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Disaster Report
Also known as: Zettaizetsumei Toshi (Japan)
Also known as: SOS: The Final Escape (EU)

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Photo album option:
If you complete the game successfully you will unlock a photo album.
Getting the S ranking: Requirments: Play time: less than 2 hours. Game over/falls: 0 times (when the ladder falls over, it doesn't count). Item carried: rescue pack (the one that says emergency) Endings: You must not get ending 5, 6 or 7; if you do so the "S" ranking is not available.


You Must: encourage her after the helicopters leave
give her an umbrella when it starts raining
after the raft ride, encourage her
get her family picture in christophe construction. while resting in the park, as william some questions, then talk to her regarding the family picture
when greg asks you who to go with in the stadium, choose karen
after speaking to terry in the office, talk to karen, and say "sorry"
give her pure water to drink all the time!
You Must Not: select "split up" if you're at the bus without a crowbar
select "of coarse" when she asks you to look for her dog.
give her dirty water to drink.
You Must: look inside kellys drawers while in her house. after waiting for jason for awhile, go back inside and speak to kelly several times unil she asks if you looked in her drawers. admit that you did.
after waiting for jason for a while outside, speak to her and tell her that he's probably ok.
when greg asks you who you want to go with, select kelly.
when kelly sees jason, talk to him and her.
give her pure water to drink very often.
You Must Not: Give her dirty water to drink.

Submitted by: FanoVan, Martin P and Yugo Horne

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