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WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 4 (Japan)
Alt. Name(s): WWE Smack Down Shut Your Mouth, WWE Smackdown SYM

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Divas FMV sequence: Get 100 Knockouts in the Slobber Knocker match in exhibition mode.
Play as Jeepers Creepers: Go into create mode. Go in "Appearance" and select "Sample Model". Highlight number 12. Sample Model 12 Is Jeepers Creepers.
WWE European Championship: In the first week of May, J.R. approaches you and asks if you can make it to Insurrection. Reply that you can make it. When you start the PPV, Regal will appear and either say "I will accept your challenge" or " I have a tag partner tonight". You will either have a title match against Regal or you will be his tag team partner.
WWE Undisputed Championship in story mode: When you start story mode, the draft will being and you can pick your show. If you choose SmackDown, Vince McMahon will approach you and say that he can make you the next Undisputed Champ as long as you win your first match for him. Answer "That sounds pretty good" then win all your matches in April. You will take on the current champ the Undertaker at Backlash.
Evolution Trio: To get Evolution (Triple H, Randy Orton, Ric Flair), go into season mode. Go into "Stable" and select a blank stable. Pick the members: Triple H, Randy Orton, and Ric Flair. For "Movie", use "Opening". For "Moves", use "Superstars". For "Music", use "Triple H 1" or "Triple H 2". Go to a six man tag match and choose those members in that order. They will appear together as Evolution.
Higher move damage: Doing the combination moves (pressing X three times in a row) will do more damage than those moves done alone. This will help charge your SmackDown! meter quicker. However, be careful as the CPU can easily block an X move.
Post-match beatdown: After the final bell rings, press X to do a beatdown after the match.
Post-match taunts: After your match (when the third bell rings), press L2. Your wrestler will do his or her taunt. For example, Stone Cold will drink beer; HHH will do his taunt on the turnbuckle.
Inflict more pain: When pinning an opponent, you can break up the count to inflict more pain by pressing R1 during your pin.
Illegal pin: Press Down + Circle when your opponent is facing the turnbuckle when playing as one of the following: Al Snow, Big Valboski, Billy, Chris Jericho, Christian, Chuck, D-Von, Eddie Guerrero, Goldust, Ivory, Jazz, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle, Lance Storm, Molly Holly, Randy Orton, Raven, Ric Flair, Rico, Scotty 2 Hotty, Shawn Michaels, Shawn Stasiak, Spike Dudley, Test, Torrie Wilson, Vince McMahon, William Regal, or X-Pac.
Block: In order to block punches, press Square. However, to block moves you must press Square + D-pad.
Standing Ankle Lock Submission: Use a WWE character with the Kurt Angle type ankle lock SmackDown! special. When anyone tries to kick you in the stomach, counter it. As soon as you catch his foot, press L1 and you will do the ankle lock on his right leg.
DDT onto a chair: When you have a chair, get close to your opponent and press Circle. You will do a DDT onto the chair.
Ultimate chair finishers: If you have a special, grab a chair or get one from under the ring. Press Right + X to shove the chair into your opponent then press L1 to do the Ultimate Finisher (DDT to chair, or if playing as Rob Van Dam you will throw the chair into his hands then dropkick it into your opponent's face.
Second chair move: Other than special moves with chairs, there are regular chair moves. Hold a chair, walk over to your opponent, and press Circle. You should perform a chair move such as a DDT onto a chair, hit opponent in the stomach then over the head, etc.
Throw opponent over boiler room rail: Whip your opponent into the orange rail on either side of the boiler room. Your opponent should flip over the rail and take a brutal fall onto the ground.
Knock opponent over boiler room rail with a chair: Get your opponent to stand in front of the orange rail in the boiler room. Grab a chair, run at your opponent with it, and swing it at him or her and they will fly over the big orange rail . Note: This works best with two players.
The Con-Chair-To: Start a no DQ single match with 1 player vs. 2 player. Have them both get a chair. Have both players focus on the referee (until you are experienced at doing this) then hold Left or Right and press X. You will perform the Con-Chair-To, the famous move that Edge and Christian do. Note: Each person has to be on either side of the ref.
Real 619 without the West Coast Pop: Give your wrestler "The 619" as his or her "Jump Down Over" move. When your opponent is next to the ropes to your left, run towards the ropes and press Square + X. You should do the move and hit them in the stomach or back.
Dudley Death Drop(3D) through a table: First, start a TLC Tag Team Match (Tornado style) and pick the Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) or anyone who can do the 3D using double team (both grappling the opponent). When the match starts, take two tables and stack one directly in front of the announcer's table and the other directly in front of the first. You can also stand one in front of the announcer's table and the other on the left or right side. Then, have you or your partner throw your opponent on one of the tables. Next, have you and your partner get on top of the tables. Have you or your partner pick the opponent up into a grapple (press Circle while the opponent is laying on the table). Once you or your teammate is holding your opponent in a grapple, have the other wrestler press Circle button and Up, Down, Left, or Right (depending on the combination for the move) to grapple the opponent that the other teammate is grappling. If done correctly, you and your teammate should perform the 3D on your opponent and one, two, or all three of the tables should break.
Fighting stance: When playing as Rob Van Dam, The Undertaker, or someone else with their own stance, you have moves allowed only for that stance. For example, with Rob Van Dam if you have a steel chair in your hand, run towards your opponent and press X for a Dropkick into the steel chair. It will hit your opponent in the face. The Undertaker's special move is his reversal of a double team move. Usually you do a Clothesline, but with him he does a Double Choke Slam.
German Suplex through a table: Set up a table near the ropes on either the left or right side of the ring. Make sure your character is Chris Benoit or anyone who can perform a German Suplex while running to your opponent's back. Kick your opponent, then turn them around so that you are facing his or her back. Walk towards the table, then run from the table to your opponent and press Down + Circle. You will release a German Suplex onto your opponent that makes them fly through the table.
Chokeslam from the Hell in a Cell: Choose Undertaker and put him in a one-on-one with any opponent. During the match, break out of the cell (press Circle at the cell door). Climb your way to the top of the cell (press Triangle when close to the cell). If you are fighting the CPU, they will follow you to the top. When your opponent's back is towards the edge of the Hell in a Cell, press Circle and Undertaker will perform a Chokeslam that will send your opponent from the Hell In A Cell straight down to the floor. Also, if you pick a wrestler with the Running Powerbomb (Super Powerbomb), you can use this move to send your opponent falling from the Hell in a Cell to the floor. Press Circle and the button needed to perform this move when your opponent is at least one foot away from the edge. This also works for moves such as the Catapult, DDT (will send you also falling), Rod Van Dam's move where he flips with the opponent and his hands and rams into his stomach, plus numerous other grapple moves. Specials will also work.
Weapon locations: Note: Ladders can be pulled from under the mat only if the chosen wrestler has an aerial maneuver as one of his/her finishers:Chair: Located under the mat to the left. Ladder: Located under the mat to the right. Table: Located under the mat at the upper center. Sledge Hammer: Located under the mat at the bottom center.
Weapon moves: When you pick up weapons, you can do certain moves with them. Press Circle when you have a weapon in your hand to do the weapon;s special attack. The following is a list of all the weapons and their special attacks.
Ladder: Snapmare your opponent onto the ladder. After hitting the Snapmare onto the ladder, you can do a high flying move onto your opponent or press Circle again to body slam them onto the ladder.
Steel Chair: Hit your opponent with a chair to the stomach and then to the head. Press Down + Circle to kick your opponent, then DDT them onto the chair.
Ring Steps: Hit them in the stomach then give them a shot to the head.
Table: Push the table into your opponent. This move slides your opponent onto the table. Press Circle to grapple with your opponent on the table. Press Down + Circle to Piledrive them through the table. Press Up + Circle to Powerbomb them through the table. Press Left or Right + Circle to DDT them through the table.
Trash Can Lid: Same moves as a steel chair.
Trash Can: Put the trash can over your opponent's head then push them backwards.
Fire Extinguisher: Spray the water or foam into their eyes.
Shopping Cart: Put your opponent in the cart and push it. Tthe opponent falls out.
Sledgehammer: Choke out your opponent.
Microphone: Rake your opponent's eyes out.
Snowball: Same as the Microphone.
Foam Hands: Same as the Microphone and Snowball.
Steel Cane: Same as the Slegehammer.
Choose weapon attack: Whenever you are editing someone's moves, go down to "Special" and choose "Special Weapon". Once there, select your special weapon move. You can choose from Rob Van Dam's Vandaminator, Undertaker's Guillotine, and a regular DDT on the chair. Also, press Down + X to stab your opponent with the chair while you have it in your hands. Then, press Special to do your special weapon move, or press Over + Special to do your other special weapon move.
Illegal weapon use: If you want to use a weapon during a match in season mode or any kind of DQ match, take out the referee then run and grab any weapon of your choice (chair recommended). You only have a few seconds before the referee recovers from knockout. Hit your opponent in the mid-section and press L1 to do you chair special while the referee is down. This gives you a good amount of SmackDown meter fill up.
Fire extinguisher: Pick up the fire extinguisher, have an opponent approach you and press Circle. Doing this will expel the contents from the fire extinguisher. It does not do a lot of damage, but is funny to watch.
Sledgehammer: Get the sledgehammer and get close to your opponent. Press Circle to hit him with the sledgehammer then choke him out with it.
Trash Can (1): To slam a trash can over your opponent, pick it up, go near your opponent, then press Circle.
Trash Can (2): When you have a garbage can (not a lid , just a can) press Circle. You will put it on your opponent's head and throw him down.

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