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Double Dragon 5

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Secret Codes
Enter these following codes at the screen of selections:
(Tournament, Options, Quest Mode, etc.):

Choose up to 9 continues
Left, Right, Left, Right, L-pad, L-pad, R-pad, R-pad, R-pad.

Disable Throws
R-pad, Right, L-pad, L-pad, Left, Left, R-pad, R-pad.

Disable Dizziness
Down, Down, Left, Up, Down, Down, Left, Up, R-pad, R-pad, L-pad.

After Tournament, Skill level "Pro", has been beaten, use this code to be the bosses:
L-pad, R-pad, Up, L-pad, L-pad, Down, R-pad, R-pad
(After you beat the game in Tournament, Skill Level "Pro", this code will always work even after you shut the game off).

Submitted by: PrioryTone

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