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WWF SmackDown: Just Bring it
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 3 (Japan)
Also known as: WWE Smackdown: Just Bring it
Alt. Name(s): WWF Smack Down Just Bring it, WWE Smackdown JBI

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Bouncing man:
Unlock the "WWF SmackDown! 2 commercial", then watch when Kurt Angle throws his bags at the man. When the man falls down, look very closely at his feet and he will bounce.
Full creation points: In create a character mode, select "Ability", then "Auto Setting". "Average" will be shown. Press Triangle to back up, then immediately press X again and select "Average". You will have the level 3 attacks and the level 2 defenses of all, but you will still have the full 200 points (or 145 if you have not unlocked card #12).
Floating people: On a Triple Threat Ladder or TLC match, set the ladder up then get two people to climb up. Get one of them to do a move (Circle + D-pad) and have the third person move a ladder. The person will be floating in mid air.
Undertaker's bike: When The Undertaker appears on his bike, notice that the wheels do not move.
Make the referee climb the ladder or chair: Choose a TLC match. Throw the referee out of the ring. Put the ladder next to the ring where the referee will go back up. If done correctly, the referee will climb up. You can do the same thing with a chair, but he will eventually get away. Also, you can put the referee on the entrance ramp by pushing the ladder with him on it, so he does not count when the CPU or someone else pins you. However, do not run or punch the ladder or the referee will fall and go to the ring.
Three Stages of Hell: Selected winner: When choosing a Three Stages of Hell match, choose a match that can have interference (for example, Falls Count Anywhere) for the first match. Next, choose a Cage match for the second, and any match for the third. During the Cage match, if one of the wrestlers involved is in a stable, a member from that stable will most likely interfere. That wrestler will run down to the ring, dive through the cage beneath the bottom rope, and attack. After he/she is finished, he/she will climb the cage and escape, ending the match. No one will be declared the winner as the game moves to the final match. The winner of the third match will be declared the winner of the entire affair, despite the score. )
Tag Team titles story: Accept Vince's offer before the show, and after the introduction, look for your tag partner. If you are trying to use a stable with a custom wrestler, you will have to choose that wrestler to form the team if the partner is a regular wrestler. If not, the team cannot be formed. For example, if you create Scott Hall and Kevin Nash and try to win the tag titles in story mode, the game will not let you because both are created wrestlers.
No ending in Story mode: When playing Story mode as any male wrestler (regular or created), do the following steps and there will be no end for the story: Refuse Vince's offer, win whichever match you choose to do on RAW, and on SmackDown, stay backstage, let the timer run out, and win your match. Nothing will happen and the game will be over.
Floating Futons: Choose a Hardcore or Falls Count Anywhere match and go to the lobby. Go up the stairs farthest from the vending machines. Then, throw someone or run into the glass to break it. Next, push the black futons through the hole where the glass used to be. It will float. No matter what you do during that match, it will never come down.
Secret crowd: Choose a TLC or ladder match. Set a chair up on the announcer table. Set the ladder next to the announcer table which the chair is on. Get a player to sit in the chair. Get a player to climb the ladder and face the chair. Have the player that is on the ladder press Circle to do a Suplex on the wrestler on the chair. If done correctly, the player on the ladder will do a glitched Suplex on the player on the chair. The player on the chair will get suplexed and disappear. In about five seconds, the player who was on the chair will appear in the crowd behind the announcer table. You will be able to go out the arena into darkness or just run around the crowd. Note: If you go to any regular location, you will not be able to go back into the secret crowd.
Repeated dialogue: Pause gameplay during a match. When resumed , you should hear Taz say "Lets get to it". Pause gameplay again and he will say the same thing repeatedly. Note: This does not happen with Michael Cole.
Movesets: Select Goldberg's moveset in create a wrestler mode. Try to save and the game will crash due to the fact THQ only put one special move in his moveset. Note: This may also possibly corrupt the save for the game itself. The best way to create Goldberg is to copy the moveset on paper and create it from scratch, correcting the error by entering two special moves.
Move anywhere (1): In a single or other TLC match, put the ladder in the middle of the ramp way or go over where the people are, then set the ladder up. Have both wrestlers go up and press Circle If done correctly, you will Suplex your opponent on top of the people. You can now go anywhere you want. When you go somewhere you normally can, you will have to repeat the trick to do it again.
Move anywhere (2): Select a special referee match, then choose singe referee, one on three, and make yourself the referee. For the superstars, choose Team Extreme (Jeff, Matt, Lita) and any opponent. Go to the parking lot and then to the part where you are able to get outside the building (the entrance where the cars are going into). Once outside, go straight so that you are in the tunnel part. You can move anywhere. Note: :Once you get back on normal ground you will have to return to the parking lot.
Walk through New York Plaza stairs: Select a Special Referee Falls Count Anywhere match and set it in the Parking Lot. Make yourself the referee and be any desired wrestler. Next, walk towards the red arrow where the cars are entering the parking lot. Stay there until the arrow turns blue. When you get outside, do not press Down. Hold Up for about thirty seconds, then go left for ten seconds. Then, press Down until you see yourself come out of the stairs.
Fall from mid-air: Start a TLC match (two player) and have player one go into the crowd with a ladder. Have player two go anywhere in the arena with a chair, set the chair up, and sit down. Have player one press Circle two to three times. The character will then jump as if he is going to hit the person sitting down, but will miss. The character sitting in the chair will go through the mats and then will fall from the air.
Supplex off ladder (1): This trick only works while playing a two-player game. Select the Raw stage. Take the ladder to the right side of the stage. Climb onto the ladder so that you can Suplex your opponent onto the stage. Get your opponent to push the ladder as far towards the stage as possible. Get your opponent to climb the ladder. Press Circle button to Suplex your opponent. Instead of Suplexing your opponent onto the stage, you and your opponent will go through the stage.
Supplex off ladder (2): Play a TLC match with two players. Choose to be any desired character. Have player two sit on the chair and player one climb the ladder. Press Circle with player one and he should execute a suplex to an invisible person. Watch player two, as he will be floating in mid-air then drop. He will then disappear for two seconds and reappear. You can try putting player one and player two as far away from each other as possible and it will still work.
Tables already opened: Play a table match with two players. The first player should have a DDT for a ready move (for example, with Kane's movelist). Place both players on the table and have player one do the DDT. They should go through the table. When you go on the outside, the table reappears but this time it has opened itself.
Two tables propped up:
Choose Scotty 2 Hotty and Jerry Lynn. Put the two tables together. Have each of them go on the table facing you. DDT the opponent though both the tables. If done correctly, two tables should be propped up at ringside.
Stunned wrestler: In a Last Man Standing Match, constantly attack Earl Hebner until he is knocked out on his back and does not move. Your opponent will not resume fighting until Earl Hebner regains conscience.
Teleport to top of cage: Go into a Hell In A Cell match with a wrestler that has the Shooting Star Press move. Go onto any turnbuckle and do the move. Make sure your opponent is somewhere in the middle of the ring. When you do the move, instead of landing inside the ring, you will be teleported on top of the cage. Make sure you run through one of the walls before you do this or you will not be able get back in without your opponent breaking through the wall.
Entrance sequences do not fit: Watch some entrance sequences when you are wrestling (not in create mode). You may notice that some entrance sequences do not fit all the way on the screen.
Go outside the ring in a cage match: Select Kurt Angle and someone else. As Kurt Angle, get an groggy opponent on the ropes. Then, go to the turnbuckle and press Right + X. He will knock the opponent and himself out of the ring.

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