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Microsoft Xbox XBX Game Cheats
Bicycle Casino

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After you have created a character and loaded it, follow the steps below..
1. Go to 'Craps' and select it, then choose 'Limit Games'.
2. Select '$50-$1,000 Limits'.
3. Once at the Crap Table, bet a $1,000 on double 1's or double 6's.
4. Roll the dice, if you lose, just press A 3 times.
5. This will bring you right back to the craps table, where you can bet $1,000 again.
6. Keep doing this until you win.
You should end up with $31,000, which is enough to play most of the games.
If you lose all your money, go back to the craps table and repeat the process to earn $31,000 again.

Submitted by: Adam R

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