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Enter the Matrix

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Follow the steps below..
1. Enter the Hacking engine in the game.
2. Enter CHEAT.EXE and the cheat menu will be unlocked.
3. You can now enter one of the Passwords below as a code to enable the Effect you require.

Effect .... Password
Max firepower .... 0034AFFF
Unlimited ammo .... 1DDF2556
Unlimited focus .... 69E5D9E4
Fast focus restore .... FFF0020A
Unlimited health .... 7F4DF451
Bonus test level .... 13D2C77F
Sparks' Construct in training mode .... 13D2C77F
Sparks' Construct in training mode(2) .... 1302C77F
Enemies cannot hear you .... 4516DF45
Enemies cannot see you .... FFFFFFF1
Turbo mode .... FF00001A
Multi-player fighting .... D5C55D1E
Low gravity .... BB013FFF
Faster logos .... 7867F443
Taxi Driving .... 312MF451


Hacking engine tools:
In Hacking engine (which is accessed from the title screen), there are a number of directories and tools that can be useful (such as spawning a weapon within The Matrix.).

Command .... Effect
DIR <location> .... List files and folders
CLS .... Clear the screen of text
HELP <command> .... Extended help for a command
TRACEKILL .... Kills traces
READ .... Read *.txt files
VIEW .... View *.img files
PLAY .... Play *.fmv files
DROP JXTRR10 .... Weapon drop at Drainage Canal
DROP PNSRZ10 .... Weapon drop at North Concourse
DROP RKHMS10 .... Weapon drop at Airport Tunneld
DROP JDZMT10 .... Weapon drop at 2nd Floor West (Chateau)
DROP ZKHBD10 .... Weapon drop at Courtyard (Chateau)
DROP RHFTQ10 .... Weapon drop at Skyscraper
DROP ZSZQH10 .... Weapon drop at Warehouse (Chinatown)
DROP JDHQL10 .... Weapon drop at Transformer Field (power plant)
DROP B1AXXF2 .... Weapon drop at 2nd Floor PO Boxes


In the Hacking engine, instead of using "GUEST", you can LOGIN as FREEMIND or COWBOYCURTIS to hear a message from Morpheus.


Enter the following commands:
dir logos:
dir V:
dir ram:
passcode: 8ram
3 digit code 942
passcode: Thisisnotreal
passcode: Fozenfish



Hack into The Matrix:
Once you have saved, you can select the Hacking option and begin to work on hacking into The Matrix itself. As the Matrix is quite simply a simulation, its rules are no different to a computer systems. This allows you to not only access all stored files, but you can change the physical laws of the system (as mentioned in the "cheat" descriptions) Laws like gravity can be bent, for a greater time/effect than the limited focusing alone. To take advantage of the Hack System's abilities, you will need to know exactly what to enter following the command prompt (default A Drive standard (A:\)): Enter DIR to display directory choices. You can simply type <name of executable>.EXE then press Enter. The executable will be opened. It is not the same with .TXT files, as you must type READ first before the text file selection is revealed in Command List. Simply type DIR then a space followed by B:\ for the contents of the B Drive to be revealed for selection, rather than typing individual filenames. After experiencing the rabbit hole for yourself, the "CHEAT.EXE" is invaluable for those with free minds looking to further enhance skills, and bend the rules of The Matrix. After opening the executable, you will be required to enter specific codes, which will directly alter rules of The Matrix, making it easier for you to utilize your ability to focus the mind, and other aspects. Use it wisely.
Hack into The Matrix (2): For an easy way to unlock cheat mode, at title screen select "Hack". Press any key when instructed. Once the system has loaded, type DIR. You will eventually see various choices. One of these choices will be "TOOLS". Instead of typing it in, go all the way to the left where your options are "HELP and DIR". Click "DIR", then you will see the same choices on the screen above. Click on "TOOLS". From there you will see more choices "CHEAT.EXE" and so on. Click "CHEAT.EXE" and enter in any the codes.
Finding cheat codes: Every highway sign you see in The Matrix: Reloaded is a cheat for the game, Enter The Matrix. Look on the billboards in the game on the freeway.
Cheat warning: When using various cheats, including "Unlimited Focus", "Unlimited Health", "Unlimited Ammunition", and "Maximum Firepower", the game places a grenade or bomb immediately where you begin the level (only on some levels). It does not kill you, but will knock you for a loop. For example, on the "Agent On Board" level, you start out besides Axel. If one of those cheats are enabled, the bomb will blow up Axel and you will die, ending the game. You must play this level without cheats in order to complete it. The way to get away from the bomb is run before it explodes.
Something I discovered: Kill 200 cops in Spark's Construct to unlock the first red door. Pick up the M-16 that is on the floor and run down the hallway. A couple SWAT agents will ambush you by jumping through panes of glass. At the end of the hall is a door leading to a small room. There's a table in the center of the room with a couple guns on it. The next room is a small warehouse. Pick up the grenade launcher and go into the next room. This is a much larger warehouse. Watch out for the two snipers up in the catwalk. The next room is medium sized and full of crates. SWAT agents will begin pouring into the room in an endless stream. I stood on a crate in the corner and launched grenades at them (after enabling the unlimited ammo cheat). The game froze when I didn't pick up all the guns that had been dropped. Evidently, there were so many objects that the XBOX could no longer draw them all (there must have been well over 100 guns on the ground!).

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, Sol Gregson, A. Stanmore, Gordon Fowkes, AJ,  Miss-Ma-Trix, DarthSKiPPY and many others with the same/similar info - thank you

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