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Arx Fatalis

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First of all, make sure the Arcade Magic option is off.
Press X to cast a spell then enter one of the Rune Sequences below to enable the Effect you require. Be sure to read the Cheat Notes about the Effects with a *.

Rune Sequence .... Effect
Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, Kaom .... Unlimited Hit Points.
Spacium, Aam, Mega, Spacium, Aam, Mega .... Fire Bow.
Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, Mega, Vitae .... *Level 10 character. 
Nhi, Nhi, Nhi, Nhi, Nhi, Vitae .... *Level zero character. 
Mega, Aam, Rhaa, Rhaa, Rhaa, Rhaa .... Power Sword 
Nhi, Rhaa, Aam, Nhi, Rhaa, Aam .... Reveal Map 
Mega, Mega, Mega, Aam, Vitae, Tera .... *Summon Perfect Warrior.
Mega, Tera, Mega, Tera Wall ....Collisions Disabled.
Mega, Rhaa, Mega, Rhaa, Mega, Rhaa .... Big Head Mode.

Cheat Notes:
*Level 10 character with 30 stat points and 200 skill points. 
*Level zero character with no runes and default stat and skill points. 
*Summon Perfect Warrior for a Challenge.


Wear heavy armour without sufficient strength:
If you have the Bless spell and an Ylside armor, you can put it on them even if you are in the 10th level of Strength. Use the Bless spell (your level of magic is important at this point) and put on the armor and weapons. When the spell ends, you can still wear the armour.

Submitted by: Jason Rudge and CheatBookJon

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