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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats
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There are some things you can do to help with boasts, but some of these will prevent you from fulfilling some other boasts.
Boast: No Protection: Description: Do the quest naked. Assist: Berserk makes you faster, and at level 2 or 3 you will not be knocked down or stunned by enemy blows. Assist: Slow Time allows you to stay behind or away from your opponent so your lack of armor will not get you killed. Invalidate: Physical Shield acts as armor and will cause you to fail this boast.
Boast: Fist Fighter: Description: Complete the quest without using any weapons or offensive magic. Assist: Physique. If you are going after enemies barehanded, you want as much muscle as you can get. This also means wielding heavy weapons as often as possible. Assist: Quickness. It helps no matter what weapon you are using, but since most unarmed attacks are weak, and do not even stun some enemies, you want to be able to hit as hard and as fast as possible. Assist: Heal Wounds will keep you alive. You will need it unless you are a master of dodging. Assist: Physical Shield is one of the few spells you can use, but since you do not regenerate mana when using it, you better hope this uses less mana for the damage dealt than healing does. This is recommend over Healing, unless you must also keep allies alive. Assist: Slow Time. Because you cannot use weapons, and Healing or using Physical Shield takes a lot of mana, this helps you avoid getting hit. However, at lower levels it just is not worth the mana consumption for the time given. Level 3 at least before you rely on it during a Fist Fighter; you will want that mana for other uses. Invalidate: Drawing a weapon, even if you do not use it. Invalidate: Any spell except those mentioned above. Note: Even Multi Strike and Berserk, which only affect you, but aid in combat.
Boast: Don't Let (NPC) Die: Description: Keep (followers) alive until the end of the quest. Assist: Berserk allows you to keep from reacting to enemy hits, which allows you to move over to the followers and either defeat their attackers or heal all allies within range. Assist: Enflame hits only enemies, even if allies are within the range. Unless you are actively targeting one, your allies will not get hit. This is a useful way to knock all enemies around you away, as well as doing a hefty amount of damage at higher levels. Assist: Lightning will hit one enemy for each level you put into it. At level 4, it can hit four enemies at once, keeping them virtually immobile, and can even decapitate bandits. The range of this spell, as well as the number of enemies it can hit, makes it a very useful way to take out numbers of enemies at range. Assist: Heal Wounds at level 1 is practically worthless. It heals almost as much as it costs in mana. Level 2 is a big improvement; all levels increase range. Level 4 will heal over half of the hit points of nearly any ally you have, and in almost the same size radius as a level 4 Enflame, if not more. Invalidate: Let the NPC(s) die.
Boast: Don't Let (NPC) Get Hurt: Description: Prevent (follower) from becoming injured. Assist: Enflame. It hits only enemies and has a large range. Force Push will hit anyone, even allies within its radius. Assist: Berserk prevents you from getting caught up in being your enemies' punching bag. You can plow any enemy out of the way and you will not be stunned by their blows. Assist: Slow Time will allow you to reach your enemies before they can attack, get in the way of an attack to prevent your follower from becoming injured, and allow you to kill many of the threats to your follower before they can act. Level 4 is a monumental improvement over level 1 in both the time you are allowed, and the speed at which your enemies are reduced to. Invalidate: You will fail this boast if your follower gets hit. The game may glitch and allow your follower to get hit and give you the money, but record the boast as failed. If your follower gets hit and you do not fail the quest, you will get the money but not a completed boast in your record.

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