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Press R3 or R4 and use the Left Analog-stick or Right Analog-stick during the victory scene after a battle to change the camera angle. The Left Analog-stick pans the camera, and the Right Analog-stick zooms in and out.


Alternately, hold Y and move the Left Analog-Stick. After doing this, you may release Y and move the Left Analog-stick and Right Analog-stick as you wish.

Hold A + B + X after winning a match.
When the replay starts, press Y to slow it down or go back.

Press the indicated buttons to select your characters costume and it will change appearance.
This works for the following:


Costume 1: Press A (Blue Ninja Outfit, Hair in a Ribbon) 
Costume 1: Press X (Blue Ninja Outfit, Hair in a Braid) 
Costume 1: Press Y (Blue Ninja Outfit, Hair Loose)
Costume 1: Press A+ L (same as Costume 1 with A) 
Costume 2: Press A (White Ninja Outfit, Hair in a Ribbon) 
Costume 2: Press X (White Ninja Outfit, Hair in a Braid) 
Costume 2: Press Y (White Ninja Outfit, Hair Loose)
Costume 2: Press A + L (same as Costume 2 with A) 
Costume 3: Press A (Schoolgirl Outfit, Hair in a Ribbon) 
Costume 3: Press X (Schoolgirl Outfit, Hair in a Braid) 
Costume 3: Press Y (Schoolgirl Outfit, Hair Loose)
Costume 3: Press A + L (same as Costume 3 with A) 
Costume 1: Press A (Black Ninja Outfit)
Costume 2: Press A (Black Ninja Outfit with open arms, a 
mask, and grey boots)
Costume 2: Press X (C2A in White) 
Costume 1: Press A (Denim Jacket, White Top, Denim Jeans)
Costume 1: Press X (Gold Top, Denim Jeans, no jacket.) 
Costume 2: Press A (White Gi, Black Shirt) 
Costume 1: Press A (Bare Chest, Black Flamed Trunks) 
Costume 2: Press A (Purple Silk Jacket, Teal Shirt, White 
Silk Pants) 
Gen Fu:
Costume 1: Press A (Black Tunic, White Tiger Stripe Legs and 
Costume 2: Press A (Green Silk Sleeveless Top, Tan Silk 
Pants, and The Hat.) 
Costume 1: Press A (Black/Scarlet Tank Top, Blue Pants) 
Costume 2: Press A (White Gi, Blue Trim)
Costume 2: Press X (Orange Gi, Black Trim) 
Costume 1: Press A (Blue Crop Top, Zebra Pants)
Costume 1: Press X (Green Crop Top, Leopard Pants)
Costume 2: Press A (White Fringed "Cowgirl" Outfit) 
Costume 1: Press A (Black Leather Bikers' Outfit)
Costume 2: Press A (Red Bowling Shirt, Black Pants with 
Yellow Design, Red Bandana and Gloves)
Costume 2: Press X (No Shirt, Black Pants with Blue Design, 
Blue Bandana and Gloves) 
Costume 1: Press A (Desert Camo Outfit, Black Turban) 
Costume 1: Press X (No Shirt, Bandoleer of Shells, Desert 
Camo Pants)
Costume 2: Press A (Shades, Black Shirt, Red Pants) 
Costume 1: Press A (Red Beret, Orange Vest, Urban Camo 
Costume 1: Press X (Blue Beret, Black Shirt, Woodland Tiger 
Stripe Camo Pants)
Costume 2: Press A (Russian Navy Commando Outfit) 
Jann Lee
Costume 1: Press A (No Shirt, White Pants with Red Dragon)
Costume 1: Press X (No Shirt, Black Pants with Gold Dragon) 
Costume 2: Press A (Purple Kung Fu Outfit with Gold Trim and 
Costume 2: Press X (Gold Kung Fu Outfit with Purple Trim and 
Costume 1: Press A (Red Cheongsam with White Design) 
Costume 1: Press X (Blue Cheongsam with White Design)
Costume 1: Press Y (White Cheongsam with Gold Design)
Costume 1: Press A + L (Black Cheongsam with Gold/White Design)
Costume 2: Press A (Black Leather Outfit) Christie)
Costume 1: Press A (White Jumpsuit with Teal Trim)
Costume 2: Press A (Purple Pinstripe Business Suit)
Costume 2: Press X (Magenta Pinstripe Business Suit) 
Costume 1: Press A (White, Blue, and Black Opera Outfit with 
Thigh High Leather Boots)
Costume 2: Press A (White Opera Outfit with Blue Trim) 
Costume 2: Press X (Black Opera Outfit with Red Trim) 
Costume 1: Press A (White Ninja Outfit)
Costume 2: Press A (Red Padded Ninja Outfit)
Costume 2: Press X (Green Padded Ninja Outfit (Same as C2A, 
but Green) 
Costume 1: Press A (Purple and Black Ninja Outfit) 
Costume 2: Press A (Purple Butterfly Outfit with Yellow 
Costume 2: Press X (White Butterfly Outfit with Orange 
Costume 1: Press A (Matrix Look. Black Trenchcoat, Mesh 
Shirt, Black Leather Pants, Shades.)
Costume 2: Press A (White Gi, Black Belt) 


The following costumes can be unlocked by downloading them from the June 2002 issue of Official Xbox Magazine's Dead Or Alive 3 Booster Disc or the Xbox Exhibition Demo Disc Volume 1.


Costume 4: Schoolgirl outfit with blue skirt and white shirt 
Costume 5: All blue schoolgirl outfit 
Costume 3: Plaid schoolgirl skirt with blue and white jacket 
Costume 4: Skimpy denim outfit with orange jacket
Costume 5: The skimpy denim outfit from Costume 4, but without the jacket 
Gen Fu:
Costume 3: White Chinese tiger robe
Costume 4: Elf costume 
Costume 3: Cowboy outfit with open shirt and thong 
Costume 3: Silver Gladiator Armor
Costume 4: Gold Gladiator Armor 
Jan Lee:
Costume 3: Bouncer's Tuxedo 
Costume 3: Red dress
Costume 4: Black dress 
Costume 3: Skin tight snakeskin shirt and black pants 
Costume 3: Tight black bodysuit with hair down 
Costume 4: Sweatsuit 
Brad Wong:
Costume 3: White Chinese robe
Costume 4: Purple Chinese robe 
Costume 3: Viking Armor 
Costume 3: Scuba gear 
Lei Fang:
Costume 3: Striped shirt with long white skirt
Costume 4: Skimpy black leather dress with thigh highs 
Costume 3: Genie costume 
Costume 3: Schoolgirl uniform with blue jacket
Costume 4: Schoolgirl uniform with red jacket 

Bayman: Scuba costume (PAL version):
Using Zack's third costume (metallic telly-tubby), in survival single mode, light up his antenna, win a few perfect rounds, and obtain more than 25 wins to unlock Bayman's third costume. Note: The Dead Or Alive 3 Booster Disc is required for this to work in the NTSC version of 
the game.

Red dress costume:
Choose Christie, then Helena, and fight in tag time 
attack. Get a cup to unlock Christie's red dress from the 
introduction sequence. Pressing X will change the color to 

Gen Fu:
Elf costume:
Choose Gen Fu, then Brad, and fight in tag time attack. 
Get at least a Bronze cup to unlock Gen Fu's elf costume.

Helena: Swimming in Aquarium:
When you first turn on the game, press Start to skip the 
introduction and go to the title screen where it says 
"Press Start". Do not press Start and wait for the 
introduction to begin again. Instead or starting off with 
the Azuchi, it will start in the Aquarium. You will then 
see Helena swimming in the large tank in her red bikini.

Schoolgirl costume (PAL version): 
To obtain Hitomi's third "Schoolgirl" costume, play 
survival mode, tag battle, and select Hitomi and Ein 
(using his third costume?). Obtain more than 30 wins to 
unlock the costume. Note: The Dead Or Alive 3 Booster Disc 
is required for this to work in the NTSC version of the 

Skimpy blue dress costume (PAL version):
Select survival mode, tag battle, and select Hitomi first, 
then Zack as tag partners. Obtain at least 25 wins to 
unlock her skimpy blue dress (fourth) costume. Pressing X 
for the costume removes the small orange jacket she wears 
over her blue garb. Note: The Dead Or Alive 3 Booster Disc 
is required for this to work in the NTSC version of the 

Jann Lee's bouncer costume:
Choose Jann, then Lei Fang, and fight tag time attack. Get 
at least a Bronze cup to unlock Jann's bouncer outfit.

Zack: Sweatsuit costume:
Choose Hitomi, then Zack and fight in tag team time 
attack. Obtain a least a Bronze cup to unlock Zack's 
sweatsuit costume. Note: You may need Zack's third 
costume, the chrome bodysuit. 

Zack: Light up antenna:
After unlocking Zack's third costume, you can make the 
ball on the end of the antenna glow red by pressing Back, 
Forward, Back, F + P+ K during a match.
Another way to light up Zack's antenna for his third 
costume is to press Down(2), Black or Down(2), X + A + B. 
Yet another way is to make sure that your opponent is on 
the ground. Then, press Up, (Black or X + A + B) followed 
by Back, Forward or Forward, Back and (Black or X + A + 

Each character has at least one taunt. All characters do 
this with Back, Forward, Back then Black or X + A +B. Some 
characters have more, such as Hayabusa, Brad, Ayane, and 
Lei Fang. To do these extra taunts, press Down(2), Black 
or X + A + B. Another one is done by pressing Forward, 
Back, Forward (Black or X + A + B). Yet another is done by 
pressing Back(2), (Black or X + A + B). Note: Only one or 
two characters have the last two set of taunt moves. 

Alternate snow stage appearance:
Select versus or training mode and highlight the snow 
stage. Press X for a light snow, press Y for a blizzard, 
or press A for a random effect. 

Defeating Omega:
When at the last stage against Omega and he stops shooting 
at you, get close to him and continuously punch him. Do 
not worry if he blocks -- eventually he will stop and you 
will knock him out.

Higher survival mode score:
Collect as many items as possible. Another way to raise 
your score to live for a long time. You do not need to KO 
anyone -- if you look at the bottom left, you will notice 
that the score gets higher.

More survival mode items:
A sneaky way to get more items is to attack them while 
they are on the ground. Some characters need different 
buttons. For example, with Tina and Bass press Up and 
(Black or X + A + B) or Down + A. This is a great method 
to get Zack's third costume, higher scores, and live 
longer (since the food heals you). 

Chest jiggle:
Select multi-player mode and choose tag battle. Select any 
two characters for player one then choose any character 
and Leifang for player two. Pick any stage to fight in. 
Fight with Leifang only. When both battles are over, 
choose any characters at the character selection screen 
for player one, then a character for player two. Choose 
any girl character for the second choice for player two 
and their chest will jiggle. 


There are three nude women in test tubes in the DOATEC HK stage. You cannot see anything because of the position they are in. To find these girls, look for the window opposite to the one that leads to the street. You should start out near that window. Use a powerful attack to push 
your opponent through the window. If done correctly, you should now be in a fog filled room. Two of the women will be on one side of the room while the other one is on the opposite side. If you push your opponent into the set of test tubes with one woman, she will stretch her arms and resume her original position. 

Ground attacks:
Each character has many ways of attacking while their 
opponent is on the ground. To find out how to do these 
attacks, go to command list and look for the ground attack 
list. This is very helpful in survival mode. Note: Each 
character has different ground attacks. 

Finishing poses:
There are many finishing poses that can only be seen by 
winning a match without getting a single hit. It is 
recommended that you set the match to two rounds. It 
should say "Great!" the first time, and "Greatest!" the 
second time. Note: Each character only has two of these 

Alternate victory poses:
By making certain characters fight, the victory pose may 
change. For example, if Tina and Bass fight they will 
sometimes say something different after they win. Note: 
This does not work with all characters. 

Alternate entrances:
Each character has one entrance that can only be viewed by 
losing a match against Genra. After continuing, Genra and 
your character will make their entrance; only this time it 
will be different.


Unlock Ein
Complete ''Story Mode'' with all characters. Then play ''Survival Mode'' or ''Time Attack Mode'' and get ranked in and enter your nickname as ''EIN''. After that, Ein will be playable in all modes except ''Story Mode''.

Unlock Staff Roll

Complete ''Story Mode'' with all characters. The last character you complete the game with will show the ending movie and then shows the staff roll credits.

Unlock Theater Mode

Complete ''Story Mode'' with a character to unlock ''Theater Mode'' and that ending movie with that character you play is playable.

Kasumi's Hairstyle

When selecting Kasumi, press Y for her long hair or A for her ponytail.

Unlock Kasumi's 3rd Costume

Complete ''Exercise Mode'' in ''Sparring Mode''.

Unlock Zack's 3rd Costume

Defeat 20 opponents in ''Survival Mode''.

Unlock Ein's 3rd Costume

Complete ''Time Attack Mode'' under 6 minutes.


To unlock everyone's third, fourth or fifth costumes (if available), go into survival mode, choose your character and keep fighting until an "X" that is similar to the Xbox logo appears. Collect it and die (or keep fighting). If  you quit, it will disappear and you will not get the costume.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, Marvin Wilja and Alan

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