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WWF SmackDown: Just Bring it
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 3 (Japan)
Also known as: WWE Smackdown: Just Bring it
Alt. Name(s): WWF Smack Down Just Bring it, WWE Smackdown JBI

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Body: Thin
Head: 1
Eyes: 5
Nose: 1
Jaw: 1

Eyebrows: Your choice
Eye: 001 (-30,127,127)
Cheeks and mouth: Your choice
Hair: 002 (0,0,-127)
F. Hair: 004 (0,0,-127)
B. Hair: 002(0,0,-127)

T-shirt: 020 (96,0,0,2,-42)
Tights: 057 (96,0,0,2,-42)
Boots: 030 (type 1) (5,0,0,0,-127)
Gloves: 017 (0,0,-127)
Mask: 095 (0,0,0,-127)
Jackets: coat: 001 (0,0,-127)
Pattern A: Back: 007 (0,101,127,127)
Skin color: 8
Height: 127
Weapon: Iron pipe
Name: Grim Reaper
Biography: Unknown, Heavyweight, Hell's guardian
Ability: Powerful (auto setting)
Moves: Kane
Entrance music: Original 10
Entrance move: Original 13
1: Buzz Killer
2: Complete Shot

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