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WWF SmackDown: Just Bring it
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 3 (Japan)
Also known as: WWE Smackdown: Just Bring it
Alt. Name(s): WWF Smack Down Just Bring it, WWE Smackdown JBI

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The following moveset changes may require some moves to be unlocked.
Big Show: Alleyoop to Showstopper. Alleyoop in groggy.
Bradshaw: Jacknife Powerbomb to Power Clothesline. Jacknife in groggy.
Crash: DDT 2 to Jumping Tornado DDT. DDT in groggy.
D-Von: Piledriver to D-Von Neckbreaker. D-Von Neckbreaker out of turnbuckle grapples.
Fred Durst: Swanton to Worm
HHH: Make 2nd finisher Facebuster. (Double Underhook one in tech) Dangerous driver in groggy.
Ivory: Test Neckbreaker and X-Factor as Finishers. Replace Test Neckbreaker in groggy with Samoan Driver.
Jeff Hardy: Replace Jeff Twist of Fate with Big Senton Bomb. Put Jeff Twist of Fate in groggy.
Jerry Lynn: Tornado DDT (the corner one) with Pulling Piledriver. Give him lots of roll up pins.
Kane: Replace Tombstone Piledriver 1 with Tombstone Piledriver 2
Kurt Angle: Angle Lock to Angle Slam 1. Give him Ankle Lock in ground grapple.
Mick Foley: Make finishers Mandible Claw and Double Underhook DDT. Pulling Piledriver in groggy. Taunt Socko in taunts. And the Mankind 2 win taunt.
Raven: Complete Shot to The Rock DDT. Complete Shot in groggy.
Rhyno: Jacknife Powerbomb to Puliing Piledriver. Jacknife Powerbomb in groggy.
Spike: Make finishers Duddley Dogg and Bubba Cutter.
Stone Cold: Give him his disturbed music.
Tajiri: Poison Mist 1 in groggy to Poison Mist 3
Tazz: Back Tazzmission to Cobra Hold. Back Tazzmission as behind grapple.
Test: Big Boot out of non special grapple. Diving Powerbomb to Jacknife Powerbomb 2. Diving Powerbomb in groggy.
Trish: Crash Bulldog to Kick to Groin. Give her all the bulldogs in regular grapples.
Hurricane: Allyoop to Chokeslam 1 and Final Cut to the Brain Breaker.
The Pulling Pile Driver #1 can be used as Rhyno's Sitout Piledriver.
The Pedigree can be used as Christopher Dinal's Angel Buster
The DDT 2 can be used as Sand Man's Dangerous DDT.
The Stunner (in grapple) can be used as Disco Inferno's Last Dance.
The Pulling Piledriver #1 or #2 can be used as Disco Inferno's Mackrana Piledriver.
The Double Arm DDT can be used as Steven Richard's Steve Vet.

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