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First spend all your money. Put the game on the fastest setting and wait for the tax grid to appear. As soon as the screen turns black hold L + R. While holding these buttons change all settings to 0% and exit the screen (don't release the buttons yet).

While still holding these buttons, use the menu to return to the tax screen. Raise all settings to 100% except for the tax rate. Set that to 20%. Exit the tax screen and the menu, then release L and R.

Congratulations! You now have $999,999.
You might want to lower the tax rate now. Give those SimCitizens a break!

Playing Tip
Lay low with your money and buy small amounts of everything. Keep low on residential, commercial, and industry. Build what the citizens want when you can afford it. Continue to do this until you start to progress in tax money.

House Economy
When building houses, make them in 3x3 boxes with the middle left empty. Then fill the center with parkland. This increases the pleasantness of the houses, raises land value, and makes more people arrive.

Increase Your City
While building your town build railroads instead of roads. It may cost more but you won't have traffic jams. This will please your citizens and more people will arrive in your town.

Submitted by: James H, AJ and Maggie the Man

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