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WWF SmackDown: Just Bring it
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 3 (Japan)
Also known as: WWE Smackdown: Just Bring it
Alt. Name(s): WWF Smack Down Just Bring it, WWE Smackdown JBI

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Start with Type A Medium

Skin Color 2
Head Type: 001
Eyes Type: 004
Nose Type: 001
Jaw Type: 001

Body Parts
Eyebrows: 016: Brightness -127
Eye: 001: Color 39, Brightness -8
Cheeks: 002
Mouth: 001
Skin: 001, Body 001
Hair 003: Shade -28, Brightness -37
No F_Hair
B_Hair: 085: Shade 39, Brightness -13
Underwear: 002: Shade -127, Brightness -41
Facial Hair: 017: Brightness -35
Mask: 119 (Need to unlock)
Shirts: 002: Length 68, Shade -5, Brightness 40
Upperbody Accessories: 12
Right Hand: 21 (Need to unlock): Brightness 20
Left Hand: 10
Boots 33 Type 001: Shade -127. Brightness 32

Pants 010: Type 001: Shade -127, Brightness -51

Head: 24/24/24
Chest: 70/70/70
Abdomen: 80/80/80
Arms: 30/30/30
Forearms: 40/40/40
Hands: 45/45/45
Ankles: 15/15/15
Feet: 20/20/20

Name: Mankind
Entrance Moves: Mick Foley
Music: Mick Foley
Video: Mick Foley
Moveset: Mick Foley

Changes to Mick Foley's Moveset:
The second taunt should be changed to Taunt Socko!
Special 1: Mandible Claw
Special 2: Brainbuster DDT

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