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Death Row

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Enter one of the case-sensitive passwords below as a PLAYER FOUR name (enter them as written) to enable the Effect you Require.

Effect .... Password
The master code .... SouthEnd
Unlock all teams and players .... ALL150
Unlock all arenas .... MOREROOM
Multidisc* .... CONFUSED
Extreme difficulty .... NO FEAR
Narrow field of view .... NOFOV
Faster frame rate .... NOSYNC

*Multidisc: This is when you have three disks on the field instead of one.


Easy scoring (1):
When playing against an aggressive team such as The Demons, use your taunt to lure the goal keeper away from the goal. Once he is coming to get you, quickly pass and do a one timer or strafe and score.
Easy scoring (2): For easy goals, run straight towards the goal then jump sideways and press B to shoot. It will go in about 80% of the time. Then. if you can run around the back of the goal, you can score again.
Easy win: Use the following trick to win easily in a single match or tournament game. Instead of trying to win with goals, just K.O. all the players. Once one of them gets K.O.'d, it is easy to K.O. the others. You can also put your teammates on attack.
Winning faceoffs: As soon as you start, run a little bit then press L + B to slide or L + A to jump into the disc.
Easy credits (1): Go to single match under the extreme difficulty setting. Choose any two teams. Play until the fourth period and the last five minutes of the game. Then, go to "Controls" and switch to the winning team.
Easy credits (2): If you have no credits for getting more health in tournament mode, play the game and try to score with the health you have got. Even if you do not win, you will get credits. The more games you play, the more credits you can save for your health.
Multidisk: Multidisk is when you have three disks on the field instead of one.

Submitted by: Karl A and CheatBookJon

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