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SNESSuper Nintendo
MegaMan X3
Also Known as: RockMan X3
MegaManX3, RockManX3, Mega Man X3, Rock Man X3

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X-Saber enhancement PASSWORD


Level .... Password
Neon Tiger .... 3723-1283-1751-1456
Gravity Beetle .... 7743-5256-1441-5486
Blast Hornet .... 7745-5253-1441-5486
Blizzard Buffalo .... 5275-1266-1751-5458
Tunnel Rhino .... 5765-1263-1756-5488
Volt Catfish .... 5768-1267-4758-5488
Toxic Seahorse .... 2376-2163-6258-7841
Crush Crawfish .... 8216-4156-6742-3821
Dr. Doppler's Lab .... 8317-1683-6772-3876

Defeating Byte
Another way to defeat Byte is to intentionally run into him when he shoots his pod across the screen, right before he dashes.
He will dash across the screen and leave Megaman with just a small amount of damage.

Submitted by: AJ

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