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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volley Ball

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Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game. When you start a new game, you can immediately advance to the end. Select the "Leave Tomorrow" option at the hotel or pool menu to skip to the ending.
Ending sequence: Wait for the credits to end to see a extra FMV sequence featuring Zack and the remains of his island.
Unlock two bonus music tracks: There are two hidden music tracks in the game: "How Crazy Are You" (by Meja) and "Is This Love" (by Bob Marley). To obtain them, play through the game once. When you resume that saved game file, these two hidden songs will be available in the Radio Station.
Swimsuits in exhibition mode: Earn or buy swimsuits in story mode (Zack's Island). The swimsuits that you acquire in that mode will also be available in exhibition mode.


Cat ears:
There is no way to buy the cat ears for Christie at the accessory shop. The only way to get them is to buy (or wait for Zack to send it to you) the "Panther" one piece bikini. The swimsuit has a panther tail, and once equipped to Christie, she will automatically wear cat ears..
Leifang: Wearing almost nothing: In order to see the most of Leifang's skin wait until after the fourth day for the Oreial swimsuit. It barely covers her skin, but costs a lot of money.
Tina: Rabbit or cat ears: There is no way to purchase cat or rabbit ears in the accessory shop with Tina, and Zack will never give them to you as a gift. To get them, go to the Sport Shop and buy the Arnob one piece swimsuit. Note: It is not cheap. When you play in a volleyball (or hopping) game with Tina, she will be wearing rabbit ears.
Extra items:
Give a lot of gifts to one character and complete that game. Start a new game on that saved game file and choose to play as the character that received the gifts in the previous game. Those items will be available in your inventory in the new game.
More money: Note: This trick requires Dead Or Alive 3. Play Dead Or Alive 3 and select a character that also appears in Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball in survival mode. The more wins you have in survival mode, the more money you will start with in Dead Or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. In a volleyball match, the less points the opposing team scores, the more money you will end up getting.
Keeping on good terms with your partner: Give your partner their favorite gift in color, type, hobby, or their nationality (one or two gifts). When you wake up in the morning, check the music notes around their head. If only one music note floats up, you are not doing well with your partner. If it is two music notes, then their enthusiasm is pretty good. Three music notes indicates that both of you are getting along very well.
Selecting a partner: Choose your partners wisely. Try to partner up with girls that have a lot of power; for example, Tina or Hitomi. Then, when you are receiving the ball during game play, try to have them make the first hit upon return, in which case you set them up for a spike using B. Very often, the other players, even if they are blocking, will be knocked down by their enormous spikes.
Casino action: Do not play for too long. It seems you will get on a losing streak if you play over fifteen times in roulette, twenty five times in poker and blackjack, and thirty times on the slots. However, some days are better than others. You can win the most money in roulette.
Give any girl a swimsuit:
Buy the gift, then wait until you get to your hotel. Give them the gift, then immediately choose "Leave Tomorrow". Then, continue your previous game as the person you gave the swimsuit to. It will automatically be in your inventory..
Food: If your character is not performing very well, take them to get some juice or food to eat. Afterwards, do the pool hopping game to increase their response and enthusiasm.
Win big at roulette: Save about $1,000,000. Then, go to the casino and set your chips to $10,000. Play roulette and put all the chips you can on either the red or black panel that has no numbers. The red or black panel is the row closest to you. You will have a 50% chance of winning.
Good serve: In order to receive 1000 points for each serve, make sure that your calibration is adjusted so that it is about 30% (one third of the way from the left of the bar), then press A firmly to throw the ball in the air. Press A firmly again just before the player is about to make contact with the ball. This is very helpful during game play, as you can still get some points even if you lose your match.
Give any girl the Venus swimsuit: Play as Lisa and win about $1,500,000 playing volleyball. Buy the Venus swimsuit then start a new game. Lavish the desired character with gifts. After the character in question starts to give you a lot of gifts in the hotel, lay the Venus swimsuit on her in the morning. Next, buy her a couple more gifts -- one that she will really like and one that she will dislike. Start a new game with the character you gave the Venus swimsuit to, and it should be in their inventory.

Peridot, Beauty Treatment, Marrons Glace, Shuriken
Christie: Turquoise, Tomato Juice, Steering Wheel, Collar, Animal Prints
Helena: Garnet, Blancmange, Seaworld Ticket, Dolphin Brooch, Dolphin Clock, music or opera items, Collar, Cushions (walking as in a pet)
Hitomi: Emerald, Sachetorte, Frying Pan, Microwave, Recipe
Kasumi: Amethyst, Strawberry Millefeuille, Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, Shuriken
Lei Fong: Diamond, Chinese Dessert, Aroma Pot, Panda, Oreial swimsuits, Stuffed Toys, Diamonds, Nunchaku
Lisa: Ruby, Cherry Pie, Research Book, Soap (Board Wax)
Tina: Turquoise, Prototype Xbox, Sapphire Brooch, Lobster, Crab

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, AJ, Marvin Wilja and G. Wallace

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