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Enter one of the button combos below at the Play Now prompt on the Team Select screen, to unlock the team listed.

Team .... Button Combo
1952 Lions .... Select + Y, L, L, Y
1966 Packers .... Select,  R,  B,  A,  Y
1968 Jets .... Y, Y, A, L, L
1969 Chiefs .... L, Y, R, R, A
1970 Colts .... B, R, Select, Select, Y
1972 Dolphins .... A, L, L, B, S
1975 Cards .... Y, R, A, L, L
1976 Raiders .... B, R, A, L, Y
1976 Vikings .... B, R, R, R, R
1977 Cowboys .... B, A, R, R, Y
1978 Seahawks .... A, R, R, Y, Y
1978 Steelers .... Select, L, A, Select, R
1979 Buccaneers .... R, R, L, L + Select
1979 Rams .... L, R, R, A + Select
1980 Falcons .... A, L, L, Y, R
1981 Bengls .... B, L, A, R, A
1982 Reds .... B, L, L, R, R
1985 Bears .... A, L, L, R, B
1985 Broncos .... L, L, Y, A, Y
1985 Patriots .... B, L, Y, Select, A
1986 Browns .... Highlight Ravens and press B, Y, R, R, Y
1987 Saints .... L, B, L, B + Select
1988 Forty Niners .... B, A, Y, Y, R
1990 Bills .... B, Y, L, L, Select
1990 Giants .... B, Y, R, L,  + Select
1993 Oilers .... R, Select, R, Select, Y
1994 Chargers .... Select + A, L, L, Y
EA Sports .... Highlight Panthers and press L, A, R, R, Y
Eagles .... B, A, L, B, Y
NFLPA .... Highlight All-Madden and A, L, L, A, L, L
Tiburon Gotcha .... Highlight Jaguars and press Select, Y, Select, R, L

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