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Also known as: ESPN NFL 2005

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Cheat mode: Select the VIP Manager option, then enter one of the following VIP names to activate the corresponding cheat function.
The master code: Enter MaxedOut as a case-sensitive VIP name to unlock everything, including all trophies and milestones obtained and completed; all catalogs unlocked with everything purchased; and all celebrity games won.
All crib items: Enter CribMax as a case-sensitive VIP name.
1,000,000 crib points: Enter PhatBank as a case-sensitive VIP name.
All milestones completed: Enter MadSkilz as a case-sensitive VIP name.

How to unlock the Air hockey table:
Win the Super Bowl.
How to unlock the Loco Arena stadium: Defeat David Arquette.
How to unlock the Cheesesteak Dome stadium: Defeat Jamie Kennedy.
How to unlock the Dream Superdome stadium: Defeat Steve-O.
How to unlock the Electra Coliseum stadium: Defeated Carmen Electra.
How to unlock the Funk Field stadium: Defeat Funkmaster Flex.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and Adrian (Barney) Walsh

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