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Advent Rising

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During play, hit pause then press:
Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, White, Black, X.
The cheat menu will now be displayed with the following options:
God Mode, Unlimited Ammo (also gives unlimited power for abilities), Blizzow (all powers, maximum level, all weapon levels maximum).
You can repeat the code to enter more than one cheat simultaneously.
Additionally, press Black after enabling the Cheat mode code to enable the Ub3r Mode (unlimited mind power) option. This mode allows one-hit kills, but does not work with some opponents.

With this cheat you will unlock all levels and FMV sequences.
On the starting menu, choose a game and desired slot, then press:
Black, White, Black White, X.

How to defeat Ethan:
When facing Ethan in the bonus battle (if you took Oliva), he will start charging the black ball above his head. Equip the Surge power. When he tosses it, you can knock it back. He will catch it and throw it back three more times. After the third time, it will hit him. He will then fall to the ground and three gold colored rocks will fall from the ceiling. Use Lift to pick them up and throw them. Repeat this about four or five times to kill him. You and Ethan will then get sucked into a warp hole and get dumped in a snowstorm. Your health will drop very quickly. Walk to the top left and a strange figure will find you.
How to get easy kills: To get easy kills, max out your Aeon Pulse to level 5. After doing so, switch you Aeon Pulse so that you will be able to do radial flare. Because your pulse is maxed out, it usually kills in one hit. It will also mostly kill everyone in the room that you are in.
How to escape pod choice: After you return to the escape pod bay with Olivia, Ethan tells you to take Olivia and run to the escape pod while Olivia tells you to take Ethan. At this point, you may choose either one depending on who you walk towards. If you walk towards Ethan, you take him to the pod and see Olivia get scanned. If you walk towards Olivia, you take her to the pod and see Ethan get scanned.
How to get a bonus Boss battle: Wait until the credits end to face another Boss in a bonus battle.

The use the Timeshift power early game glitch:
You must have at least level 2 jump for this to work. When your stomach is just about facing up in the middle of a front slow-mo dodge, use your melee attack. You will end up standing and anything that was in front of you will fly forward just like as if you used the Timeshift power. You will not go as far as the Timeshift power, but it is just as powerful.

Submitted by: CheatBookJon and Paul R

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