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Hidden Characters
Both of these characters are found in the World of Ruin.

First to find him you must have Mog in your party. Walk through the caves at the northern part of Narshe for a while until you come across a frozen esper- Tritoch. Defeat him and jump off of the ledge where he was sitting. After walking through some caves you'll come across a room with a skull in it. Check the skull (push A) and you'll get an esper. Umaro sees this and tries to take it back. After the fight Mog orders him to join you.

Go to the Triangle Island in the north-eastern part of the world and fight until you come across the Zone Eater. Allow it to swallow you. Inside it's body you'll find a level and at the end of it is Gogo. Big Levels: If your having trouble getting through the game because of not enough HPs then try this. In the begging of the game when you travel down the Lete River with Bannon find the first Save Point. After it will be a place where the river forks. You can choose to go up or left. Choose up and you will go in a circle and end up at the fork again. Set up your turbo controller, if you have one, so that A is on auto (if you don't, wrap a rubber band around you regular controller so the A button is held down). Make sure you have Memory and not Reset highlighted in your Configuration option. Now set your parties' attacks so that Edgar uses his Auto crossbow, Terra fights, Sabin fights, and Bannon uses Heal. If you have done all this correctly they will ride their raft in a circle fighting. If you leave this on while you are at school or asleep you'll come back to big levels.

In the Rainy town of Zozo, you should find a clock in a building. It should ask the hour, then the minute, then the second. The answer is: hour 6, minute 10, second 50. A wall should move to let you through a staircase which should lead you to a treasure chest which gives you the "Chainsaw" for Edgar.

In Darill's Tomb you should find 4 grave stones. Go up to each one and press A. Once you've done that go back to the beginning where you should find a blank stone. Carve the following in this order: WETH OLRV QSSI ERAU, it should spell "The World Is Square" backwards, then it will tell you a secret.

Level Up Trick
In the World of Ruin, only get the four initial characters (Celes, Sabin, Edgar, and Setzer). Get the falcon, and fly to the forest where you fight the Tyranosaurs. Bring you characters to the level you desire (don't forget to use the Exp. Egg to help you out), and then get the other characters, and they will now be at that level.

Major Cheat Hint
Whenever a monster is invisible (use the "Vanish" spell on the enemy), any spell will work on them, including "Boss Monsters.

Alternate Endings
In the World of Ruin, don't get Sabin, Locke, or Strago, and get Relm but never bring her to Kefka's Temple. When you beat the game, the Figaro's, Celes's, and Relm's endings will be rather different than normal.

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