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Dynasty Warriors 3

Also known as: Shin Sangoku Musou 2 (Japan)

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In-game reset:
Press Start + Back during game play. Note: This only works in certain screens.
Alternate costumes: Press A or X when selecting a character to choose between two costume colors.
Play as Lu Bu: On Hu Loa Gate, get over 1000 KOs and defeat Lu Bu. This can only be done while on the Allied forces.
Easier way to Play as Lu Bu: An easier way to get over 1000 KOs on Hu Lao Gate is play on the easy difficulty setting, then pay attention to the enemy gates. If you see a lot of enemy units pouring out, make sure to put your bodyguards on defense then stay near the gate opening. KO the enemies as they appear. Try not to KO the Gate Captain or no more units will appear. This is especially critical around the three gates in Dong Zhuo's fortress where you can accumulate over 450 KOs.
Play as Fu Xi: Clear Musou mode with Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan.
Play as Nu Wa: Clear Musou mode with Sun Shang Xiang, Xiao Qiao, Da Qiao, and Zhen Ji.
Item upgrades: To get better upgrades, such as Tortoise Amulet +60, play the game under the hard difficulty setting in these stages and kill these characters for only items in that stage. Do not bother doing this on any level below Attack On Liu Biao.
Nanman campaign (Shu and Wu): Yong Kai, Dong Tu Ne.
You Ting (Wu): Man Chong, Cao Xiu, Hu Zhi, in box directly in front of Cao Xiu fort, to the side of Sima Yi in box.
Jie Ting (Shu): Du Xi, Deng Ai, Xin Pi.
Yi Ling (Shu): Ling Tong, Zhu Ran (Wu): Shamoke, Lei Tong, Wu Lan
Chi Bi (Wei): Cao Pi, Cao Hong, (Shu): Zhu Ran, Xu Sheng, Taishi Ci
He Fei (Wei): Zhu Huan, Han Dang, Jiang Qin.
Fan Castle (Wei): Second level of stage in box
Chang Ban (Shu): Li Dian, Xiahou En, Zhang He (Wei): Mi Zhu, Chen Zhen, Liu Qi
Guan Du (Wei): Yuan Xi, Yuan Tan.
Getting second and third weapons: Go to You Ting and defeat Zhang Pu and Zhen Ji. They will both give you weapons. Sometimes the weapons are first weapons, at other times they are the second or third weapons. Note: This can be done with anybody, but you should build them up first.
Getting second and third weapons 2: Play the Assault On Wu Territory level under the hard difficulty setting. Have someone help you defeat the stage. While the other person is defeating the officers, go and take all of the weapon boxes that appear. Some weapon boxes are in boxes. After completing the level, you should have the second and third weapons.
Getting second and third weapons 3: Play as Cao Cao and successfully complete the game. His first and second weapons are the same as Liu Bei's, Sun Quan's, and Sun Jian's first and second weapons. When you start a new Musou with these characters, you will automatically get their second weapon.
Getting second and third weapons 4: Play under the normal or hard difficulty setting. Go to the Assault On the Wu Territories level and play as Sun Ce's forces. There are four weapons in this stage; three of them are held by officers, Zhang Ying, Chen Heng, and Yan Yu. The fourth one is in a box that will be diagonally left of your position as soon as you enter the fort on the bottom right of the map, where Liu Yong is located.
Getting second and third weapons 5: Play the Nanman Campaign under any difficulty setting. Meng Huo, Meng You, and Dailali Dongzou will all give you weapon boxes. They usually are a mix of second and third weapons.
Easy third weapons: Go to the Surprise Attack On Lui Biao level with an already enhanced Lu Bu and the character you want. There are five weapon boxes throughout the level. Get those with the other character, not Lu Bu after killing every person on the level with Lu Bu, except for the main person. Then, kill the last person. There is also a Musou +10 and an Life +10 in the level. For a third weapon, play under the hard difficulty setting. If you do not get their second or third weapon, play on the other side.
Easy third weapons 2: Max out a character (with or without a fourth weapon). Put a base strength character in the player one slot. The game adjusts its difficulty according to the first player's strength. Then, put your maxed character in slot two under the normal difficulty setting. Play the Battle At Tong Gate. At the start of the battle, put your first player character in a safe spot nearby then kill Tong Gate Generals Ma Dai, Pang De, and Han Sui. By now Ma Chow will be occupied with Cao Cao -- kill Cheng Yin and he will drop a weapon box. Keep the box on the second player's screen and have player one take the box. Have player two stand there and let his bodyguards take care of any units. Then, take player one to the northern-most point of Cao Cao's side of Tong Gate. Once there you will find a box with a weapon inside. Take the weapon, then hide player one and kill Ma Chow with player two.
Easy third weapons 3: Play the Battle of Mt. Ding Jun level on Shu forces. Turn around and take the path Zhand Fei is taking. Kill Xiahou De to get the weapons box. Go to where Xiahou Yuan is located and go right, then break open the box and pick up the weapons box. Next, find and kill Cao Hond and pick up the weapons box for the last one in the stage. There is also a Life +10 to the right of Cao Cao, to the left of you. You should play the level under the normal or hard difficulty setting for a better chance at getting the third weapon. The weapon will give you better stats. For example, playing on easy results with Life +9, playing on hard results in Life +31.
Easy fourth weapons: Start the level under the hard difficulty setting, acquire the weapon, then quit and save the game. Set the difficulty to easy, then finish the level. Note: This may not always work.
Easy fourth weapons 2: Play under the hard difficulty setting with two players (one who already has a fourth weapon and the other that needs a fourth weapon). Complete what is necessary with the good character, then use the other character to pick up the fourth weapon. For example, to get Taishi Ci's special weapon, play the Assault On Wu Territory level with Lu Bu and his fourth weapon and Taishi Ci. Get Taishi Ci to safety. Kill every one except Sun Ce. Then, use Taishi Ci to get his fourth weapon.
Note: You do not necessarily have to pick up the item with the weaker character. Anybody can pick up the fourth item for the weaker character. It will automatically be given to the character without the fourth weapon.
Easy fourth weapons 3: For precious (special) items, put the character whose weapon you are after in the first slot (base strength) and put a maxed out character in slot two. With player two, perform the actions required to make the weapon appear then just have player one collect it. For Supply Troop weapons, have a base strength player in slot one and the character whose weapon you are after in slot two. Do what is needed to get the weapon under the hard difficulty setting.
Easy fourth weapons 4: Get a character's second weapon , choose the Nanman campaign, then kill everyone (including Meng Hou), except Meng Hou for the last time. At the end, you should have three weaponsm with one being the special weapon. This can be done with Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhao Yun, Zhou yu, and Xiahou Dun. Note: Always use the second weapon always as it does more damage.
Shorter Musou: A shorter Mosou Max stat may be better, since it requires less time to fill up and Musou more readily available. Avoid taking the +10 Musou boxes and do not use +xx Musou Max items.
Easy Musou mode: To complete beat Musou mode easily, start a game in two player Musou mode. Choose the character you want to be. Then, with the second controller choose any character that is already leveled up and is good. Play through Musou mode with the good character and you should win easily. Make sure you keep the other character out of danger.
Better kill bonuses: Kill Gate captains with Musou attack (full combos) to get Defense Up +2 instead of +1. You can do this either in Free or Musou mode. One way to fill up you defense meter quickly is to play the Battle Of Hu Lao Gate level as the allied forces. There are seven Gate captains and three officers who have the Defense Up item. Kill them all with Musou attack to get +20 total. You can also use this trick to Attack Up. Everything +1 killed by Musou attack will be +2 (defense or attack).
Better kill bonuses 2: Do a 20 or more hit combo to kill a general to get double the amount of the normal + Defense or + Attack bonus. For example, killing Gan Ning at Yi Ling with a big combo will give you +8 Attack instead of +4 Attack. Note: You must kill the general with the combo.
Better kill bonuses 3: Get at least an 8-hit combo to get Attack/Defense +2 instead of +1.
More kills: Go to a gate but do not kill the Gate Captain. Kill his guards and the Gate Captain will call for more men. The Gate Captain will move back. Go to the gate until the small sign appears and kill all the men that appear. You can lower the number of people for that general. You can do this anywhere, with anyone. It is also good training for you and your bodyguard.
Avoid falling: When someone does a combo on you, their last hit will usually throw you. While you are being thrown through the air, tap L a few times to flip back on your feet.
Opening gates: When fighting on a level with wooden gates, position your character against to and facing a gate. Try to fire an arrow through it, at the enemy soldiers on the other side. When you hit one, the gate will open up.
Xu Zhu the elephant in opening: Enable the "Opening Edit option" code. At the scene where the player you select would be on an elephant hitting people, choose Xu Zhu. Play it to see Cao Cao on a elephant, but you will first see Xu Zhu taking the place of the elephant.
No death in hero's end in opening: In the hero's end part of "Opening Edit", put in one of the following to see him/her order troops to battle while mounted: Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo, Meng Huo, Zhu Rong, Diao Chan, Zhang Jiao, Fu Xi, and Nu Wa. About all the Wu characters have the scene with the boulder falling on someone; try it with Huang Gai.
Xu Zhu combos: Doing a jump attack on any person will make your combo rack very fast. You can also jump attack someone immediately after doing this once to continue your combos. This is very useful for getting 20 or better combo hits on Generals for twice the normal item given.
Zhou Yu singing and dancing: Play through Musou mode under any difficulty setting as Da Qiao or Xiao Qiao to have Zhou Yu as the singer/dancer in the ending sequence. He still has the woman's voice, and does the same exact dance.
Zhen Ji dancing: Successfully complete the game with Dian Wei to see Zhen Ji dancing.


Successfully complete the game with Dian Wei and Xu Zhu and they will fight for an onion during the ending sequence.
2. Successfully complete the game with Sun Ce to see Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao dance during the ending sequence.
3. Successfully complete the game with Zhang He to see him get up and dance next to Zhen Ji during the ending sequence.
4 Successfully complete Musou mode under any difficulty setting with Zhou Yu to see Sun Shang Xiang dancing in the ending sequence.
5 Successfully complete Musou mode under any difficulty setting with Zhuge Liang to see Zhu Rong sing and dance in the ending sequence.
6 Successfully complete Musou mode with Pang Tong to see his astounding Magic Show.
7 Successfully complete Musou mode with Xiao Qiao to see Lu Xun singing and dancing.
8 Successfully complete Musou mode with Lu Xun to see him give his sword to Sun Shao.
9 Successfully complete Musou mode with Gan Ning to see several soldiers crowded around him while he is chugging beer out of a jug.
Funny ending sequence: Play through Musou mode in two player mode, with any character as player one and the your best character as player two. Have player two win each level and player one kill nobody. At the end, it will say "0" for the kill number each time. For example, do this with Da Qiao and Guan Yu (player two) and the game will say "In the Yellow Turban Rebellion, Da Qiao won her affection after defeating 0 soldiers" and sometimes it will say 0 soldiers forcing a retreat.

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