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WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain
WWE Smack Down Here Comes Pain
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 5 (Japan)

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Easy win:
In season mode, set up a table in the corner of the ring and move near it until the CPU opponent puts you through it. They will be disqualified, and you will win the match, getting more respect and superstar points.
Easy win 2: Take the fight outside the ring. Use every tactic you can without getting DQed (for example, whipping opponent into steps, audience barricade, etc.). Do this enough and your opponent will be "laid out" (spread-eagle). Get into the ring and you will win by count-out. Slamming your opponent through the announcer's table(s) will not get you DQed and will do a lot of damage.
Easy money:
If you hold a title in season mode, you will get more money in every match your superstar is in. Also, holding more than one title will let you have more than one match, resulting in more money.
Skip matches: After a year of season mode, you will be able to skip your matches. Note: When you skip, you will automatically lose.
Enter females: The game normally will not allow female created superstars into season mode. If you want to enter a created female superstar into season mode,go into create mode, go to the character's profile, and change the gender to "other". You can now take your female character into season, and get some points to increase her stats and make her ready to compete. However, since the gender will no longer be female, you still cannot go for the women's championship. Once you are done with your season, you can change the gender back to female and still keep the points.
Las Vegas roulette: Whenever your show is at Las Vegas, Eric Bisschoff (Raw) or Stephanie McMahon(Smackdown) will run Raw or Smackdown Roulette. In this, they will spin a roulette wheel to choose the show's matches. Note: They will only pick for you.

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