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MegaMan 7
Also Known as: RockMan 7
MegaMan7, RockMan7, Mega Man 7, Rock Man 7

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Versus Mode
On the password screen, first enter the following:

(1)-Mega Man, (4)-Dr. Light, (1)-Mega Man, (5)-Roll, (5)-Roll, (5)-Roll, (8)-Rush, (5)-Roll, (7)-Auto, (8)-Rush, (8)-Dr. Wily, (5)-Lil' Robot, (6)-Protoman, (2)-Dr. Wily, (5)-Roll, (1)-Mega Man

Next, on controllers one and two, press and hold (L+R), then on controller one press START. You can choose to play either Mega Man or Bass. Some moves for each are as such (also refer to Street Fighter moves):

Mega Man
Arrow Slash-  Fireball, Y
Leg Breaker-  D, D, B
Faint Warp-  U, U

Booster Kick-  Dragon Punch, Y
Sonic Crasher-  while jumping, press F, F, Y
Faint Warp-  U, U

Submitted by: XXenon2k2

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