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WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain
WWE Smack Down Here Comes Pain
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 5 (Japan)

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Easy win:
When you start, rush your opponent and Close Line them. When they are on their back, press Left + Square. He will start to knee your opponent in the head about six times. You can do this repeatedly. Then, when your opponent is lying on his face, press Right + Circle and tap Left + X + Square and your opponent will tap out.
Shooting Star Press: In an Elimination Chamber match, go onto a turn buckle as Brock Lesnar then press Square. You will now climb on top of a chamber. Then, press Down + X to do the Shooting Star Press.


Irish Whip your opponent to the ropes, then run the opposite way. When you are running back to your opponent, press Square to duck and get behind them. Back away slightly from them. Then, run to them and press Circle to do the Bulldog. Finally, quickly do his Lionsault special and pin.

Easy win method one:
When the match starts , toe-kick (Down/Left + X) your opponent and do a spear (run towards him and press Circle). If done correctly , he should lie on the ground . Go beside your opponent's head and press Left + Circle. Your opponent should slowly stand up and turn his body around, facing you . Immediately do a spear. Keep doing this process until the status of your opponent's body turns red . You should have some Smackdown! icons stored . You can make use of them to do Goldberg's Spear or Jackhammer . Do this a few times and pin the opponent. You should win the match easily without any damage done by the opponent.
Easy win method two: This trick only works in a cage match . When the match starts , try to get the opponent groggy by doing a toe-kick (Down/Left + X) . Run towards him/her and do a spear (press Circle while running) , which is not the finisher . If the opponent did not counter the spear, you will immediately climb the cage . Climb the cage quickly by rotating the D-pad or Left Analog-stick counterclockwise. By the time your opponent gets back to his feet, you will either be on top of the cage or have already won the match . This works well if you do the spear near the cage and climb quickly.
Easy win method three: When you start to fight someone in an Elimination Chamber match, make sure you Spear them a lot until their mid section is red. Then, take them out to the outside and whip them through two chamber containers made of glass. This should make all of their body yellow. Then, simply Jackhammer them. You almost always will get the pin.
Easy win method four: When playing as Goldberg, use your running move a lot (Triangle + X), and your X button combo. When he is on the ground and you have a special, always pick him up and use it. You will win matches much faster.
Easy win method five: Keep Irish Whipping your opponent into the turnbuckle and Spearing him or her by pressing X. It will injure their ribs and fill up your special meter. Keep doing this until you have a Smackdown! and use the Spear. It will almost always be a three count.


Classic version:
To unlock the classic Kane, buy the Kane card at Shopzone. You will now be prompted every time you use Kane if you want the mask on or off.


Real entrance:
To get Randy Orton's real entrance, set his entrance move to Christian.


West Coast Pop with no Smackdown:
When playing as Rey Mysterio, instead of needing a Smackdown to do the West Coast Pop, whip your opponent into a turnbuckle and press the Circle + Left. If done correctly, Rey should do the West Coast Pop.
Perfect 619 without the special: To do a perfect 619 without the special, do Rey Mysterio's submission grapple (Down + Circle). Then, press Down + Circle again. He will do the drop toe hold that he does for his special move. Then, when they are hanging on the ropes, run and press X. If done correctly, he will do the 619 that he does for his special move. You can also attempt this alone without the drop toe hold.


Perfect Rock Bottom: This requires one of The Rock's special meters to be filled. When your opponent is on the ground, go to his/her head and press Left + Circle or Right + Circle button. If done correctly, the Rock will stalk his opponent, and Smackdown! will flash above. Press L1 and you will have completed the perfect Rock Bottom.


Hit the Sweet Chin Music from the corner:
Instead of pressing L1 from front position, floor your opponent in the center of the ring, move by their upper body, and press L1. Shawn will move to the corner, do his trademark foot stomping, then hit the Sweet Chin Music on his opponent just as they are back on their feet.
Special entrance from Wrestlemania XII: It is to see the entrance that Shawn Michaels did at Wrestlemania XII when he fought Bret Hart in the Ironman match, do the season mode as Shawn Michaels and win the rumble, allowing you to be the #1 contender. Then, just before Wrestlemania (the week or two before it), the coach will approach you and say that they have ideas for your entrance at Wrestlemania. When he offers if you want to hear them, reply "Yes". At the Wrestlemania, he will come down from the rafters as he did against Bret Hart.
Wrestlemania entrance: During story mode, if you are the champion defending your title at the main event at Wrestlemania, someone (depending on show) will approach you and ask if you have a moment to speak with the stage crew about your Wrestlemania entrance. This will occur sometime in the weeks before Wrestlemania. Answer "Yes" to speak to them about your entrance. Then, at Wrestlemania you will come down to the ring on a wire from the rafters, just as Shawn Michaels did at his Classic Wrestlemania match.


Entrance from the rafters:
Create (Crow) Sting, then play in season mode. Make it to the Wrestlemania main event, and make sure you talk to the stage managers about your Wrestlemania entrance. At Wrestlemania, when Sting does the special Shawn Michaels entrance, it will be similar to him coming from the rafters.


Old school music:
First, buy OS Undertaker from season mode. He will have no music as a default. Give him Original 10 entrance music.

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