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WWF SmackDown: Just Bring it
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 3 (Japan)
Also known as: WWE Smackdown: Just Bring it
Alt. Name(s): WWF Smack Down Just Bring it, WWE Smackdown JBI

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Last Man Standing, Street Fight, and Ultimate Submission modes: Go the route to Wrestlemania. During that route you will have a choice between three matches. Do this three times choosing a different match each time. Win the match to unlock it once you finish the story.
Triple Threat Intercontinental Championship match: Choose William Regal in story mode. Win whatever match you choose on RAW, and on SmackDown, choose to stay backstage, and talk to Earl Hebner. When he asks you a question, select "Hi Earl". Then, when he takes you to Mr. McMahon, tell Vince you want a shot at the Intercontinental title. He will say that he already has a match lined up, but he will also add you to the match, against the current champ and the person who demanded the shot on RAW (usually).
Stack tables (1): To stack a table on top of on other one in a Table or TLC match, just set one up, then throw the other table on top. This works with ladder and chair.
Stack tables (2): In a Table or TLC match, set up a table. Then, pick up another table and press Square to throw it on top of the other one. Next, climb on top of the table and set it up. You can also set them up on the announcer's tables at ringside.
Break two tables: Set two tables ringside next to each other. They must be touching the ring. Do a Super Power Bomb through the ropes and through the two tables. Note: This does not always work.
Break announcer table: Position your victim towards the announcer table, then perform the Super Power Bomb #1. The victim will be thrown into the air and the table should collapse. This move can also be used for a stacked table outside of the ring, when a person is Super Power Bombed to the floor from the mat.
Preview locked moves: Go to create-a-superstar, then select "Moves". Choose any superstar and pick any of the moves (particularly specials). Scroll down to a "????????" labeled move. Press Square (preview) and he or she will do the move. This does Not work with locked videos, locked entrance moves, or locked music.
Do any move on a table: Choose a TLC match and set up the tables right next to each other. Get your wrestler and your opponent on the table and do any move or your special.
Steal opponent's SmackDown! move: You must have two SmackDown! icons. Get into the position of your opponent's SmackDown! Move, then press L2 + L1. You will do their SmackDown! move. Note: When you do your usual SmackDown move, the word SmackDown appears in blue. However, when you steal your opponent's SmackDown!, the word will be in red.
Sit on chair: Press the D-pad towards the chair and press R1.
Fight the APA: In a season, do not pick a champion. After you get on the stage, talk trash on the mic. When Michael Cole asks why you said that, reply that you want to kick his butt. When you look for Vince, go to the APA office. If you choose the top icon, they will say they are busy. However, if you choose the "Get your lazy butts up" icon, they will fight you in a two on one, no time limit match. If you lose, your season is over.
Brothers Of Destruction appearance: Go to create a stable. For members, put Kane first instead of Undertaker. Give them Kane's entrance video and music, and the Brothers Of Destruction entrance move. Once finished, go to "Done" and have an exhibition tag team match. Choose Kane as the first person and Undertaker second. Although Kane was picked first, Undertaker should come out to Kane's music and do Kane's actions, then Kane will appear on Undertaker's bike and to his music, doing all the things that he would do.
T&A appearance: Create a stable using Test and Albert. Use T&A music and Trish Stratus' video. Use Tag Original 1 as the entrance. Create another one; this time putting Trish in the stable and using Trio Original 1.
High stepping off ladder (1): If done correctly, a ladder if thrown on a table can be set up for some big time air for splashing a victim lying on a nearby table.
High stepping off ladder (2): Use the following trick to make a jump from a ladder and into a table better. Start by putting a table near the ropes, then stacking the ladder on top of it. Then, set a table outside of the ring. Put your opponent on the table, quickly get into the ring, and press Up + R1 near the table with the ladder on it. You will climb the ladder as usual, but it will be higher and the table will be lower than the actual ring This creates the effect of having a very high ladder and makes the "slamming" effect look better.
Suplex off ladder: During any kind of a match with a ladder, press Circle when both wrestlers are on the ladder to do a suplex off of it. To see this easily, fight human vs. human. Note: You may have to press Over as well.
Hip-toss off ladder: During any kind of match with a ladder, have both wrestlers climb it. When both have reached the top, push Over + Circle. This will perform a hip-toss off the ladder. Also, pushing Up or Down then Circle will perform a suplex. To best see this, do a two player match.
Drive forklift and truck: There is a forklift and truck in the parking garage. Go up to the forklift and you should be able to push it. When you go by the driver's side, press R1, but do not move. The truck is a Hummer with the top down. To attack, press Run. When you get to your enemy, press X to slide into him or her using the truck or forklift.
Run on cars: You can run on top of the parked cars in the parking lot.
Hurt opponent while in vehicle: You can hurt your opponent when you are in a vehicle. Press R1 next to the door of the jeep or forklift. Drive up to them and press Square. Note: This will not do too much damage.
Drive faster: Press Triangle while in the jeep or forklift to go faster in that direction.
Break a streetlight pole: In a match where it can spill into other areas backstage, go outside the doors to the outside of the building where the benches, fountains, and trash cans are located. There will be a few streetlights there. Throw your opponent into one and it will bend and break, but no major damage is done.
Break A.P.A. door: When in the A.P.A. office, run into or Irish Whip your opponent into the A.P.A. door in the middle of the room. It should break.
Break the boilers: Choose a Falls Count Anywhere match in the Boiler Room. There are three boilers in there. Run into to one of them. The boiler will break and have a hole in it.
Break the glass window: In the Lobby, go to the left balcony and whip your opponent into the glass window. If done correctly, your opponent with break the glass. To go further with this trick, you can Super Power Bomb onto the ground floor. After that, repeatedly press X and you will do an aerial move. Note: This is quite difficult.
Choose your specials: Select the Superstar that you want to be and press L1. You will have two different choices as your specials.
Turning to an opponent easier: To turn to a wrestler near you even quicker, rather than continuously pressing R2, hold R2. This will automatically have you turn to the wrestler closest to you, or the wrestler performing a move on you. This is especially useful during an 8-Man Survival Match.
No-sell a finisher: As long as your player has at least one Special point, you can escape from an opponent's finisher. Tap L1 at the same time your opponent executes a finisher. You will lose a Special point, but immediately recover from the finisher. This is recommended when you have two or more Special points, as you will still be able to hit a finisher for a surprise win.
Have a girl win any title: Create a girl, then make sure she is classified as unknown or a man.
Undisputed champion: To have an entrance as an undisputed champion, give your wrestler a title "belt" in create a wrestler mode. Then, win a title in season mode. Defend your belt and you will appear with two belts.
Undisputed Tag champions: Create a stable of only two people. Give them "Tag Team Champs" as an entrance, then win the Tag Team titles. When they defend the belts they will both have two belts each.
Select tag partner without him getting mad: When in story mode and going for the tag team titles, you can select your partner without your partner getting mad. When prompted, tell your partner to find the third man for the six-man tag match. After this, you will be taken to a walk-around screen. Go to the boiler room, then go into the second part of the boiler room. Note: You may need a certain number of cards to unlock the second part of the boiler room. Your partner should be there. Go up to him. You will then be given three people to choose from. After you choose one, your partner will get the new teammate.
Created wrestler: Moving mouth when talking: When creating a wrestler, go to "Appearance", then "Head". Select "Standard" instead of "Advanced". Next, choose either "Superstars" or "Original" and select any desired head. Go into season mode and enter that wrestler. When Michael Cole interviews you, your mouth will move when you talk.
White convertible entrance: Create a stable with Vince, Shayne, and Stephanie and set the movie for Vince and the music for The Corporation. Put the entire stable in a Six Man Tag. When they come to the ring, they will ride down in a white convertible.
Video of three people beating you up: Pick any wrestler. When Vince asks if you want to get the tag team titles, answer that you want to go for them. Choose your tag team partner and win your first match. When you have to pick a partner for the 6-man Team match and are talking to your partner about who you are going choose for your third man, answer "I'll go get someone". At the second intermission that appears after that, answer "I haven't trusted you from the beginning". Lose the handicap match. And at the end of the match, a video will appear featuring the people that you were fighting in which they keep beating you up after the match.

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