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Number One:
You must have the Zantuse sword and kill the monsters in the painting and release the ivy. Climb the ivy and go to the left.
Number Two:
At Doctor Leo's lab get the door key and push the dresser to the left.
Number Three:
This one is at Maddgrid Castle, release everything and walk to the left of the door that you come out when you leave the gods area
Number Four:
This one is in the mountain find the snail that is caged by walls and go to the left of the lantern.
Number Five:
This one is also in the mountain well at least part of it. Find the mushroom that is in jail. Use the Dreamrod and go to the lake Lune.
Number Six:
Go to Madgridd Castle and in the 2nd basement area use the soul of reality.
Number Seven:
Finish the light shrine and talk to the squirrel.
Number Eight:
Go to the sleeping dolphin and use the dream rod. It will open a passage. Go in the passage and look in the chests.

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