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WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 4 (Japan)
Alt. Name(s): WWE Smack Down Shut Your Mouth, WWE Smackdown SYM

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Easy Hardcore Time Limit title:
Choose someone (Rhyno recommended) with a running special (The Gore, The Big Boot, etc.). When the match starts, if you are the champion stay away from everybody. When somebody comes after you, do your special to them, then run away again. If you are not the champion, run after the champion and keep doing your special to them until they are KO'd, then use the champion strategy.
Easy Royal Rumble win: To easily eliminate other entrants in the Royal Rumble, stand as close to the ropes as possible and Irish Whip your opponent into the ropes directly across from you. When he or she comes back, press D-pad + Circle. Instead of doing an Irish Whip counter (like a Backdrop), you will flip your opponent over the top rope to the floor, thus eliminating them.
Easy Triple Threat match:
The best way to win a Triple Threat, Handicap, etc. match is to keep doing submissions to one of your opponents until they are limping. Get them down after the limping, then do an aerial move such as the Frogsplash (because they give a lot of special). When you get a special, do a submission special such as The Walls Of Jericho 2. That opponent should now give up. However, in some cases it does not work; after doing the special, do more submissions to the leg. They should now give up.
Easy Triple Threat match (2): In season mode when you get to a Triple Threat match, use this method to win. When the match starts, go to the corner that the other two wrestlers are not fighting at and show off. Wait until you have one finisher and when one of the wrestlers is on the floor, toe kick (X + D-pad) and do your SmackDown! Pin him and you will win the PPV.
Easy Undisputed Championship win:
Continue your career until you get to Royal Rumble 2003. Save the game. Then, fight your opponent. If he or she defeats you, reset the game and go to "Create". A menu with "Appearance" or "Moves" options will appear. Choose "Moves". Once there, a menu with "Superstar", "Created Superstar", and "Save/Exit" will appear. Choose "Superstar". Go to edit on whomever you are facing and change his moves to Albert's. Change their special and give them the "Big Punch". This should increase the chance for you to win and soften the blows you take. You may possibly become WWE Undisputed Champion.
Win The Intercontinental or Tag Team Titles: If Ric Flair or Vince McMahon asks you to fight for the Undisputed Championship, reject them. Then, go to the VIP room and ask one of the owners for a title match. You can choose between the Intercontinental belt or the Tag Team belts.


Method 1:
The easiest way to get 100 victories in Slobber Knocker mode is to create a wrestler. Give him good defensive stats (for example, POW: 3, SPE: 4, TEC: 4, ROU: 3) and moderate offensive stats (for example, POW: 3, SPE: 4, TEC: 4, ROU: 0; roughneck moves are basically useless). Give him/her a running attack that almost always knocks an opponent down on their face (for example, Karate Kick 1). Then give him/her the Atomic Leg Drop 2 (or 1 depending on how much time you want to spend). Give the match no time limit and get to the top side of the ring (furthest from the camera). Run at the opponents when they enter and use the Karate Kick 1. Use the Atomic Leg Drop 2 and pin/KO them.To keep your specials up you must pose at least four times after an opponent is defeated.
Method 2: Enter the options and set your SmackDown meter to the fastest setting. Then, select Slobber Knocker and set it to no time limit. Choose Stone Cold. Do the Mini Stunner when your opponent is groggy (Down + Circle), then the special. You should never lose your special by doing this. Repeat it until you get 100 wins.
Method 3: Get a wrestler that has the Earthquake special. Just when your opponent enters the ring, knock him down and do the Earthquake special. KO or pin him.
Method 4: Choose "Exhibition", then "Special", "Slobber Knocker", and no time limit. Chose Brock Lesnar and when you start, the person who is closest to the ramp (behind you) will enter first. Wrestle and defeat them. Do not worry about posing after you defeat them. Go to the upper right corner of the ring and take off the turnbuckle cover. From now on, all you need to do is charge at your opponent and press X without any directions. Sling them towards the uncovered turnbuckle, then use the F-5 or Double Powerbomb since the rope break is turned off.
Method 5: Use the Undertaker and keep using the Tombstone Piledriver to knock opponents out. When you get more specials, use the Last Ride or Chokeslam.
Method 6: Choose a Superstar with a Running SmackDown (for example, Rhyno). As your opponent runs at you, run at him at the same time and use your SmackDown.
Method 7: Choose Slobber Knocker mode and choose Stone Cold. You will automatically get five specials. When you start, do the Stone Cold taunt move where he gives them the middle finger. The opponent should be distracted. You will see the SmackDown! symbol appear to show that you can do your special. Do it, and they should be knocked out. If not, just pin them.
Method 8: Create a character and use The Undertaker's moves, or to just edit The Undertaker's moves. Edit the moves under the special catagery from his Chokeslam special move to The People's Elbow. Begin the Slobber Knocker. You will automatically start out with five special moves. To begin, go into the upper left turnbuckle. When the first person comes in, run at them and press X. You should do a normal No Diving Clothesline that will automatically take that opponent down. Then, do your special, The People's Elbow. If it does not knock them out, just pin them. They will be in and out before their entrance music finishes. Then, run at the upper left turnbuckle. Press R1 in mid-run to do a flip and face the opposite corner. Then, press L2 until the next person comes in to get your fifth special back. Then, repeat the process.


Method 1:
Knock down your opponent with a quick running attack or any other desired move, then slide out to the top part of the ring. Pull out a table and throw it into the ring. If you slide in it, the referee will take it and throw it out. Knock down the referee (and probably the opponent again), then set up the table in a corner. Wait for the referee to get up, then continually run into the corner. Your opponent will slingshot you through the table, giving you the DQ win. This works particularly well in tag team matches. It does not work in title matches, matches with no DQ, and when you cannot get out of the ring (for example, in Triple Threat).
Method 2: On most of the matches where you can get disqualified for using a weapon, get your opponent to break a table on you, therefore getting them disqualified. At the start of the match, go to the north part of the outside ring and get a table. Put the table in one of the turnbuckles. This must be done quickly or the referee will take it away from you. After the table is set, stand close to it. Your opponent should beat you up towards it and eventually break the table on you.
Method 3: Use Edge or a CAW that has the Edge Spear and Toe Kick. When the match starts, Toe Kick the opponent(Down/Left + X), then run (Triangle) and grapple (Circle) toward your opponent. You will Spear him. Then, pick him up (Circle) and repeat four more times. Then, at the last Spear, press Down + Circle to pin the opponent. If it is a Cruiserweight opponent (Edge, Billy Kidman, Hurricane, etc.) you will almost always win the match. If it is a Heavyweight ( The Rock, Stone Cold, Kane, Undertaker, etc.), then you will need to spear him at least seven times. In tag team matches, if you attack your opponent the same way, the opponent's tag team partner will sometimes not interfere while you are pinning him.


Method 1:
This can be done in any match other then a 1 on 1. Do your SmackDown move, then put your opponent in a submission move (if it is also not your SmackDown move). Keep doing the move until your opponent gives up. This allows you to win without the other opponents breaking up your pin.
Method 2: In any type of match, do as many moves as you can to your opponent until when they are lying on the ground with their hands and legs stretched out. Then, pin them. If you are not interrupted, you should be able to pin them up to three counts.
Method 3: When the match starts, knock down the referee and your opponent. Go outside the ring and get a table. Get back in the ring, and set up table in any corner (walk to the corner and press R1). When the referee gets up, repeatedly run into table. The opponent will do a move to put you through the table. You will win by disqualification.
Method 4: Use the following trick for easy wins in matches that you could be disqualified in. Knock the ref out then knock your opponent down. Get out of the ring and go to the top. Get a table from underneath the ring and take it into the ring. Set it up against a corner. Stay in that corner and have your opponent hit you against the table. Eventually, he will throw you through it and be disqualified when if the ref sees it, leaving you the winner.
Method 5: Use this trick for easy wins in career mode with Rob Van Dam or any cruiserweight. In a match with disqualification, remove a pad from any turnbuckle and throw your opponent there. Then, quickly go to the right side of the ring and press R1. You will then take out a ladder. Set it up on the turnbuckle by pressing D-pad + R1. Next, just keep running into it. Your opponent will eventually attack you with the ladder, causing the ref to call a disqualification.
Method 6: Use the Toe Kick (Left/Right + Down + X) to momentarily stun your opponent, allowing for a quick front finisher.
Method 7: In a normal match (where DQ is on), go outside to the side opposite the entrance. Pull a table out from under the ring by pressing L1 + R1 in the middle of the side of the ring. When you get the table out, set it up in a corner. Stand next to it and your opponent should Irish Whip you in to it and break you through, resulting in a DQ.
Method 8: Use the following trick to use weapons in a DQ Match for easy wins. First, go out of the ring and get a steel chair or any other weapon. Go near and face the ring. Press Square to throw the weapon in the ring. Make sure it does not hit your opponent. Then, knock down your opponent and knockout the referee. Use the weapon as much desired until the ref wakes up. Then, drop the weapon and knockdown the referee. Use the weapons and when your opponents is knocked out and is not moving, tap Circle(2) to pick up the referee. Quickly pin your opponent for the win.

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