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WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain
WWE Smack Down Here Comes Pain
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 5 (Japan)

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Easy win:
When it is your turn to enter the match, immediately climb the chamber wall (Square + D-pad) and move toward the holding chambers. Do not get on top of them. When an opponent approaches you, move on top of the holding chamber. Your opponent will climb the wall after you. As soon as this happens, press Square to get onto the turnbuckle. Your opponent will follow you and get on top of holding chamber. Then, press Square (do not also press the D-pad or you will climb back up again) to get back onto the mat. Your opponent will jump off the top of the holding chamber and will hit the mat. This causes extreme damage to your opponent. You can repeat this as many times as needed. This works under any difficulty setting.
Shatter glass:
You can shatter the glass by Irish Whipping someone into them. It will do a lot of damage to them. It does not matter if the chamber is occupied or not.
Climb the cage: You can climb the cage by pressing Toward the cage and Square. You can climb up slightly, then move left or right until you get on top of the chamber. You can also climb on top of the chamber by getting on the turnbuckle first and then pressing Up + Square.


Easy win 1:
During a hardcore match, bring your opponent backstage to the area where you can ride the Undertaker's motorcycle. Irish Whip your opponent into the semi with the WWE insignia. He will automatically climb it, and walk off. Each time this is done, it will affect his entire body. Repeat this until his meter is red.
Easy win 2: If you are one of the initial two superstars, fight to build up your SmackDown meter until another opponent is released. Climb out through the ropes and stand as close to the cage as possible. Keep taunting while the other wrestlers are battling it out between them. If a superstar approaches you, throw him back into the ring, then continue taunting. Eventually when there is only one other superstar remaining, you should have a few finishers ready. Lay the SmackDown a couple of times and pick up the victory. It may take a while, but may be worth it. This also helps if you pick up a lot of damage in the match and do not want to risk losing.
Easy win 3: Choose the Training Room. You can Irish Whip your opponent against the wall. It will break after you do this twice. In there, you can also throw your opponent into the showers or the lockers, which will do some damage.
Jump from the light post to the helicopter: Note: You must purchase the Times Square arena in season mode for this trick. When you get to the Times Square location, climb up the light post in the bottom right corner and press Square. Then, have someone else climb on the helicopter ladder by going directly under it and pressing Square. Have the person on the light post aim at the player on the ladder. Jump and you will knock down the player. You will now be on the ladder.
Get signature experience fast: Go to the training room backstage in a hardcore match. Find a treadmill and press Square while facing it to get on. You will begin to walk on it. To gain experience, repeatedly tap X. The faster you tap X, the quicker you will gain experience.


Easy win 1:
Break open one of the two sections in the top of the cell first. Then, go up to the top and the CPU opponent will follow you. Move yourself so that the opponent will step right into the open spot, falling to the ground and suffering major damage. The key is to stay on the side of the hole that is opposite of the CPU opponent.
Easy win 2: Break your opponent through one middle thing. Then, get out of the ring and get back on the top. When they climb back up, make sure you are on the opposite side of you. When they try to get you, circle so that you will always be on the opposite side. When they walk straight they should fall into the ring. Note: When they fall in, power up by taunting. Note: Keep doing this until your opponent is in the red, then get down, do your special, and pin them.
Easy win 3: Get out of the ring and grab your opponent's feet to choke him on the ropes, then exit the door. Wait until your opponent comes out of the cell and do a move to knock him down. Climb to the top of the cell. If your character has a SmackDown! move that does not involve the ropes (for example, the 619, etc.), go over to the doors on the floor and slam him through the door. Pin him for the win.


Better number:
Use this trick to get a higher number in the Royal Rumble. Whenever Eric Bishoff spins the wheel for your number in the Royal Rumble, if it is low, reset the game and try again. The number will be different each time.


Easy win 1:
In a normal tag match, do you special until your opponent is in the red. Then, knock the other person down and they should go back on the outside of the apron. Very rarely they may try to break it up, but they will not be able to make it on time.
Easy win 2: In a normal tag match, beat your opponent up until you can get a three count on them. Then, pin him and press Select to change to your partner. Run in the ring and stop the opponent from breaking up the three count.

Serious air time:
When doing the TLC match, take both tables and throw them onto the table at ringside. Set the one table up, and throw the other one on top of the first. Then, climb onto that table, and set the other one directly on top of it. Grab the ladder and toss that onto the first table, then the other table. It will be thrown onto the highest table. Set the ladder up, and you now have three tables with a ladder on top. Climb all three tables and the ladder. You can do high flyer moves from very high in the air. As long as your opponent is close, you can land on them for some serious damage. If you miss, you are going to lose the upper hand. This also works on the RAW set with JR and King's announcer table, although you seem to be limited to the ladder and one table. If you break the RAW table prior to setting this up, you can have both tables and the ladder. The moves from the ladder will now be done from high above a concrete floor. If you are in a tornado tag match, and someone tips the ladder, both of you will take serious damage from the high fall onto the floor. You cannot climb sets in HCTP, but you can still do serious high flying.
Wear opponent down faster: If you are in a Ladder or TLC match, when you use the grapple move for the ladder, (Up + X or Down + X) and your opponent is lying on the ladder in the ring on the floor, quickly climb a turnbuckle. Jump off onto the person lying on the ladder so that when you jump on them, the ladder goes into their back while they are lying on it to do more damage. Note: This works better when you use Rob Van Dam's Five Star Frog Splash when jumping on your opponent.
Use the ladder when in the corner: When competing in a TLC match, there will be a ladder in the upper left-hand corner. In the upper right-hand corner will be a table. There are two ways to use the ladder to knock your opponent onto the ladder. First, you can pick up the ladder and press X + Down to drop the ladder and put your opponent on it. You can use it while it is in the corner; just throw your opponent towards that corner and he will land on it, similar to if you had thrown him onto the table. From there, press Circle + Up, Down, Left, or Right to do a move involving the ladder Note: It may not work for every direction.

Easy win 1:
Equip your wrestler with "Shuffle Sidekick 3" as a ready striking move. In the parking lot, climb atop the semi. When the opponent follows, use the kick and they will fall backwards off the semi. The AI will repeat climbing back up, and you can continue to knock them back down for some heavy damage each fall.
Easy win 2: Equip your wrestler with the F-5 (from powerslam position). Run to the semi in the parking lot and get on top of it before your opponent. When they climb up, get below them on the screen and hit them with a toe kick to stun them. Perform the F-5 and your opponent will crash face first into the ground. This causes a huge amount of damage and makes for an easy victory.
Easy win 3: When in a hardcore match or a match that places you in the parking lot, go to the middle of the semi truck and get next to it with the opponent. Irish Whip him into the truck and you will then rub his face on the side. Turn him around and slam the back of his head into the truck. It may not do a lot of damage, but it looks good.
Backstage in the parking lot, you will see an electric box with a little fence around it. Irish Whip your opponent into the fence and it will fall down. Then, Irish Whip your opponent into the electric box to electrocute them.
Freight box: In the parking lot there is a another vehicle (not the motorcycle but the other yellow forklift). To get more than one more box after you are done pressing Circle and there are no more, go to the bottom left of the area with the vehicle. One more freight box should appear on the carrier. You can do this as many times as desired.
Ride vehicles: When you reach the parking lot where Undertaker's bike and a forklift is located, you can ride them by pressing Square. On the forklift, you can drop the box onto the opponent by making the lift go up and down. If you are on Undertaker's bike, you can grab the opponent and drag him around the lot.
High flying from semi truck: To the far right of the parking lot is the WWE semi truck. If you look at the ground, you will notice a white arrow on it. Walk over to the truck, press Triangle + Right on the D-pad. You will jump onto the top of the semi truck. From here, you can do high flying moves or knock your opponent onto the ground for serious damage. Note: You cannot get down without damage unless you hit a move. You can only dive out until the arrow becomes narrow, anything past and you will hit the ground.


To climb up the ladder, press a direction + Triangle. To climb up the ladder then other level with the words going across, press a direction + Triangle, then Up + Triangle To climb up the ladder then other thing with the words going across, climb to where it says "Smackdown!", then press Up + Triangle. There are four store windows that you can open. Irish Whip your opponent into the glass (located on right and left side of ladder). There are two or three on the left side and one on the right side. Weapons that can be used behind the glass windows include a mannequin and shopping cart. To get on the helicopter, get directly in the middle of the helicopter windm then press Square. Then, aim where you want to land. Note: You can also blow up cars
Climb lamp post: Go to the lamp post at the bottom right. Press Square to climb the lamp post. You can climb the post, and if there is someone is on the helicopter, aim yourself with the D-pad and press Square. If done correctly, you will knock the other wrestler down and hang on to the ladder.
Very high flying move: When standing on the tip top area in Times Square, you can do a very high flying move by pressing Toward the street on the D-pad + Square.
Exploding cars: Climb the top of the ladder then climb it again and press Square. You will do a frog splash and can make cars explode.


Hidden area:
When you are doing an Hardcore match, go to the training room and you will notice a wall that has a crack in it. Irish Whip your opponent into the wall two or three times. The wall will fall down. There will be a little steam room that you can throw your opponent into, and two closet with Diva posters in them.
Walk on treadmill: If you get on the treadmill, you can walk on it by holding Square.
Easy special from treadmill: When in the training room, hop onto the treadmill. By tapping X while walking, your wrestling will start to run. This causes your special to fill very quickly. You can then keep hitting your special for the win.
TV monitor weapon: To obtain the TV Monitor as a weapon, go to the training room and whip your opponent into the stand with the monitor on it. It will fall and become available to use.
Opponent in the toilet: When fighting in the training room, there will be a toilet in the far left corner. Irish Whip (throw) your opponent into the toilet straight on. He will go into the toilet, with his head dangerously close to it. The door closes, and the wrestler walks back out, while you hear a flushing sound.

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