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Microsoft Xbox Game Cheats

Championship Manager 01/02

Also known as: Championship Manager Season 01/02
Alt. name(s): Championship Manager 2001 2002, Champ Manager 01 02

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Keep an eye on the game. If an opponent seems to be heavily involved, try man-marking him to minimise his influence.

Playing 4-3-3 can work very well in the English game, especially with direct passing and at least one big striker who’s good in the air. If you are frustrated by a lack of goals, give this one a try – you might let a few more in, but it can often be academic as you’ll bag plenty yourself.
In Italian and Spanish football, 3-5-2 and 4-4-2 are more likely to bring in the points, but make sure that you don’t let your team play cavalier football. If you do, you might find that too many goals are leaked and it becomes difficult to get back into the game.
The best all-round formation is still probably 4-1-2-1-2, where a diamond approach is used in midfield. This means you have three men in attacking positions (thanks to that AM) but also ensure that the defence is well covered at all times (thanks to your DM).

Renegotiate your player’s contracts early to avoid them leaving on a free or for cheap when their contract is unprotected.

When asked for your opinions by the media, try to avoid criticising your players, and choose to defend them instead. They won’t forget your support for them.

Try to give your young players more work on skills in training as it can boost their stats. Your first-team squad should have a well-balanced regime, but go easy on older players or they might start to struggle with the matches.

Signing players is not an easy thing to get right. You should always have a player assessed by your scouts before you sign him, and be truthful when offering a contract to him. Telling him he will be invaluable to the team is all well and good, but he’ll become dispirited quickly if he is left to rot in the reserves, and the situation will deteriorate. As a rule, avoid players over the age of 30 unless you are looking to pick up an experienced player on the cheap for a short-term fix. Try not to agree to minimum-fee release clauses either – these can often be changed to relegation get-out clauses (and with these tips to help you, that shouldn’t be a problem.)
To pick up players on the cheap, you need to be on the ball in December and January. Look for players whose contracts are expiring and you should be able to bring in a few older players on Bosman signings, who will join you the following June or July. Unprotected contracts are also worth checking for – teams can’t stop you signing players, but you’ll have to splash the cash.

A good way to raise cash is to sign players on a Bosman, then sell them for less than their value. They’ll be snapped up, and you’ll make a tidy little profit.

Never underestimate the power of loan signings. These are brilliant if you are a lower league club or a team that is strapped for cash. Search the ‘for loan’ list and you might well be able to get a couple of decent players in on season-long deals. If you are lucky, you can sometimes get away without even having to contribute too much to their wages too.


1. Freddie De'Ath Position: AM RL Age: 17
Starting Club: Peterborough Nationality: English Value: £10k
2. Darren Wright Position: AM/F C Age: 21
Starting Club: Chester City Nationality: English Value: £50k
3. Ivan Cesar Gabrich Position: S C Age: 29
Starting Club: None Nationality: Argentinian Value: Free
4. Mauricio Hector Pineda Position: DM L Age: 26
Starting Club: None Nationality: Argentinian Value: Free
5. Paul Ince Position: DM C Age: 33
Starting Club: Middlesbrough Nationality: English Value: Expiring

1. Joe Cole Position: AM LC Age: 19
Starting Club: West Ham Nationality: English Value: £14M
2. Andrés D'Alessandro Position: AM C Age: 20
Starting Club: River Nationality: Argentinian Value: £5M
3. Jermaine Defoe Position: S C Age: 18
Starting Club: West Ham Nationality: English Value: £4.5M
4. Rio Ferdinand Position: D C Age: 22
Starting Club: Leeds Nationality: English Value: £7.5M
5. Christian Chivu Position: D LC Age: 20
Starting Club: Ajax Nationality: Romanian Value: £3.8M
6. Xavi Position: DM C Age: 21
Starting Club: Barcelona Nationality: Spanish Value: £6.2M
7. Alex Position: AM LC Age: 24
Starting Club: Cruzerio Nationality: Brazilian Value: £5M

1. Kristoffer Position: AM L Age: 18
Starting Club: Derby Nationality: Finnish Value: £1M
2. Lucio Position: D C Age: 23
Starting Club: Leverkusen Nationality: Brazilian Value: £7.25M
3. Julio Arca Position: D/M L Age: 20
Starting Club: Sunderland Nationality: Argentinian Value: £6.25M
4. Luciano Zauri Position: D/DM R/L Age: 23
Starting Club: Atalanta Nationality: Italian Value: £6.25M
5. Esteban Cambiasso Position: DM L/C Age: 21
Starting Club: River Nationality: Argentinian Value: £4M
6. Fernando Torres Position: S C Age: 17
Starting Club: Athlético Madrid Nationality: Spanish Value: £4.4M
7. Rafael van der Vaart Position: AM L/C Age: 18
Starting Club: Ajax Nationality: Dutch Value: £4M
8. Daniele Bonera Position: D R/C Age: 20
Starting Club: Brescia Nationality: Italian Value: £2.9M
9. Bojan Djordic Position: AM/F C Age: 19
Starting Club: Manchester United Nationality: Swedish Value: £2.9M

1. Fabio Cannavaro Position: D C Age: 28
Starting Club: Parma Nationality: Italian Value: £18.75M
2. Patrick Vieira Position: DM C Age: 25
Starting Club: Arsenal Nationality: French Value: £15.75M
3. Christian Vieri Position: S C Age: 28
Starting Club: Inter Milan Nationality: Italian Value: £18.5M
4. Edgar Davids Position: DM C Age: 28
Starting Club: Juventus Nationality: Dutch Value: £12.5M
5. Javier Saviola Position: S C Age: 19
Starting Club: Barcelona Nationality: Argentinian Value: £20M
6. Hernan Jorge Crespo Position: S C Age: 25
Starting Club: Lazio Nationality: Argentinian Value: £21M

1. Franco Costanzo Position: GK Age: 21
Starting Club: River Nationality: Argentinian Value: £325k
2. Sebastian Frey Position: GK Age: 21
Starting Club: Parma Nationality: French Value: £4.3M
3. César Laínez Position: GK Age: 25
Starting Club: Athlético Madrid Nationality: Spanish Value: £1.6M
4. Soler Position: GK Age: 18
Starting Club: Extremadura Nationality: Spanish Value: £50k
5. Fábio Position: GK Age: 20
Starting Club: Vasco Nationality: Brazilian Value: £55k

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