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WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 4 (Japan)
Alt. Name(s): WWE Smack Down Shut Your Mouth, WWE Smackdown SYM

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Climb on top:
Select a TLC match, then grab the ladder. Set it up by the hook closest to the fans. Climb the ladder and push the D-pad toward the direction that the hook is at and jump. You will climb to the top and can do anything. Note: This may require a few attempts.


Easy damage:
At the King Of The Ring in season mode or while playing against a friend, choose the King Of The Ring arena (resembles like a big concrete chair over the ramp). Put your opponent on the table near the King Of The Ring chair, move in the leg and run towards it. You can climb it and do damage.
Climb on stage: Choose any type of match and select no count out in the rules. Select the King Of The Ring set. Go to one of the two poles with a ribbon-like object on it. You will climb the stage and be able to fight on top of it or jump off.
Climb on chair: To climb the King Of The Ring chair, go up any leg of the chair (left or right). You will start climbing up to the base of the chair... In order to do this trick, climb a leg of the throne (either right or left). This will have a great effect in the match in the KOR. Perform a move that will only drive the other superstar off the set and hurt himself from the ten foot fall. Be careful -- you can hurt yourself as well. Use this to win a match quickly.
Climb on Titantron: Go to one of the legs of the chair and run at it. You will climb to the top of the chair.


Climb set:
When playing in the Rebellion arena, you can climb the set. Go up on the stage, move next to the poles surrounding the stage lights, then press Triangle + Up to climb.
Ladder on Titantron: Play a TLC match in the Rebellion Arena. Take both tables and the ladder up to the stage. Stack the tables, then throw the ladder on top of both tables. Climb them, pick up the ladder, then throw it up on the Titantron. Note: This may require a few attempts.
Climb Titantron: Go to the Titantron and run at one of the cages around the colored lights. You will climb up to the screen.


Climb the SmackDown! fist:
Walk over to the left side of the ramp and go very close to the edge where you see cracks in the SmackDown! set. Press Triangle while near it and you should climb up and be able to jump off using the normal "Turnbuckle Flying Moves"... To do this, you have to go to the left where the lights are located then press Up + Triangle.
Put people through tables from the SmackDown! fist: Note: Two players are required for this trick. Select Jeff Hardy as your wrestler and pick a TLC match. Take the table where the ramp starts on the stage. Have Jeff Hardy go on top of the fist. Then, have the other player(s) get a wrestler on a table. When they are on the table, Jeff will not be able to do his special. Press X and he will put the wrestler through the table.


Snowball weapons:
Go to a snow pile and press R1. Your wrestler will make a snow ball which can be used as a weapon and thrown at your opponent.

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