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WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 4 (Japan)
Alt. Name(s): WWE Smack Down Shut Your Mouth, WWE Smackdown SYM

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Foam Hands: Upon finishing certain pay-per-views you have the choice to pick "Foam Hands". The purpose of these is that when you pick them up, your wrestler will do the signature taunts of the wrestler whose Foam Hands you have. For example, if you picked up the Rock's Foam Hand you would do the People's Eyebrow and the rest of his taunts. It is rather hilarious to see someone's imitation, such as Undertaker or Big Show. In the lobby, if you pick up a Foam Hand with R1 and remain idle for about two seconds. Your wrestler will do a taunt of whichever wrestler's Foam Hand you are holding. The Hogan hand does poses. The Rock hand does the Just Bring It taunt. The WWE hand makes your character jump. In a Hard Core or Anywhere Falls match, go to the Shopzone collectible stand. Beside the stand will be a Rock "Just Bring It" foam hand. Go up to the hand and press R1 to pick it up. Then, press L2 to do a "Just Bring It" to an opponent.
Riding the Undertaker's bike: Go into a single match with The Undertaker. He will leave his motorcycle outside the ring. Approach it and press R1 to get on. Press X to go and Square to stop.
Climb onto the ring apron: Run towards the apron and press Square. You will automatically jump onto the ring's apron. You cannot move across the apron, but can do high flying moves off it. You cannot perform a high flying finishing move off the apron.
Remove turnbuckle pads: Walk over to any turnbuckle and press R1 + Toward the turnbuckle.
Get to areas faster: While in the lobby area of any arena, press Triangle to run to get to places such as the locker room, VIP room, etc. faster. Press Triangle again to stop running.
Get backstage: To get backstage, press R1 and a black screen will appear.
Climb the ladder in the boiler room: Go to the bottom of the stairs. Go to the ladder. It should be the farthest to the right. Knock your opponent out, then just run up to the ladder and to climb it.
Restraining order: Talk to Stacie Kebler (or any other female). She will ask what she can do for you. Choose "Ask to be manager ". She will answer "No". The next time, she will say that she has been thinking about you Chose "I've been thinking about you too". She will leave. The time after that, she will be your manager for a match against a random opponent. If you win the next time you talk to her, she will say something similar to "Stop looking at me", and if you come within 50 feet of her she will sue you.
Early DeGeneration X: Use the following trick to get some DeGeneration X action before unlocking anything. Go to season mode. At the menu screen, go to "Stable" to create a new team. Pick a duo. The first member will be Shawn Michaels, and the second will be Triple H. Then, pick triple H's music because it suits the duo best. Save and exit at the top. Then, try it in a tag exhibition match of any sort. The two will come out very enthused, the screen will go rapidly from Triple H's video to the two walking down the ramp (just like DX's video). Once they get into the ring, they will proceed to do the "suck it" pose with the pyro X's in the background.
Change random wrestler: If you are not satisfied with the wrestler randomly selected to speak with you while walking backstage, walk into the VIP Room. By the time you come out again, the wrestler will change.
Set person onto table: When you have a table, get close to your opponent and press Circle. This will set them on the table, letting you jump on them to break the table; or grab them and break the table.
Break table without DQ: Set up a table in a corner in the ring and set your opponent on it. Kick or punch your opponent so that they break through. The referee will not count it as a DQ.
Put opponent through a table with aerial move: Grab the table, go up to your opponent, then press Circle to climb onto an elevated platform and do an aerial down move.
Double tables: In a TLC or any match with a table, place one table in the ring (center recommended). Then, grab another table and run upon the first table. Press R1 to set the table on the other. This does not always work when working with an enemy.
Opponent goes through two tables at once: This trick works with any wrestler, in any match. Get the table, which is located under the mat at the upper center. Throw it on top of the announcer table. Then, climb on top of the announcer table and pick the table up. Wait for your opponent to climb on top of the announcer table. When this happens, press Circle. Your opponent should now be on top of the table. Then, press Circle again with the D-pad. Your opponent should be able to go through both tables at the same time. This can also work with some specials (for example, Stone Cold Stunner, Jeff Twist of Fate).
3-D through two tables in the middle of the ring: Fight in a TLC Tornado Tag Match (two player recommended). Place two tables (one in front of the other) in the middle of the ring in the middle, but touching the rope at the top of the screen. You will need to do a move that will keep them knocked out for a good while (Last Ride, Reverse Death Valley Driver, The People's Elbow, etc.). Set up the two tables, then have you or your partner grapple the opponent. Then, throw him onto the two tables. Then, have your partner get onto the table and grapple him, but not slam him through either table. Next, get onto the table and press your Standing Tag Team Move that is the 3-D. If done correctly, you will perform the 3-D and break them through the table(s).
Powerbomb through table from the inside the ring: Note: You must have the Super Powerbomb 2 in order to perform this trick. First, set up a table as close as you can to the side of the ring. Your opponent must be close to the ropes where you put your table. Kick your opponent so he/she is groggy, then use your Super Powerbomb 2. Your opponent should fly over the ropes and through the table. This works well in the Royal Rumble Tournaments.
Opponent goes through three tables at once (1):  Go to a TLC match. Get a table and put it on the announcers table. Get another table and put it besides the other table. Get on top and wait for your opponent to get on top with you. Toe kick him/her and do a move.
Opponent goes through three tables at once (2): Go to a TLC match and get two tables out. Take one and throw it on the announcer's table, and then take another table and do the same thing. Irish whip an opponent onto the announcer's table and get up there with him. When he gets back up and is facing you, pick up a table and press Circle. This will make your opponent lay on the table that you had. After putting your opponent on the table, take the other table and align it with the table that your opponent is on. Then, get on the two tables and do a Circle combination move to put him through all three tables.
Set person onto ladder: When you have a ladder, get close to your opponent and press Circle. This will toss them on the ladder and let you slam them; or jump on them while they are on the ladder.
Brutal fall: To perform this trick, you must participate in a match where you can obtain a ladder (Ladder, TLC, single, etc.)/ Position the ladder in any corner of the ring. Next, knock out your opponent outside of the ring where it is close to the ladder that you positioned. Go inside the ring and climb the ladder. Perform a high flying move from the top of the ladder. If your opponent outside the ring moves out of the way immediately after you jump, you will fall to the floor. You will hit ground with impact, making your wrestler do strange movements after hitting the floor. This also works when you jump from the SmackDown! fist in the SmackDown! Arena or a Titantron that can be climbed in another arena.
Sneak attack: During any match (tag teams and singles, but no DQ matches), knock the referee out from behind and grab a chair. Note: It works best when you grab a chair, then knock out the referee. While the referee is down, crack your enemy in the head with the chair.
High flying move on ground: If you give someone Rob Van Dam's taunt where he jumps and chops between his legs, you can do a special high flying move whenever it appears below your name; or do a high flying move you already know, such as Down + X; Up + X; or X. Note: Your opponent has to be on the ground outside and you must be near his head or chest.
Flying opponent: Go to a Hardcore match and lead your opponent to the Boiler Room. Throw your opponent in to a boiler. The boiler should bust open and cause your opponent to take flight. This can also be done in the Parking Lot with certain cars. You should be able to find them.
Tag team break up: If you enter season mode with a Superstar who is in a stable, choose to go for the tag titles. You will have tag team matches only for that month. Then sometime, your partner approaches you after the match and says," Hey, I had to handle all the heat out there!". If you choose either of the two choices, your partner will still hit you over the head with a chair at one point in time in your show, Raw or Smackdown!, thus breaking you up. However, the stable still remains.
Wake up referee: If you need to wake up an referee that has been knocked out, try pinning him. He will get back up immediately.
True friend: If a wrestler enters the locker room and asks you a question, you are given the option of telling the truth or lying. Choose to tell the truth if you want that wrestler to stick by your side. If you decide to switch shows, he will follow you to that show.
Jealousy angle: Pair a female superstar (for example, Torrie Wilson) with a male superstar (for example, Billy Gunn). Before competing in a match, if Torrie Wilson is around, approach her and ask how she is doing. She will then ask if you would like her to be your manager. Accept and Billy Gunn will appear, tell you to leave her alone, then attack you.
Undertaker drag scene: Try not to receive the Undisputed Title or attempt to receive the title until after Vengeance. Decline your Boss' offer of receiving a title shot in the Hell In A Cell Match. Do not get involved in any storyline. On December 5th, you will have an unscheduled match against the Undertaker beginning in the lot. Win or lose, the Undertaker will tie you to his motorcycle and drag you across the concrete.
nWo attack scene: Somewhere around the No Way Out PPV, Vince McMahon will bring back the nWo. After a week you will face either Kevin Nash or X-Pac. When the match is over ( win or lose), Hulk Hogan will hit you with a hammer and spray "nWo" on your back.
DX entrance without unlocking anything: Go to season mode and select "Stable". Choose an empty slot and select "Tag". For members, select Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Put Shawn Michaels first. For their music, select Triple H. For their movie, select Triple H. For their moves, select Original 6. You can name them as desired. After doing this, try them in a tag team match and they should be DX.
WWE Grand Slam Champion: Start with someone with a high number of superstar points (the points that appear in the roster under season mode). Ask Flair or Vince for a title shot. Go for the Intercontinental Title. When J.R. asks you to go to England, accept the offer. Win the European Title shot that you get. Win the King Of The Ring or Royal Rumble and get the Undisputed Title. Then, when Vince and Flair team up, win the tournament for the tag titles that they issue. Whenever you appear in a non-title match, you will have the Undisputed belt, but it will read "WWE Grand Slam Champion".
Created wrestlers during season mode: When you first start with a created wrestler, you will be placed on WWE Raw due to the fact you do not have enough superstar points. Eventually Maven will approach you. Both of you are friends. When you are challenged to a match by whomever, accept it. Otherwise, you will be wasting an to unlock something at the PPV.
Female character in season mode: If you make a female character, you can play as her in season mode if you enter "Other" instead of "Woman" in the biography.
Season restart: After you finish two years, your entire season will start over with the draft. However, your superstar points will be saved.

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