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WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 4 (Japan)
Alt. Name(s): WWE Smack Down Shut Your Mouth, WWE Smackdown SYM

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Alternate entrance:
If you unlock entrance move Original 9, this starts exactly the same as Booker's normal entrance. However, when his flame pyros go off, the explosion causes him to fly down the ramp, hit his head, and collapse.


F-5 to Big Show:
Normally, When Brock Lesnar does the F-5 to the Big Show in real life, the Big Show lands on his back because Lesnar does not have the strength to F5 him on to his front. If you want this to happen on the game, simply choose Death Valley Driver 2 as Lesnar's second move. Because the Big Show is so big, you cannot see Brock lifting him over his shoulders and to the canvas. It t will appear as Brock's F-5 on the Big Show.

Easy Ultimate Submission Match:
Knock your opponent down and keep on doing the Dragon Sleeper (Left + Circle). Keep doing that and he will eventually tap-out. Keep using combinations of the Walls of Jericho (one of your specials), Double Power Bomb Pin Down + Circle) and the Dragon Sleeper.
Do Walls Of Jericho on the ladder: Select a ladder match or TLC match with Chris Jericho or a CAW with the Walls of Jericho as his second special. Then, set the ladder up and climb it. Your opponent will then climb up with you or knock the ladder down. If he climbs up with you, punch him by using X or Circle until he falls slightly lower on the ladder. Then, press Circle to perform the Walls of Jericho on the ladder. This can also be done with Jeff Hardy or with a CAW who has the Swanton Bomb as their second special. Jeff will push the opponent off the ladder. Then, perform the Swanton perfectly on to the opponent.


Backstage conversation:
Anytime Eddie Guerrero is backstage, you can talk to him. However, he will be trying to pick up a girl. If you prevent him from picking up the girl you will have to fight him in a match, along with your other match on the card if you have one.


Whip opponent with belt:
After winning a match, press X or Circle after the bell. Instead of attacking the opponent with a chair like everyone else, he will whip the opponent with his belt.


Easy win:
When facing your opponent, press Left + Circle. If they are still standing, do it again. Next, stand him up, then press Left + Circle. After the move, press Up + X. do this several times until SmackDown appears, then do the Pedigree.


nWo style:
Go to Create A Superstar. Go to moves, then edit Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Change his entrance moves to X-Pac. Next, change his music to nWo. Then, change his video to nWo1 (after it is unlocked). Finally, pick Hollywood Hulk Hogan and choose attire B (after it is unlocked). When coming down the ramp, he will have nWo attire with black and white entrance graphics. The ring announcer will call him an nWo member.


Ladder weapon:
Go to a single match and select Jeff Hardy. Go to the right side of the ring and press R1.
Automatic Swanton Bomb off a ladder: Start a match which has no disqualifications as Jeff Hardy. When the match starts, go outside the ring to the right and press R1 near the ring apron to get a ladder from under the ring. Set up the ladder anywhere desired and climb it. This trick works best with a friend playing as your opponent. Have the second player climb the ladder as well. Punch the second player until he falls down a step (the position to do moves like a Superplex off the ladder) and press Down + Circle. You will push your opponent off the ladder and then climb up to the top then automatically do a Swanton Bomb, You do not need any SmackDown! points to do it.
Push opponent off ladder: As or Jeff Hardy or a created wrestler with the Swanton Bomb 2 in a Ladder, TLC, etc. match, stand with your opponent on the ladder. Press Circle or X multiple times until the opponents looks like he/she is about to fall off. Press Up, Down, Left, or Right + Circle. You will push your opponent off the ladder, do a lot of Hardy-like Swanton taunts, and do a Swanton Bomb and react to it (rolling over, clutching stomach, etc.).
Mini Senton Bomb: When your opponent is knocked out, climb the turnbuckle and press X. He should do the Senton Bomb, but not as strong as the real finisher.
Alternate Swanton view: Select a TLC or Ladder match. At anytime during the match, get the ladder and leave the ring. Go to the left side of the ring. Set up the ladder so that the steps are facing the screen. Go to the side that is not facing the screen and climb the ladder. Have your opponent climb the ladder. Beat up your opponent until he or she is groggy on the ladder. Then, press Circle + Up. You should push your opponent off the ladder and do a Swanton. The camera angle should stretch, and you see Jeff do a Swanton off the ladder in the stretched camera angle. Note: This is difficult to do while playing against a CPU opponent. Try it when facing a friend or an idled second player.


To get moves for Rey Mysterio, unlock Moves 10 from the Rebellion PPV. This will unlock Rey Mysterio's moveset (which is Moveset 18).
CAW parts (1): Win a match at the Insurrextion Pay-Per-View and chose to unlock "Create Parts 4". This will unlock Rey's Mask and other CAW items.
CAW parts (2): After unlocking Rey Mysterio's CAW parts, go to "Face". Select "Mask" and choose "Mask144" or Rey Mysterio's mask. When you look at his eyes, you will notice that they belong to Rey Mysterio.


Ladder in any match:
Choose Rob Van Dam and go to the middle of the right side of the ring. Press R1 and a ladder will appear.
Jump over top rope with leg drop: Go outside of the ring, throw your opponent into the ring apron, and press Down + Circle outside by the apron. He should jump over the top rope doing a leg drop to his opponent.
Frog Splash standing on the ground: Choose Rob Van Dam and have a special. Use your Down + L2 taunt, which should be him jumping up. Notice that your special sign flashes up at the top. When you are in mid-air on the taunt, press L1 and he will do a Frog Splash while standing on the ground outside the ring. Note: This requires precise timing. You cannot do this while in the ring. Note: You can also do a Split Legged Moonsault (press Down + X) the same way, with the correct timing.
Vandaminator: Choose Rob Van Dam and have a special. Grab a steal chair and make your opponent groggy with it. You will see the SmackDown! icon flashing. Press L1 to do the Vandaminator (throw the chair at your opponent's head and kick the chair).
Vanterminator: When playing as Rob Van Dam, grab a chair then run and press X. He should take the chair and drop kick it to the opponent.


Easy win:
In order to make your SmackDown! meter to go up faster and easier, run and press X when you are at your opponent. The Rock will do an elbow to the face and keep going for a little bit. This should knock your opponent down and give you a few seconds to taunt. Do this by pressing Left + L2. He will do the skipping taunt, which will make more space between you and your opponent. Do this as many times as possible (usually one to four). When your opponent gets up, run and do the entire thing again. When you get your SmackDown! meter full, run and knock your opponent down again. Howeve,r instead of taunting, do the People's Elbow and pin him. The match should be over.
Ducking Rock Bottom: Use a countering special like Kurt's Ankle Lock. Counter the opponent's punch, and if done correctly you can counter directly into the Rock Bottom.


There are two Scott Hall hidden appearances in the game. The first one is near the end of the credits movie where the nWo are shown in which Hulk Hogan drives the truck. The last appearance is in the nWo Entrance Movie 1. The main clips shown in that entrance movie are about Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash, but Scott Hall can be seen in the background in a few segments. Scott Hall cannot be clearly seen in these parts but he is hidden there.


To do his flying elbow, select a Tables match and beat down your opponent so that he or she does not get up for a while. Note: Have a superstar with a Flying Senton Splash. Climb to the top of the King of the Ring and you will smash your opponent through the table.


While your opponent is groggy, press L1 + Circle + Down. Note: This requires correct timing.


Flip onto the railing:
During the match, Irish Whip your opponent to the ramp way and stand in front of the railing on the left or right beside the ramp (the rails that form a 90 degree angle with the ramp). Then, press L2 + Right to flip onto the railing.

Easy Triple Threat match win:
Work up three specials, Irish Whip your opponent to the corner, and do a Clothesline. Press the D-pad and L1 you will do a Choke Slam. Do the same thing to your other opponent and get the pinfall.
Undertaker: Easy win: Run at your opponent and hit him with the clothesline. When the opponent is on the mat, press Circle, Circle then press Down + Circle. He will do a Dragonsleeper. And after 5-20 doing the Dragonsleeper, the opponent will give up. You can also create a superstar and put the Dragonsleeper 2 in your moves list to do this.
Press Circle + Up by your opponent's legs on the mat/floor. When you lift your opponent with that move press Circle + Left, Circle + Left, Circle + Left, then press Circle + Right, Circle + Left, Circle + Right, Circle + Right. All these are attack moves.
Beatdown: Play a singles match with the Undertaker. After you win, press X or Circle to watch him beat his opponent. However, he will not use a chair or a belt like Hollywood Hulk Hogan does. He will just continuously stomp away at the opponent.
Special Leg Drop: Play against the CPU in a singles match and select The Undertaker as your character. When the match starts, throw your opponent outside the ring, then pick him/her up and Irish Whip them into the ring. When he/she is laying by the edge of the ring and you are outside, go up to them and press Up + Circle. The Undertaker will pull your opponent onto the ring apron and climb to the apron. He will then run and hit a Leg Drop. This also works with Rob Van Dam, except you must press Left + Circle in the same situation to do a special Slingshot Leg Drop.

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