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WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 4 (Japan)
Alt. Name(s): WWE Smack Down Shut Your Mouth, WWE Smackdown SYM

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Easy win:
Try to be the first one out of the cage if you are let one of your opponents get out so that your partner will be one on one. Every time your other opponent tries to climb out hit the cage, he will fall off. Repeat this until your partner gets out.
Get out of cage faster: When climbing on a cage in any type of cage match, quickly press Up + X. You will climb out of the cage much faster.
Elbow Drop: When you start climbing, press R1 to do an Elbow Drop.


Get out of cell:
Get out of the ring and go to the left side of it. Run down towards the camera. You will hit the door and it will open. Then, press R1 or Triangle and you will be out of the cell.
Winning the 6-Man match in Armageddon PPV: Sometime during December, Vince McMahon will announce that there will be three wrestlers from each brand that will compete for the Undisputed title in a 6-Man Hell In A Cell match. If you are the champion at that point (or if you have more than 90 superstar points), you will be fighting in that match. To win it easily, change your wrestler's specials to submission moves. For example, if you are playing with the Undertaker, change his "The Last Ride" finisher to "Crossface". You will win the match easier by doing that because submission moves cannot be broken up unlike pins. This gives you a better chance of winning.


Easy knockdown:
If your opponent is swinging on the belt, get directly underneath him and press Up + Circle to pull on his legs and knock him down.


Easy win:
Put the table against the turnbuckle, then Irish Whip your opponent onto the turnbuckle with the table. Then, press the Circle.


Easy win (method 1):
Enter a Tag Match in season or any other mode. Make sure your character has a non-pinning finisher and the West Coast Pop (corner grapple) as a regular move. Beat your opponent down as usual, then use your finisher. Pick your opponent up then send him or her to the top right corner of the ring. Use the West Coast Pop. The opponent's partner should walk up to the corner you were in as if you were still there, instead of breaking up the count.
Easy win (method 2): Choose Brock Lesnar and you will never have to leave the ring and tag during tag matches. To do this, knock your opponent down at the start of the match, then pick him up and press Down + Circle. Brock will do the Bearhug. When your opponent falls to the ground, pick him up and repeat this. Eventually, your opponent will give up and you will win the match without having to tag. This is much easier than tagging your CPU drone opponent and watching him get beat up by the CPU.
Easy win (method 3): In a tag match, when you are the legal man, notice that your partner gets a special very quickly. Whenever you are getting pinned for some reason when you call in your partner, he will occasionally climb the ropes and simply sit there. You are in trouble if you cannot kick out. Instead, beat down your opponent until your partner gets a special. Tag in your partner and feel free to double team until you are forced out by the ref. Then, when your partner does his special, quickly enter the ring and run over to the opponents' corner to intercept any break they may attempt. Sometimes you can catch them right at the edge of the ring and knock them out of there before they can break up the pin. If your opponent still kicks out, exit the ring and press R1 to make your opponent tag you and repeat this process.
Easy win (method 4): In a normal Tag Match (6-Man included), when you Lay The SmackDown! on the legal opponent, attack one of the illegal opponents until he or she falls down. As long as one of the illegal opponents are down, the other will not enter the ring.
Get over without losing any star points: In season mode, tag your partner in and grab a weapon. Hit the person on the other side that is not in the ring. You will lose, but nothing to be taken from you.
Faster Superstar move:
In a normal tag or six man tag, when on the turnbuckle keep pressing L2 to do a taunt. This will add to your increasing SmackDown meter to help get your Superstar move quicker.
Easy specials: Tag your opponent so that he has to win the match. Then, knock out the ref and get a weapon. Your special meter should go up quickly. Make sure the ref does not see you or he will call a DQ.


Exploding car:
In the Parking Lot area of the RAW Arena, whip your opponent into the cars four or five times. The car will explode, hurting your opponent.
Exploding cars trick: Use the following trick to blow up two cars at once. When playing in a hardcore match, go to The Parking lot. There should be an ambulance there, with a car below it. Whip your opponent into the ambulance. It should explode after three or four tries. Your opponent will go into the air, then bounce onto the car below it. Both of them will explode.

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