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Conker: Live and Reloaded
Working title: Conker: Live and Uncut

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How to unlock the Potty Mouth mode:
Complete the game in single player mode to be able to play multi-player mode uncensored.
Bonuses unlocked on Xbox Live: Accomplish the following goals in Xbox Live to unlock the corresponding upgrade: 2,000 healing points in the Specialist class: Enhanced Healing Speed. Get 50 total kills: Avatar Pack II. Get 500 total kills: Avatar Pack III. Get 1,000 total kills: Avatar Pack IV. 500 mobile unit kills: Bonus Avatar Pack. Get 1,000 kills in the Long Ranger class: Steadier Aim, Nimbler Reload. Get 1,000 kills in the Sky Jockey class: Quicker Targeting, Quicker Breech. Get 1,000 kills in the Demolisher class: Increased Strayfur Clip, Guided Rocket Boost. Get 1,000 kills in the Thermophile class: Recharger Boost, Thermo Weapons. Get 1,000 kills in the Sneeker class: Snoopa, Improved Cloaking. Get 1,000 kills in the Grunt class: Clip Extension, Self-Heal Overcharge. All six specialist medals: IR Enhance, Booster Plus, Quicker Tank Breech, Improved Hogster. 500 mine kills in the Specialist class: +1 Mine per loadout. 500 backstabs in the Specialist class: Instant Detonate: Snoopa. 500 fire damage kills in the Specialist class: Sinurator Tank Capacity Increased. 500 Headshots in the Specialist class: Overcharge Power Boost. 1,500 repair points in the Specialist class: Kinetic Seal, Increased Repair Efficiency. 500 Marshals assassinated: +1 Primary Grenade Slot. 500 Generals assassinated: +1 Secondary Grenade Slot. 1,500 kills total: Projectile Color, Golden Bullets. 3,000 kills total: Projectile Color, Regal Purple Bullets. 4,000 kills total: Re-spawn Penalty Modifier 1/2 Reduction. 1,000 VC Points: Hacking Device, Speed Chipped. All six class medals: "Only veterans can handle this kind of language".

How to view test scenes: Press L + R + Black to view development scenes. Note: Conker can be controlled during some of the scenes.
Character skills: The following are the skills of each character: Grunt: Self Heal, Spray Can. Sneeker: Cloak, Feign Death, Spray Can, Disguise. Demolisher: Berserk, Spray Can. Long Ranger: Intravision, Spray Can. Sky Jockey: Spray Can. Thermophile: Self Heal, Spray Can.
How to autosave: To autosave, go through a tunnel that shows the loading screen. Your game will then be saved.
Thermophiles: In any multi-player game, particularly online, if there are a lot of Sneekers the Thermophile is the best and easiest character to take them out. Even if they kill you, the fire should kill them. Also, acid is not good against enemies; only against vehicles and barricades.
Castle Von Tedistien: In solo or co-op mode, set up the dumbots so that there is the maximum amount of dumbots on the Tediz side. Set the lives to whatever desired, but not unlimited. Be a long ranger and you can shoot across the gap, but do not press the button that starts the cable cars. Eliminate all the Tediz lives, but leave one person alive. This is an easy way to win and get a lot of target practice.
Easy career points without killing people (The Ditch): Choose the level The Ditch when online make it private if desired. You must have at least one other person so that you can start the game. When ready, choose to be a Sky Jockey. Then, go to your base and get a Mule. Fly the Mule all the way to where you see a river of pink lava on the outside. Land so that the tail and most of the body is in or touching the lava. Make sure the front of the plane is sticking out, so when you exit you will fall on the ground. Then, equip your repair tool by holding Y and selecting it. Keep healing your Mule as long as desired. This is a good way to rank up and get the repair medal.
Quicker cloak (sneeker): As a Sneeker, equip your cloaking ability in a multi-player match. While holding your saber, jump down from a high area (for example, the beginning of the Beach Dead map). About half a second before you hit the ground, press X to activate your cloaking ability. If done correctly, your character should hit the ground fully cloaked, and you will not have to wait to activate it on the arm panel and flash. This is very useful for jumping into battlefields to surprise the enemy.
Spin technique (Sneeker): When you are a Sneeker and are in defensive mode, in order to stop being dizzy press X to cloak or feign death immediately after attacking.
Wall jump (Sneeker): As a Sneeker, go up to any wall with the sword or dagger then press Jump twice.
Mona Sneeker: While on the SHC side online, be a class that can heal other players on your team (for example, a Grunt or Thermophile). When the female Sneeker squirrel has been hurt, heal her. Unlike every other class and team in the game, she will start moaning as you heal her while your character talks dirty to her. This is quite awkward if you are the SHC Sneeker being healed.

The disappearing tank game glitch:
Enter the tank and click the Right Analog-stick. Then, pull back each trigger (do not release). Click the Right Analog-stick again and you will be able to shoot without the tank. However, you cannot move unless you click Right Analog-stick twice.
The shotgun light game glitch: After getting the shotgun when you open the level by the barrel to the zombies, you can have a light on your back. When you shoot, silver bullets will appear. To do this, equip the shotgun and do a circle looking in front of you. Shoot, then press B immediately. Keep doing a circle with the Left Analog-stick. This may require a few attempts.
The Barn Boys: Swim without water game glitch: In the Barn Boys level, go to the side of the barn where it slightly starts to curve downwards. Then, go to the brick pillars. Stand against it then walk forward slightly (make Conker tip toe).You should hear a splash. The camera will glitch and show a view of the big bucket on top of the barn. If you move forward, Conker will either jump or fall from the sky.
The Beach Dead: Dance With Kriplespac game glitch: In the Beach Dead level, become a Sneeker and run to the Outside Base spawn point. Jump onto the tiny ledge used the wall. Note: This requires a double jump against the wall. You must now run against the slope on the left side of the ledge and jump into the gap under the rocks. Once you manage this, you will have a path through the rocks straight to the second balcony. Jump up onto the cannon, run across, and jump down onto the ledge with Kriplespac. Be careful, because there is a second fan above the cannon and you must jump directly under it to avoid the invisible wall protecting Kriplespac.
The Beach Dead: Other railside game glitch: Go to the wall next to the outside base. Jump on this ledge and walk towards the hole. Then, jump in there. To get out, jump on the big gun. Go towards the front of the gun and jump down (with a Sneeker with sword or dagger). You will then be out.
The Beach Dead: Leave level boundary game glitch: When playing as the Tediz, go behind where you start (as a Sneeker). Go straight, then jump off the edge. You should land on rocks. Next, go down a short distance so you can go through an invisible barrier. Keep jumping until you reach the weasel. From there, double jump backwards where you came from until you reach the top of the door.
The Castle Von Tedistein: Running with the fishes game glitch: As a Sneeker, jump up the rocks beside the first SHC power pad (at the opposite side of the SHC spawn point). Once you are as high as you can go, you should be on a flat surface with three dominating large round rocks (the middle being the biggest). Push yourself up against the middle rock (do not try to jump or you will slip back down) and run up beside it to the right until you can jump on top of the rock you are pushing against. Then, jump off the side behind the level. You can now run around on top of the water at the bottom of the level.
The Fortress Deaux: Leave level boundary game glitch: Play as a Sky Jockey and get into your plane. Go to the other base and you should see a broken building. Boost into it from above. Be careful not to hit a wall at top speed. After you are in there, land and get out. All the way to the left is a hole through the level. Jump through it and use your parachute.
The Opposite Railside: Get stuck game glitch: Go to the part with the cave in. Go to the dirt mound and double jump to a small corner. From there, slowly walk to the hole, then run to get stuck. Next, jump until you make it through the crack. From there, an invisible wall will form, preventing you to go back the way you came. To go back, you must kill yourself.
The first person jumper game glitch: During Conker's Bad Fur Day (offline single player game), you can jump and hover while in first person mode (hold L). You are not supposed to be able to move Conker at all when in first person mode.
The no enemies game glitch: When starting a match online and the host begins, a ten second counter will start. If everyone moves to the host's team before it reaches 0, then you will play in a match with no enemies. This allows you to explore or do anything else desired.
The sky Jockeys on any map game glitch: This trick requires the cooperation of the host and at least one other player. First, the host must select a map that allows every single class. At this point, everyone (except the host) should press A to show that they are ready to play. Next, have everyone (except the host) press Y to go to the mission briefing at the same time and tell the host the moment they do so. The host must then quickly change the level to one without Sky Jockeys and start the game. Players who have selected to be Sky Jockeys will now be Sky Jockeys regardless of the map. Alternately, do the exact same thing to switch character skins (such as Future War characters on Old War maps).

Submitted by: CheatBookJon, AJ, -Zbot-, Andrew R. Goole, WtSsIp and K. Weston

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