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WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 4 (Japan)
Alt. Name(s): WWE Smack Down Shut Your Mouth, WWE Smackdown SYM

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Floating referee:
Go outside the ring. Go towards the ramp. Look under the canopy which is close to the ramp way. You will find a table. Prop it up near the ref. Perform the finishing move (if needed) to pin the person. If done correctly, Earl Hebner will do the three count. Note: This requires practice.
Two referees: When in a Three Stages Of Hell match, have the first match as a singles match. Either have the match against or use someone in a tag-team (Jeff/ Matt Hardy, Maven, Al Snow, etc.). Play through the match until someone interferes. Let the time run out. This will cause the match to end in a draw. In the next match, there should be two referees. Note: As a result you cannot win by pinfall. If you attempt to pin your opponent, one of the refs will call the pin, but only reach one before holding his position.
Black and white graphics: Create a stable with two people (for example, Hurri-Kane) and pick the Kevin Nash and Xpac entrance. Do not select nWo music or video -- choose any other video. Then, do a tag team match. The video is in color, and the first person of the stable is in color. However, everything else, including your partner, is in black and white. Note: If the created wrestler is holding a belt, it will be in black and white, while the wrestler remains in color.
nWo entrance: If you edit any existing WWE superstars entrance move and change it to nWo, the entire entrance will appear in black and white, as it should. However, giving any of the nWo entrances (X Pac, Nash, Big Show2) to a created superstar will cause the background to be in black and white, but the created superstar will be in color.
Manager's entrance: Select a match that allows you to have a manager. Notice that during a superstar's entrance (for example, Kevin Nash with Shawn Michaels). When Kevin Nash comes out the little name plate would say Kevin Nash w/Shawn Michaels, but if you look anywhere around the Titantron ramp, HBK is nowhere to be found. As the match starts, he will just be at ring side. This works for all managed superstars.
Announcement mistake (1): Select a 4-, 5-, or 6-man Battle Royal. You can do this by going to survival mode under exibition. Once you have selected the contenders, start the match. When you are first entering (as player one), you will hear Howard Finkel (the ring announcer) say that the match is scheduled for only one fall, when in fact to win the match you will have to pin everyone else.
Announcement mistake (2): When playing a Triple Threat Tornado Ladder Match, listen to the announcements carefully. The last announcement will seem like it is a One-Fall Tag Team Match, and states "The following Tag Team contest is scheduled for one fall. On the way to the ring..."
Superstar's entrance: For many superstars, during their entrance, a lot of it will skip. One moment they are by the ramp entrance, and the next they are in the ring. They will not have a full entrance.
Undertaker's entrance: For some arena sets (Vengeance B, Summerslam, etc.), when the ramp entrance is on the left side, The Undertaker always comes out the right side.
Diving Hurricanrana Off Top Rope: This move does not add to your SmackDown meter as it is supposed to.
Standing Hurricanrana: This move does not add to your SmackDown meter as it is supposed to.
Top rope move from ground: Use someone that has a flying move that they jump facing towards the front. Change one of their taunts to Rob Van Dam 4 and choose a match where there is no countout. Get a special, and get you and your opponent outside of the ring. Knock them down and do the taunt. When you are in mid air, your SmackDown meter should be lit. When your in midair, press L1 to do your special. This may require some practice. Note: Flying moves such as the Moonsault and Whisper In the Wind (where you have to start with your back facing the opponent) will not work.
High falls: Whenever a superstar falls off a high place (Hell In A Cell, Ladder, Titantron Set, ect.), they do not just fall and get knocked out. They will fall and bounce around.
Hell In A Cell Cokeslam at the end of the cage: Note: You can use a created player or any player that has the Undertaker Cokeslam, when you are on the top of the cell and near the edge when you press Circle + Down or Circle + Over. Three or more players are required for this trick. First, chose a Hell In A Cell. All three players have to go on the top of the cell. Then, go to the edge and someone has to do the Undertaker Cokeslam. As soon as it starts, have the third player has push them both off. It will still do it, but when done the first and second players will fall.
Two Undisputed Titles: Become Tag Team champions. Note: This Cannot be with the Undisputed Champion. Create a tag stable with the Undisputed Champion. If you followed the steps correctly, when you and the Undisputed Champion appear, both of you will have the Undisputed Champion belt.
Undisputed Title shot: After winning the last Royal Rumble, a wrestler will choose a representative which will determine the next challenger for the Undisputed Championship. Whether your wrestler wins or loses, you will still have a title shot at Wrestlemania.
Triple H dialogue: Approach Triple H backstage and challenge him to a match. Win or lose, the next time you come in contact with him, the conversation that you will have is about him defeating you, even if you were victorious.
Undertaker Chokeslam: As the Undertaker, play a Hell In A Cell match against anyone. When you have one SmackDown! icon, go to the top of the cell with the Undertaker on the left side of the screen and the opponent at the middle cell that breaks behind him. Do the special Chokeslam and break the cell. When your opponent falls down, you will see the Undertaker hanging on the cell that is facing the entryway instead of hanging on the one directly in front of him.
Undertaker unfair advantage: When facing the Undertaker, it is imperative that you do not let him get the upper hand on you. If you do, when he knocks you down he will begin a series of unblockable, irreversible moves, that involve slowly pulling you up from the ground. Since these moves cannot be countered, you will effectively lose the match. He will continuously do this until he has his special meter up, at which point he will do his finishing move and it will be over. This is especially dangerous in Hardcore matches, where you can be pinned anywhere. The only way to counter this is to have a Special ready. When he does the finishing move after his endless combo string, counter his finisher. Furthermore, this is not an actual move, this is a glitch. When the Undertaker does this, both you and the Undertaker may begin to "slide", where both characters will just start moving along. If this is done in the ring, you may get stuck on one of the corners, or you may move through the ropes completely and into the crowd. If you move into the crowd, you will not stop moving. You will leave the arena and go into blackness. This happens in all areas, backstage or otherwise. If you move out of the clipping plane of the area you are in, you will not be able to get back.
Break table without being on it: Chose any match that has tables (TLC or Table match). Note: You need to have the SmackDown Fist. Get a table and place it underneath the SmackDown fist, but not all the way. Climb the SmackDown fist. Then, lure your opponent to the fist so that he can climb it. Once he or she is up there, knock them down without knocking him or her off. Then, pick him or her up, then do a grapple move in the center of the fist. When you do this, you should see the table break without having someone being on it.
Go through announcer's table unlimited times: Go to the announcer's table and get on top of it. Wait for your opponent to get up there with you. Do a slam move (such as a Scoop Slam or Suplex) and the table should break. Then, go to the top ring apron and get a table out. Go back to the broken announcer's table and put your opponent on the table in your hands. You should be on top of the broken announcer table. Do a move to your opponent on the table, and the announcer table should break again.
Put opponent through center of the ring: Start a TLC Title Tornado Tag Match with The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff) and any two other wrestlers. Stack both tables on top of each other near the center of the mat. Put the ladder on top of the tables. Have Jeff climb the ladder and jump for the belt (press Circle). One of your opponents should climb the ladder. When he or she does that, Matt should beat the other opponent out of the ring. Have the player controlling Jeff press Right(2), Circle + X to do a DDT through both tables and through the center of the ring. Then the only way to get out is to do a Toe Kick and the Twist Of Fate to pin the opponent in the hole. If Matt or the other opponent gets near the hole, they will also fall in.
Give opponent a move at a distance: Start a Hell In A Cell as Kevin Nash against any desired opponent. Go on top of the cell and break the top open. Put your opponent at the hole of the cage. Use a Jack Knife and he will fall to the ring. Kevin Nash will still be at the top, and your opponent will still be getting a Jack Knife.
Frog Splash in wrong position: Choose a wrestler with the Frog Splash and the Diving Spear as a single move. Give the opponent the Diving Spear. When you do this, they will be in the wrong position for the Frog Splash. Quickly get back on the turnbuckle and do the Frog Splash. When you jump out before you hit the ground, you will shift your body and land on the opponent. Note: This may require more then one attempt. Also, this will not work with the Five Star Frog Splash.
Super Star Press Pin: Make ropes bounce anywhere: Start off a table or TLC match with someone who has the Super Star Press Pin move off the turnbuckle (Rob Van Dam). Go outside and prop a table anywhere (the announcer table recommended). After doing this, knock your opponent on the ground. Do the Super Star Press Pin to your opponent and watch the ropes in the ring closely. They will bounce, acting as if your doing it off the ropes themselves.
Tag team opponents fight each other: Play a Cage Tornado Tag match. Have your teammate go out of the cage. Suddenly, your opponents will start fighting each other.
Floating wrestler: Play a Hardcore match or any other match type that has weapons. Bring all of the weapons into the ring and drop them onto the mat. Then, do any grapple move to your opponent, Your opponent or your own wrestler will float just off the mat. You will return to normal afterwards. If you do another move, you will float again.
Get in the crowd (method one): Play as Rob Van Dam or anyone else that can do the Vandaminator for the Chair Shot special (doing a special with the chair). Start a hardcore match, or any other match that lets you use weapons. Get a special, then grab a chair. Have your opponent go outside of the ring, and make sure you are near the barricade outside the ring on the left or right side. The barricade is the black object that separates the crowd from getting in. Once you are near the barricade, make your opponent groggy, then do a Vandaminator. The impact from when you kicked the chair will send you into the crowd. Once in the crowd, you can move anywhere except outside. Note: Sometimes when you move deep into the crowd, it will be difficult to find your way. When you return to the ring, you cannot go back into the crowd unless you do the Vandaminator again.
Get in the crowd (method two): Have someone with the Test Neckbreaker at the RAW arena. Once the match starts, go up the ramp and off the stage on the left. Next, get very close to the steel fence and allow your opponent be closer to the people. Grab him, do the Test Neckbreaker, and because of its impact, it will send you past the invisible wall. You can walk through anything that is not where you are supposed to be in. Note: When you get out by walking through the barricade, you need to do it the same way if you want to get back in the crowd.
Get in the crowd (method three): Choose a Hell In A Cell match and someone that uses the Test Neckbreaker (Ivory). Go to the side of the ring and position your opponent so that he is facing either up or down. Hit the Test Neckbreaker and one of you will get in the crowd Note: This may require a few attempts.
Get in the crowd (method four): When in any match at any arena, get a table from the ring or under the ring apron and throw it on the announcer table. Pick it up, then press X (to hit) and Down. When this is done, you will fall through the announcer table, with the brown table still in your hands. Press the D-pad towards the audience and the force will push you into the crowd. This can be used to hide the table. Note: This works best when your view is towards the opposite announcer table; meaning that it is best when your opponent is between the two announcer tables. Also for some reason, the right announcer table works better.
Flying people: Select any kind of a Hardcore match. Choose RVD and the Boiler Room. Throw your opponent over the guardrail in the area with the ladder and the two boilers. Grab a chair and wait until they climb up the ladder. Once they get to the end of the yellow box, do the Vandaminator. They should walk off, even though there is no floor. Note: This may require a few attempts.
Locked out of cell: Choose a Hell In A Cell match with at least three players. Go outside the ring, but still in the cell. Keep doing the Down + Circle move (ram head into cell) with two of the players. While doing this, keep having the other player walk in between them. Eventually the player that was hit will go under the ring. Keep trying to grab him, and you will do a regular move and will get locked out of the cell. Depending on who you are determines what the glitch does. You will either get in the crowd, go in the ring, or most likely get locked out of the cell
Escape cage without winning: When in an cage match, play as Eddie Gureero. Knock down your opponent and do a Hilo (Triangle, Square, X against the ropes). When you are in the middle of it, your opponent may hit you. You will fall out of the ring without winning the match. To get back in, simply act as if the cage was not there and you were just getting into the ring.
Created Superstar's mouth: The existing WWE wrestlers when doing talking expressions always show realistic mouths complete with teeth. However, if a created Superstar does mouth motions, they often look abnormal as they have no teeth. When they shout, their mouth appears to be completely pink.
Stuck in a parking lot: Select a two player Hardcore match with only you and another wrestler. Then, choose "Venue" at the match start screen. Choose "Plaza B". When the match starts, you should be in the middle of the street with a motorcycle, a car, and a few other weapons. No matter where you go, you cannot leave the parking lot. The only way to exit is to either KO, pin, or submit your opponent.
San Diego snow: In season mode at the first Armageddon, during the introduction by JR, he says that it is at San Diego California. However, if you go out in Plaza, or somewhere else where you are outside, it is snowing.
Quick car fix: Participate in a hardcore or any other match where you can go backstage. Go into the parking garage and blow up pr smash all of the cars inside. Leave the garage. Immediately return to the garage and all of the cars will instantly be back to normal.
Royal Rumble: When you unlock everything except the WWE Superstars FMV sequence and win a match at the Royal Rumble, you will get to choose what to unlock. However, you cannot select anything because you have to win the Royal Rumble match to unlock the sequence. You have to reset the PlayStation2 and have to lose the match or else you cannot exit the unlock selection screen or save the game.
Get out of ring and bring weapons into survival matches:
In every man/woman for themselves type matches (A vs. B vs. C), you normally cannot get out of the ring. To do this, in any survival type match (except Slobber Knocker, YET, or Royal Rumble, because you will get eliminated), use a player who has the Slingshot Bodysplash. his move found in "Rope Opponent/Rebound Attack/(Down)/Slingshot Bodysplash 2". When in the correct match type, put one opponent down. Wait until one other person comes to hit you. Note: It helps to hit them first to provoke them. Make sure you are looking at one downed opponent. As the standing opponent gets near, press the D-pad towards the nearest rope until you go no further, then press Triangle, wait a moment, then press X. If done correctly, you will climb over the ropes, stand on the ring apron, and as you are about to swing back into the ring getting ready to splash (front somersault), the opponent will usually hit you, causing you to fall off the ring apron and land on the floor, ringside. Get all of the weapons at ringside and throw them all into the ring. When done, run towards the ring to get back in. Note that you cannot get out again by pressing R1. Pick up one of your weapons that you threw in the ring. You can now go outside the ring as many times as desired. When the opponent(s) (CPU or a teammate) pick up a weapon, they will usually run towards you when you are outside, causing them to get outside as well. This is a good way to taunt and build up points, but do this before throwing weapons to the ring.
Teleporting opponent in Smackdown! Fist arena: Choose a wrestler with the high flying move Super Star Press Pin (Rob Van Dam) then select the Smackdown! Fist arena. Go on top of the fist and wait for your opponent to climb the broken glass on the side to get up there with you. When he is climbing up, press Left + X, Right + X, Up + X, or Down + X to do the move. Notice that when he is climbing up right and about to get there, you will kick him and he will teleport down to the bottom, safe and untouched.
Float above the Titantron in Rebellion arena: Start either a table match or a TLC match with an opponent. Choose the venue to be the Rebellion arena. Make your opponent follow you to the Titantron. Prop up the table in front of one of the steel fixtures that you can climb to get to the top. Climb upon the table. From there, climb up the fixture. Notice that once you get up there, you will be floating above the Titantron itself. This only works for a few seconds. Also, this glitch is useful for doing a high flying move when your opponent is down.
Titantron order: When Playing as Shawn Michaels, note that his Titantron is in a different order. Note: only the part were the singers say HBK is correct.
Titantron moves: With some superstars come out to the ring, their Titantron sequence does not fit on it. For example, Triple H, Mark Henry, A-Train (goes by Albert in the game), and the Big Show.
Wrong entrance themes: The Hardy Boyz, Tajiri, and Randy Orton's entrance themes are not their actual ones. Also Chris Jericho's, music is not his current entrance theme; it is his 2000 theme.

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