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SNESSuper Nintendo
Killer Instinct

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Fight as Eyedol
Highlight Cinder on the character selection screen, hold Right and quickly press:
L, R, X, B, Y, A at the Vs. screen.
Eyedol's name will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Random fighter selection
Hold Up and press Start at the character selection screen.

Alternate costume
Press Up or Down while selecting a fighter.

Slow motion
Hold Left and all three Kick buttons at the Vs. screen.

Hold Right and all three Punch buttons at the Vs. screen.

Turbo level 2
Hold Right and all three Kick buttons at the Vs. screen.

Turbo level 3
Hold Left and all three Punch buttons at the Vs. screen.

Stage select
Choose the fighters in a two-player game.
Enter one of the following controller sequences to choose the corresponding stage.

Glacius: Up + L
Ice: Up + X
Dungeon: Up + Y
Spinal: Up + R
Orchid: Up + B
Cinder: Up + A
Thunder: Down + L
Riptor: Down + Y
Eyedol: Down + X
Street: Down + R
Sabrewulf: Down + B
Fulgore: Down + A
Secret Sky: Down + B simultaneously on controllers one and two.
Random: Up + Start

Select practice mode opponent
Use controller two to enter practice mode. Select a character and press Start(x2) to return to the title screen. Use controller one to enter practice mode to fight the character that was chosen using controller two.

Special ending
Complete the game under the hardest difficulty level without using a continue any continues.

Easy combo breakers:
Press Down + Start at the Vs. screen.


Comeback trick
When your character is defeated twice in a match, and the "Danger... Danger... Danger..." announcement starts, rapidly and repeatedly tap all Punch and Kick buttons. A whistle will sound if your opponent does not touch your character. Your character will no longer be stunned and will be able to fight again with five times the attack power.

Practice against Eyedol
Begin game play and intentionally lose when facing Eyedol. Allow the timer to expire on the "Game Over" screen. Select practice mode to fight against a helpless Eyedol.

Submitted by: AJ and Lord DG

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