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Character Shrink
On the character select screen, press Y and A. You'll play as a shrunken version of the character.

Replay Rotation
Complete a race without touching any obstacles or barriers, and if you choose "Replay" you can rotate the viewpoint using L and R.

Ghost Racer Save
If you have a ghost that you would like to save, when you're on the menu with "Change Course" and "Replay", hold L, R, Y, and press X. When the ghost is saved, the course name will become yellow. To play against the ghost again, after choosing the course when the screen says "Is this OK?", make sure the pointer is on "Yes", hold L or R, and press B.

Hidden Courses
On the Course Select menu, move to pointer so that it's next to "Mushroom Cup," and press L, R, L, R, L, L, R, R, A. The words "Special Cup" should appear. Additional courses will also open up once you've won a gold trophy in the first three cups in the 100cc GP mode.

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