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Bonus missions: Collect all the brown bonus books during a mission to complete the photograph at the end and unlock a bonus mission.
Note: The "Saving Private Smith" mission does not have an associated bonus mission.
Camera rotation: Throughout Commandos 2, rotation of the camera is essential in order to progress. You must bear in mind that all German/Japanese militia are not always directly visible on the default camera. Many items and doorways are also shielded by the default view, so hone your camera skills early on, as they’ll prove essential later.
Crawling: Like a newborn child, you may find yourself crawling around the many locations and be asking yourself why? Well for starters, crawling around reduces the risk of enemy personnel spotting you. By crawling you can also get into and through areas otherwise inaccessible on foot, such as barbed wire, small gaps at the base of houses and underneath beds.
Climbing: Climbing plays a huge part in Commandos 2: there are few who can, but certain sections require your commando to climb walls, ladders, telephone poles and even swing along wires. By climbing up poles etc, you can actually avoid being seen by passing German/Japanese troops (on ground level). The wires are effective for getting onto roofs and through windows when other routes appear to pose danger.
Enemy view marker: Using the ‘enemy view marker’ is extremely helpful. Upon bringing up the enemy range of view (indicated by a large green triangle), you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary conflict. The enemy range is bright green, although for some the edge may be dark green, as their view is obscured by scenery – you can crawl through this dark part without your commando being noticed.
Map: Use of the map can prove very useful for planning your mission ahead. It also indicates enemy troops as red dots, which can be useful for spotting enemies who you may have missed, or studying their patrol routes to help you plan your moves safely past.
Windows: Sometimes it may not be possible for your Thief to pick a door lock, so the next best option is to climb through an open window. Look through first to check you won’t be spotted on entry then dive in. You can also use this method to exit buildings, especially if cornered by enemy troops.
Explosive barrels: These can be very useful for neutralising groups of enemy troops. Your Green Beret is the only commando who can pick up the barrels, so use him to position the barrel near your men (but out of the explosive range). Fire off a round from your pistol and wait for the swarm of German/Japanese troops to run to the source. Once they near the barrel shoot it once and watch in awe as the Nazis become airborne.
Searching: Searching cupboards, boxes, desks and barrels is highly recommended, as you’ll be surprised at what you can find. Many cupboards contain extra ammo, new weapons and even first-aid kits. You can also use cupboards, desks etc to store items if you’re overburdened, which you can then collect later in the mission when required.
Important explosive devices: Many of the huts contain important explosive devices that the Sapper will need in order to complete the mission. Marked on the huts on the map you’ll notice bomb symbols. This indicates the locations of the bombs needed to blow up a number of important targets.
Troublesome enemies on rooftops: Use your Sniper to effectively take out the troublesome enemies on the rooftops. This will help your team negotiate the level without being detected.
Disguising: You can disguise your men in the uniform of enemy personnel provided they are dead or tied and gagged. Only your spy will be able to interact with other German/Japanese personnel once disguised in a uniform. However, although the rest of your commandos can’t actually interact with German/Japanese troops, they can fool them from a distance (just don’t get too close or you’ll be rumbled).
Transport: There are various vehicles that your men can use to get around the various missions. Many transports can only be driven by your Driver, while the rest of your team can use others. They appear in many shapes and sizes including Jeeps, Cars, Trucks, Panzer Tanks, Air-Balloons, Speedboats, Inflatable Rafts and even Elephants. Using your Spy to drive a vehicle in enemy uniform is an excellent way to get your men behind enemy lines.

The Combat Knife is used by two of your commandos: the Green Beret and the Diver. When used by the Green Beret, he’ll need to be close so as he can cut the enemy’s throat, whereas the Diver uses it as a Throwing Knife and takes the enemy down from a distance. Either way is very effective provided you aren’t spotted by nearby enemy troops.
9mm Pistol: The basic sidearm, equipped with infinite ammo and issued to all your commandos (except for the Seductress and Whiskey, obviously), the Pistol is the idea weapon for taking on small groups of German/Japanese militia or gaining the attention of nearby troops. You can collect the enemy Pistols too, but the ammunition in these is limited so use sparingly.
Enfield MK1 Rifle: The Rifle is one of the most effective weapons in the game. Capable of taking out any enemy soldier in one shot and at a great distance, this the first choice for any Allied soldier. Although ammo is limited, many German/Japanese troops carry rounds for this weapon.
MP40 Sub-Machine Gun: A light automatic weapon that is capable of taking down small groups of enemy soldiers in a single burst. Ammunition for this weapon comes in great quantities and is carried by many enemy personnel.
Springfield Sniper Rifle: The first-choice weapon for your Sniper (and only usable by him), the Springfield Sniper Rifle holds a limited stock of ammunition (enemy snipers will carry the same rounds for this weapon) and is capable of taking down any soldier from impossible distances. Used correctly, the Sniper Rifle can eliminate troublesome enemies that are otherwise unreachable without making too much commotion.
M2-2 Flame-Thrower: Only usable by the Sapper, the Flame-Thrower is designed for torching foxholes and enemy bunkers. Although fuel is limited, the Flame-Thrower’s stopping power is unmatched. Capable of taking out large groups of enemy troops in one blast, and for getting out of tight situations (ie if you’ve been cornered).
Harpoon Gun: For underwater use only, the Harpoon will turn your Diver into a lethal weapon. Great for killing sharks and enemy divers.
Remote Bomb: As with many explosive devices in the game, the Sapper is the only member of your squad who can use the Remote Bomb. To use, place near the gun, vehicle etc that you wish to blow up and then get to a safe distance. Use the detonator to blow the device.
Timed Bomb: Another explosive device which can only be used by the Sapper, the Timed Bomb has the same destructive power as the Remote Bomb, but once planted you’ll have around 30 seconds (depending on the timer) to evacuate all your men from the danger area. The Sapper can deactivate the timer if you accidentally placed it in the wrong area.
Anti-Personnel Mine: Used only by the Sapper, the Anti-Personnel Mines are best laid in the path of patrolling groups of enemy troops. Don’t worry about your own men wandering into them, as they will avoid them automatically.
Anti-Tank Mine: Can only be used by the Sapper and does exactly what it says on the tin. Place in the path of an enemy tank or other vehicle, and then watch the shrapnel fly as it drives over the mine. Unfortunately, if you drive a vehicle over your own mine, it will detonate. So remember where you’ve placed them!
Tripwire: Used only by the Driver, the Trip Wire can be attached to any wall, rock or tree and then pulled tight onto another wall etc close by. Upon walking into the wire, enemy soldiers will be stunned for a short while before getting back up.
Booby Trap: Once the Driver has set his Tripwire, you can then use the Sapper to attach either a Grenade or a Remote Bomb to the end of the wire. Now when enemy personnel trip the wire, instead of falling over unconscious they’ll be blown into the air, killing them instantly.
Molotov Cocktail: One of the most effective projectiles, instead of causing an explosion, the Molotov Cocktail fries all personnel within its blast radius. Used mostly by the Driver, because the Molotov Cocktail doesn’t cause an explosion there’s less risk of setting off the alarm (as opposed to using a Grenade), provided you kill all the enemies you aim for.
Mantrap: Another trap used by the Driver, the Mantrap is positioned in the ground as you would a mine. When an enemy soldier walks over it, the trap closes up, killing the soldier instantly. Don’t use it on a group, as once one soldier is slain the alarm will be raised.
Hand Grenade: Only usable by the Sapper, the Grenade is a perfect weapon for taking out small groups of enemy troops and blowing up non-armoured vehicles. Grenades are best used against groups of Grenadiers (before they have spotted you), as these can be a nightmare once they begin to pepper your pathway with high explosive.
Smoke Bomb: This is a great weapon for getting your commandos out of tight situations and past large groups of enemies. Once the smoke is loose, it will temporarily blind and deafen enemy troops, giving you two options: either head past them while they can’t see you, or use your Green Beret to silently kill them all without causing alarm.
Bazooka: The Bazooka can only be used by the Sapper, and is for use mainly against armoured enemy transports such as Panzer Tanks. Ammunition is very limited, so ensure that no shot is wasted.

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