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The Whale
In Sector Y, if you stay in the middle of the course the entire way, just before the boss, a "whale" will swim across your screen dropping tons of power-ups.

Secret Slot Machine Level
Start you game by going on the bottom course then make it to the first space stage on the bottom course then bomb the first huge meteor once or twice then a bird thing will appear ram in to the bird then it will take you to the secret slot machine stage.

Entering The Black Hole
Go to Level 2, Stage 2 ("The Asteroid Belt"). To get to the "Black Hole", just stay basically straight-on through the course. Eventually you will see an enemy bouncing back and forth between two asteroids, with a Nova Bomb power-up between them. Keep going straight and you will get to three orange asteroids laid out in a triangle. Fly straight through them. Next you will come to three sets of asteroids--five in each set, the middle one of the five is orange, and they are laid out in a line, spinning around. Get right in front of the orange asteroid and just before you collide, shoot it. Do this to the next two sets like this, then go down and to your left and shoot at the smiley faced asteroid that appears. It will turn into a black hole. Fly into it and you'll get tons of power-ups, and just maybe you'll find your father...?

Out Of This Dimension, Boss Info
The boss on this stage is about impossible, and it takes pure luck to beat him... You need to shoot the lever on the slot machine to make the wheels spin (you must get 7-7-7 to defeat this boss). Of small help are the "locks" that appear underneath the wheels on the machine. When these are available, you can shoot them to lock a wheel for one pull.

Continue Screen Sprite Test
At the continue screen, pressing different directions on the control pad will allow you to rotate your ship at various speeds. Press X to stop your ship from spinning. Press RT or LT to zoom in or out, respectively. Press and hold A to leave trailers. And, on controller two, if you press any button, you will flip through all of the different sprites that appear in the game.

Twin Blasters On Stage 1
If you fly through all of the arches on the first level, a bonus blaster power-up will appear under the final arch.

Exits In The Black Hole: (yellow rings)
1) Sector Y
2) Sector Z
3) Venom (Level 1).
Then the ring destinations repeat.

Entering Out Of This Dimension
Go to Level 3, Stage 2 ("The Asteroid Belt"). Look for a huge asteroid near the left side of the screen. Shoot it, then swerve immediately to the right to the second huge asteroid. Shoot it rapidly until it explodes. An egg will fly out, away from where the asteroid was. Shoot the egg and a bird will appear, weaving back and forth towards you. Run into its head exactly, and you will be transported to "Out of This Dimension".

Submitted by: AJ, B. Taylor and Patrick Holmes

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