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Create a new profile with one of the Names below to enable the Effect you require.

Name .... Effect

GARNER .... All characters.
VENGAR .... All mission maps.
ERINROBERTS .... Allies defense up.
GARNERVEN .... More powerful Brutus.
GARVEN .... Different more powerful Brutus.
SPRAGNT .... Stupid Enemies.
MATTSOELL .... Tough Characters.
DEADAIM .... Your allies are more accurate.
HVYMTL .... Give you the Cartoon Mode.
DBLDAY .... Everyone dies more quickly. 
RAPIDFIRE .... Faster rate of fire.
BRUTAL .... Makes enemies much smarter.

Keep items:
If you lose your life in single player mode, join the game using controllers two, three, and four to get them back.
Maximum MK ASLT ammunition: When you find a duplicate MK ASLT, keep picking it up. It will raise your maximum ammunition to 600.
Regain special faster: When your special gets low or runs out, find a place to hide then click the Left Analog-stick to duck or squat. Your special will increase three times faster when compared to if you were standing.
Respawning teammates: When one of your teammates die, you can respawn them instantly by simply plugging in another controller, hitting Start, choosing the desired character, then quitting with that person. This will make your character under A.I. control, allowing him to keep fighting.
Dog ambush: Notice that the hounds can take a lot more damage when in the lava or toxic pools. There is a good reason for this. If you stock up on a few medkits and let the hounds stay under the hazard, they can hide there when the squad runs out. They can then leap out of it like fishes and ambush them before going under to hide again. This is a great tactic for the Abaddon and Shantytown levels.
Soda cans: In some levels, such as Seti 2049 you can find soda pop cans lining the tables where the guards man the outposts. If you Hawk over there and shoot them with a pistol, they will start running around wondering where the noise is coming from. If you are Hawk, keep her cloaked and plant a group of Sentry Bombs in the same area that the guards usually patrol. Shoot the soda cans then run and hide. No more than a second later, you should hear all of them explode after accidentally trampling on the mines while looking for you.
Quick spotting: When you enter a large area, flick the special on and off to quickly see if there are any moving targets. If there are moving targets, zoom in and kill them.
Bots in multi-player: Start a game of Squad Deathmatch. Plug in controller two and set the A.I to "Fire At Will". Go around and pick them up some good weapons and medkits, then disconnect the controller. Your squad will now be facing three heavy thinking bots in multiplayer mode.
Bonus multi-player characters: Get the hidden DNA containers to unlock various characters in multi-player mode: Confed Marine: Mission 1 or Mission 6, Feral Colonist: Mission 2, Feral Outcast: Mission 3, Feral Shaman: Mission 9, Fire Hound: Mission 13, Gunthar Ghent: Mission 10, Hunter Lord: Mission 18, McTavish: Mission 14, Militia: Mission 5 or Mission 11, Outcast Shaman: Mission 7, Seer Follower: Mission 4, Seer Priest: Mission 8, Shadoon: Mission 12, Shrike Heavy: Mission 16, Shrike Hound: Mission 17, Shrike Soldier: Mission 15.


Make sure to tell the other characters to support you when attacking a frag.
Two: When in combat, tell your teammates to fire at will, move around a lot, and throw grenades when there are a lot of aliens grouped together.
Three: Always pair one guy with one girl when playing regularly.
Four: To clear out a lot of enemies, have Tex and Brutus go in and do as much damage as possible. Then, retreat back to Flint and Hawk. Also have Flint give you sniper support and have Hawk cover Flint. It also helps to send Hawk in invisible to scout and kill as much as possible.
Five: When going into any hallway or cave, keep Flint back, but able to snipe clearly into the hall or cave. Put Brutus on one side and Tex on the other outside of the hallway. Have Hawk explore, and if needed lead the enemies out. They will be blown away from front, left, and right and from Hawk.


If you do not have anyone you can play with and you are forced to do this yourself, you can have a relatively easier time (and save ammunition) by simply using Hawk (the Assassin) to kill one or two enemies while cloaked. Then, retreat to regenerate energy. Repeat this until you need the really heavy firepower of your AI companions.
Two: While playing as Hawk, select your PowerBlade "PwrBld" in your inventory. Use her specialty (cloaking) and stab as many enemies as you can. One stab in an enemy kills them, and since Hawk runs very fast, you can take out many enemies without taking any damage.
Three: Hawk is a very good character, but you have to use her correctly. When Hawk is in stealth mode and shoots, her special decreases a lot faster. If you kill about three aliens this way, she will have no stealth remaining, and she will be nearly helpless as she has very little health and special. The proper way to use her is to scout. Put Tex, Brutus, and Flint in stand by mode so they do not follow, then scout an area in stealth mode. You can also try stealing ammunition. Then, run back to Brutus, Tex, and Flint. The stealth mode lasts a short period of time. When you use it, be very quick as she is valuable.


When you select a character, notice that some of them have larger health and special meters. When you select a difficult level, unless you charge up Hawk's stealth meter, you should choose Tex. He has the largest health/special meters.


For all enemies except the last Boss, use Brutus to charge the enemy. He only losses his Vengar when the enemy is dead. You can charge them and damage them multiple times, which is very effective.
Two: Use Brutus' specialty to find snipers before they find you. Just flick it on and off.


If one of your characters dies, notice that they have red blood surrounding them. However, whenever Flint dies, there will not be any blood, only a black spot from the gun debris and ash. She will not have any blood because she is a robot or a sentry, as she mentioned earlier in the game. A good way to see this is to go directly to squad fight. Do a Brute Force against another Brute Force team. Have one of the team's Flint sniper all of its teammate's characters except for one. To save time, aim for the head. Then, have the other character who you left standing shoot Flint and kill her. If you keep shooting her body while its on the ground, it will not bleed.


Use Hawk to go to the farthest yellow map marker and take everything out (enemies, turrets, and force field). Activate the console. After the door opens go to the room with the turret and destroy it. Activate the console then go out and through the door that opened. This will lead you to the second yellow dot, but stay out of the Boss' line of sight. Take Brutus up to where the farthest yellow dot is located. Use Vengar or you will probably get killed. Use Tex as desired, as he is not essential for this battle. Finally, use Flint to snipe the Boss, who should be distracted by Brutus who just ran to the opposite end of the map. Shoot him in the back until he warps to the place where he powers up (where the Blue Power Orb was located before it was destroyed). Take Hawk to the command console and activate it (the closer yellow map dot).

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