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SNESSuper Nintendo
Eye of the Beholder

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Level 1:
Place a dagger in a rectangular hole in the wall to receive the "Guinsoo" +3 dagger.

Level 2:
Place daggers in the dagger like carvings in the wall. There are 5 of them. When you do all 5, you will get rations in exchange for the daggers.

Level 3:
After you put the gems in the cats eyes to reach Level 4, take all gems back again.

Level 4:
There are movable walls at beginning of Level. After you've pushed your way to the other side, push your way back to the stairs. You will find a Dwarf key. Now go back, and turn right. Somewhere along this corridor is a chain switch. Pull on it.

Level 5:
In the place marked :" Pantry", put 5 rations in the shelf of the wall to receive 5 Iron Rations.

Level 6:
In the place marked "Nest", put all 10 Kenku eggs in one pile, and in return, you get the Chieftain's Halberd.

Level 7:
On the wall that says, "The key lies on the other side", throw a dagger at it. It will go through the writing and open a secret room.

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