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Dragon Ball Z
Also Known as: Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden

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Press A during the introduction sequence to display the title screen.
Wait until Goku and Picollo begin fighting in the background, then press:
L + R + Select + Start.
The game will reset. Press any button to enter the main menu.
The game level (in the option menu) will be set to 4 to confirm correct code entry.

CPU control
Pause a Vs. mode or Tenkai-Ichi Budokai mode match and press:
A + B + X + Y.
A sound will confirm correct code entry.
Resume game play and the CPU will assume control.

Hold L + R at the screen where the mountains are flying past.
With those buttons held, press X for speed 1, Y for speed 2, or Z for speed 3.
Hold L + R + Z on controller two for speed 4.

Hidden characters
Hold L + R, continuously press X, A, B, Y in a clockwise direction, and sweep the D-pad in a counter-clockwise Full-Circle when Goku begins to speak.
Continue the controller actions until Goku's voice is heard f ollowing a chime again.
This code also allows both players to select the same character in Vs. mode.

View real ending
Play on a difficulty level of three or higher and fight the following matches in order:
Son Gokuu Vs. Picollo
Son Gokuu Vs. Vejeta
Son Gokuu Vs. Freeza
Piccolo Vs. Android #20
Vejeta Vs. Android #18
Piccolo Vs. Cell
Son Goku Vs. Android #16
Vejeta Vs. Trunks
Son Goku Vs. Son Gohan
Son Gohan Vs. P-Cell
The text "The End" will appear. Wait until "Final Battle" appears. Defeat Perfect Cell to view the real ending of the game.

When you are fighting with Freeza let Klilyn die and you can play with Super Sayan Son Gokou in story mode.

Submitted by: KRem20 and AJ

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