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WWF SmackDown: Just Bring it
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 3 (Japan)
Also known as: WWE Smackdown: Just Bring it
Alt. Name(s): WWF Smack Down Just Bring it, WWE Smackdown JBI

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Easy count out (1):
When in a single, tag team, or any kind of match with KO, Count Out, or DQ, go outside the ring and hit your opponent with a move, When the count bar goes to about 3 or 4, just Irish Whip your opponent up the ramp and go back into the ring. The CPU wrestler will just walk back into the ring and you will win the match by count out.
Easy count out (2): Alternately, run out of the ring and down the ramp and your opponent will follow you. When the timer reaches about five, run into the ring, and your opponent will walk down but will not get there in time, thus winning you the match.
Easy front special: Press Down/Left or Down/Right to do a Toe Kick, which will make your opponent hold his stomach. This will allow your wrestler to do his front special (L1). Note: Only male wrestlers can do a Toe Kick.
Easy special (1): Go outside the ring, run into the crowd, and continuously press L2. Your opponent will never go into the crowd after you. Note: This requires some time, so be patient.
Easy special (2): If you are in any match where you will not be counted out if you go out of the ring, crawl over the rail where all the fans are located. Press L2 to do your taunt and the CPU wrestler you are fighting will not be able to get to you. They will walk up and down the walkway and cannot touch you.
Easy Light Heavyweight belt: Start a season with a cruiser-weight that is not champion. Trash talk on RAW with whomever it is, then fight him and defeat him. Next, on SmackDown no matter whoever comes out, stay in the back. When you find William Regal, he will offer you a chance to win the Intercontinental Belt, but underneath it will say "I'd rather fight for the Light Heavy-Weight belt". If you use someone who is not a Light Heavyweight, it will say "European" instead of "Light Heavyweight".
Easy Hardcore Fatal Four Way match: Take one opponent out into the crowd. If you go for a pin, the other two wrestlers will just stand there while the referee counts. This is especially useful when defending the Hardcore title.
Easy Last Man Standing match: Keep giving your opponent a Clothesline (Run + X), and when you get a special use it as quickly as possible (L1). This is best done with any powerful wrestler. You will see the referee counting when your opponent's arms are totally spread out.
Easy Slobber Knocker mode (1): To win easily, enter the Create A Superstar screen. Choose Superstar, then The Rock. Change all his front groggy moves to "TombStone Piledriver 1". In Slobber Knocker mode, just do the Tombstone and get 17 wins.
Easy Slobber Knocker mode (2): To win faster, go to Create A Superstar and select either The Rock or The Undertaker. Change their special moves to the Raven Effect and the Complete Shot. Every time you use these moves they will almost always KO the opponent.
Easy Slobber Knocker mode (3): Play as The Rock and do a Running Clothesline (Run + X). Stand your opponent up and do The Rock's DDT (Right + Circle), then go for the pin. You will almost always get a three count.
Easy Slobber Knocker mode (4): Play as the Undertaker and do a Running Clothesline (Run + X). Stand your opponent up and use the Tombstone Piledriver (Down + Circle), then go for the pin immediately. You will almost always get the three count.
Easy Slobber Knocker mode (5): Have a Superstar with the Crossover Clothesline. Enter a Slobber Knocker match, use it, then pin them. It almost all ways puts them out.
Easy Slobber Knocker mode (6): Give the Clothesline 1 to your wrestler (where he spins in the air after the move). Every time a wrestler enters the ring, use the move and pin him immediately afterwards.
Easy Slobber Knocker mode (7): In Slobber Knocker mode, play as the Big Show and simply run at your opponent and press X. This will do a Clothesline which will knock them down for a 3. You cane ven eliminate Kane in five seconds.
Easy Slobber Knocker mode (8): If you are trying to challenge with a created wrestler or a real wrestler, change their specials to the Mandible Claw. The Mandible Claw makes wrestlers give up instantly, depending on your roughness. Toe Kick them and use the Mandible Claw. The Clothesline the Rock has helps as well. Also try setting their specials to the Special Mandible Claw, Brainbuster Pin, or another totally powerful or rough special.
Easy tag team victory (1): The moment you start, tag your partner and throw the opponent out of the ring. Beat up your opponent when the ring out time gets to about five seconds. Your partner will slide back in the ring. Keep beating up your opponent until the timer gets to ten to win.
Easy tag team victory (2): When the match starts, jump out of the ring and throw yourself into both steps. Then, lay them in front of your opponent's tag space area. After you get a special, do it to him. Pin him where your partner can run at you opponent's partner while he is stuck. Note: Use the big box on the left in the crowd to also block him.
Easy Table match: This trick works best against the CPU. At the start of the match, pick up the nearest table and throw it out of the ring. Then, pick up the other table and walk over to a corner. When your opponent walks towards you, press Down + X to set up the table and push it towards your opponent. Sometimes you may hit your opponent with it -- if that happens just keep trying different directions with X until it works. When your opponent is on the table, quickly press Triangle to run towards and climb up to the top turnbuckle. Do a diving move off the table by pressing X + D-pad. You should put them through. If they get off, just try again. This can also be done in a TLC match to do extra damage to your opponent, and you can also do it off a ladder.
Easy tag team victory in Story mode: When pursuing the tag titles in story mode, the easiest way to win is to beat your opponent down for short while then tag in your partner. Afterwards, go outside and attack your opponent's partner. After he's been beaten down, go to the apron and press R1 to beg for a tag. When you enter, your opponent will tag in his partner, and you will have him so worn down that you have one SmackDown dot. Perform your finisher and pin your opponent (unless its a submission hold).

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