of your physical traits when you first start the game. At the end of that quest, when you have completed your "look" and talk to him and he admits his joke, press X. Do this as soon as the conversation ends so that he does not move. Then, repeatedly press X as long as desired. He cannot die, and you can do this to your heart's content. Your multiplier gauge will rise continuously, and after about an hour, you will have more experience points than needed to master all of your skills. It is possible to get every physical stat mastered and be completely Evil before starting the second main quest. Note: Do not do this if you want to be Good.
Easy experience (4): Get a girl to follow you in Bowerstone, then take her to the Bowerstone quarry. Repeatedly punch her. You can increase your combat multiplier and get a large amount of Strength experience points. She will never die. You can also try this with a man, but he can block. To attack him, you need to hit him the back without him turning around.

Demon Door: The door in the Cemetery quest only opens after you find Nostro's armor.
Easy experience: Save all of your Ages Of Might, Skill, and Will Potions until you get to the old graveyard path. Turn on a physical barrier and slash away at the undead. It is possible to get your combat multiplier over 50. When you have killed them all, go to your equip screen and drink the Ages Of Might, Skill, and Will Potions. You will get 100 experience times whatever number you combat multiplier is on. You can pull in well over 40,000 experience points on this quest.
Easy experience (2): Max out Life Steal and go to the Lychfield Cemetery. Life Steal will hit multiple targets and will not do as much damage, hence a higher combat multiplier. Life Steal is somewhat ineffective against undead enemies. Use all the experience boosting potions at once.

Easy experience: After you save your mother, there will be an endless series of undead. If you use your physical shield, your combat multiplier can get up as high as desired. It is possible to get 450,000 general experience in about thirty minutes.
Easy experience (2): Note: This only works after you rescue your mother. Go to the old graveyard path where unlimited zombies spawn. Use a physical shield and a weapon that kills zombies in one hit. Make sure you shield does not get destroyed, and you can max out your general experience (999,999 points) in a short amount of time.
Easy experience (3): After you escape from jail and are told to activate the ancient cullis gate in Darkwood, return to the Cliffside Path on the way to the prison just before you actually enter it. Take the high path instead of the lower one. Two skeleton zombies should appear. Kill them and another two will appear. They do not stop respawning, and you can easily get up to at least 200 on the combat multiplier, to where you do not need the Ages potions. Remain there and kill them for about twenty minutes or until you reach a 100 to 200 combat multiplier. Then, teleport back to the heroes guild to reap your reward.

Key: Fish from the right side of the first bridge after entering Darkwood.
Easy money: Go to the camp where you can play blackjack (the fastest game to play). Save the game before you start playing. Max out your bet and play a few hands. The maximum bet limit is 1000. Play until you have more money than you started with, then save the game. If you lose money, just reload the saved game. You can keep saving and reloading depending on your loss or gain of money.
Easy Evil points: Note: To do this trick you must have already completed the Bandit mission to TwinBlade camp. First, go to the Chapel of Skorm by the Darkwood camp, then teleport to Bowerstone South. Go to the Tavern. Inside is a bodyguard. Pay him the money, then teleport back to the Chapel. Then, teleport to Ockvale and find the bodyguard at the second entrance to Ockvale. Teleport back to the Chapel. Teleport to TwinBlade camp and get the bodyguard located there. Teleport back to the Chapel and sacrifice the three bodyguards. If you sacrifice someone at a certain time and day, you will get the most powerful weapon in the game. Also, if you bring a lot of people it decreases your age by 10 years.

Marsh: Demon Door: This door challenges you with a few Hobbes. Kill them all for it to open. Behind the door is the Will User's Dark Outfit.
Swamp: Key: On the escort trader's quest, you will encounter a glowing rock. Shoot the hole in the top of the rock with an arrow to reveal a key.

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