SNESSuper Nintendo
Secret of the Stars
Also known as: Tecmo's Secret of the Stars
Also known as: Aquatallion

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Ryu Of Kustera
To find Ryu of Kustera you have to use the dog pill and turn everybody in Beegees town back to normal. Then go in the houses with your main party and talk to him and he will join you.

The Dog Pill
To find the dog pill go into Beegees town and go out the other end. Go through the cave until you reach Badbad's house. Go through his house until you find him. Rest in the bed near by before you fight him. He will tell you he went through the wrong door when you defeat him. Go through the door and there are 8 treasure chests. One chest has the dog pill in it.

Beat Golan
To beat Golan you need the strongest weapon and armor you can find (I used the hammer and chain mail). Have your paty up to level 12 or higher and when you fight him anve Tina use the graviton and the other guy to use the hammer. With Tina use Freeze Level 1 or Freeze Level 2. Use the other guy to heal and attack with fire or hammer. Continue to do this until he is defeated.

To get Ben go to Decatas and go to the poor part of town and you will see three doors on one building. Go into the door on the far right side and talk to the woman. Go to a item shop and ben is there, talk to him and he will join you. Go back to the house where you talked to the woman and talk to her again. She will give you 200 gold.

To get the graviton to shrink Golan go into Decatas and into the lab. Go upstairs and talk to the man. Let him join your town and you will get the graviton.

To find Tina go to Beegees town and go into the church. Talk to the man in black and you will fight badman's. After you kill them talk to the girl on the floor and she will join you.

To get into Decatas first go to Giant and you can go around the trees up to a hole. Fall down the hole and talk to the man and if you pay him 100 gold and he will dig a tunnel to Decatas.

Defeat The Flame Spirit
To defeat the Flame Spirit in the star shrine get level 20 in power and make sure you have good defense over 110, and heal level 2. Fight the flame with the riot gun or a stronger gun and when you're at 40 HP use your heal level 2. Continue to do so until he is defeated.

Submitted by: Nightlore. AJ and Mark L

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