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WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 4 (Japan)
Alt. Name(s): WWE Smack Down Shut Your Mouth, WWE Smackdown SYM

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Skin: 3
Cheeks: 6 model 1
Eyes: 44 ( -87,-3,0 )
Eyebrows: Your choice
Hair: Your choice
Underwear: Your choice
Pattern: Face-Simple-157 Place on right ear then go down as far as you can (100,9,-100,-100)
Pattern: Same as previous, but put on left side instead.
Pattern: Face-Simple-158 place in middle of back of the head then go down as far as possible ( 100,6,-100,-100 )
Mask: 82 (100,-35,-53,-48)
Horn: 32 (-72,3,0)
Paint: 24 (100,-3,35)
Paint: 22 (100,0,-100,-100)
Paint: 7 (100,-100,100,100)
Mask 31: (100,-82,-50,-18)
Paint 5: (100,-67,100,44)
Pattern: Face-Simple-159 Place in middle of face so that it connects with the bottom of previous step (100,9,-100,-100)
Pattern: Face-Simple-157 Place it directly below the nose (100,-96,38,-47)
Accessories: 74 (50,100,-43,0 0)
T-shirt: Pattern 5 (-79,100,25,-30,33)
No sleeves: Others 6 (89,-92,22,40)
Shirts: Others 3 (-95,-71,-94,-64,-100)
Tights: Others 28 (100,100,-67,100,100)
Tights: Others 27 (100,100,-47,-20,-15)
Tights: Onepoint 27 (100,100,30,-46,-70)
Shoes: Blank 12 (-24,-100,-62,0)
Socks: Others 11 (100,-74,-3,-26)
Wristbands: onepoint 20 (-37,100,28,-75,-47)
Pattern: Face-Simple-87 Put on right ear (100,-74,88,-27)
Same as previous, just on left ear
Pattern: Body-Simple-135 Place where nipples should be (-21,-93,-3,0)
Pattern: Body-Simple-156 Place in center of chest so that the sides align with the shoulder pads (100,35,-100,-40)
Same as previous, but in center of back

Height: 5'10"

Head -49,66
Neck -35,9,1
Chest 100,3
Shoulders -79,4,19
Abdomen -24,2,86
Arms -37,11,-13
Forearms -35,-23,-88
Hands: Leave as is
Waist -2,-39
Thigh -14,0,-15
Leg -15,-28,-46
Ankles -28,-38

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