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WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain
WWE Smack Down Here Comes Pain
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 5 (Japan)

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Black blood:
When you are fighting Charlie Haas in exhibition or season mode, once you make him bleed you will notice that his blood is not red like everyone else's. For some strange reason, its black.
Eric Bicshoff does not bleed: When you have enough money go to ShopZone in the locker room and buy Eric Bischoff's attire, it will be him with a leather jacket. For some reason when you choose that outfit and fight him, you cannot make him bleed.
Two referees: Play as Kane in a First Blood match and have somebody else be any other wrestler. Get Kane to the red on his head, but not busted. Then, do the Kane Powerbomb on the referee and let him reverse it. The game will show the referee holding up another referee's hand.
Parking lot: Motorcycle stuck on you:
When you are in the parking lot, get on the motorcycle. Have another player get in the forklift and drop a crate on you. After this, the bike will be stuck on you.
No pin count: When the referee is standing in the corner of the ring, pin your opponent very close to that corner. The referee will make slight movements, but will not have enough room to get down to make the count. This results in him just standing there until your opponent has kicked out.
Enter crowd:
When in any match at any arena, get a table from the ring or under the ring apron and throw it on the announcer table. Pick it up, then press X (to hit) and Left or Right on the D-pad. When this is done, you will fall through the announcer table, with the brown table still in your hand. Press the D-pad towards the audience and the force will push you into the crowd. This can be used to hide a table. Note: This works best when your view is towards the opposite announcer table, meaning that it is best when your opponent is between the two announcer tables. Also for some reason, the right announcer table works better.
Enter crowd 2: Throw an opponent in the barricade. Run to the apron and jump off with a spinning wheel kick with the opponent still lying on the barricade. You will land on the other side of the barricade and be able to walk anywhere. You can walk through the fans and run through the arena off the screen into the blackness, until the arena itself is nothing but a dot on your screen. It will take awhile to get back to the ring. You can also walk behind the Titantron.
Elimination Chamber match: Getting out of the chamber: Get out of the ring, then climb the cage. Wait until your opponent gets out of the ring, then go on the chamber. Your opponent will then move to the chamber. Get off of the chamber before your opponent gets on. When you are off the chamber, you will be on the turnbuckle. When you opponent is on the chamber press X, then you are out off the chamber. Sometimes your opponent can go out also.
Elimination Chamber match: Run around crowd, through Titantron, and into the distance: Play as one of the last two wrestlers. Climb the cage on the sides closest to the camera. When your opponent gets close to you, climb on top of the chamber. Once he follows, climb down onto the turnbuckle. Once your opponent is on top of the chamber, press X. You should be out of the chamber. If you walk towards the chamber, it will automatically let you back in. However, if you stay outside you can walk through the crowd, through the Titantron, and through everything else. If you run straight through the Titantron and do not stop running, the camera will zoom out all the way into the rafters and will show you running non-stop into nothingness.
Elimination Chamber match: Two people at once on a turnbuckle or chamber: Have one player go outside of the ring and another player stay in the ring. At the same time, have both players run toward the turnbuckle and press Up + Square to get on the chamber. You will both be on the chamber.
Brock vs. Brock: To do this trick, Brock Lesnar has to be holding the U.S. Title, you must have the WWE Title, and you must get the opportunity via chance storyline for Brock Lesnar to compete in a number one contender match. Once all that happens, make sure Brock Lesnar wins his number one contender match by "playing" his match as him. If done correctly, on the next show Brock Lesnar as the U.S. Champion will approach you and say he "understands what you are going throw because he has to defend his belt at the PPV as well" and wishes you luck. The established story is that Brock Lesnar is respecting you and wishing you luck, but he also is your enemy at the next PPV. Finally, when on the same show in which he wishes you luck, Brock will have a match against someone. Choose to skip the match and Brock Lesnar will lose. The intermission sequence afterwards shows "Brock Lesnar your ally" being beaten up by his opponent and "Brock Lesnar your enemy". The enemy Brock Lesnar will then explain that the next PPV event since "friend Brock" has to defend his title against whatever opponent he just had, and you must defend it against "enemy Brock". You should make it a tag team match with both titles on the line. the resulting match is you and Brock vs. Brock and someone else.
Duplicate United States title: In season mode, choose any non-title holder. Go to Smackdown!. In the first week, tell Stephanie that you want a shot at the United States title. Win the match. In the second week, select move in the locker room. Kurt Angle will be backstage. When he talks to you, tell him that you are nervous about your match. Then, let him finish talking. You will have a title defense that night. Beat on your opponent, but do not pin him or make him submit. During the match, Kurt will appear, but the referee will send him out of the ring. Win the match. Select "Taunt". After the match, the referee will raise your hand and Kurt's hand. When you are on the top rope, Kurt will be in the ring and you should both be wearing United States title belts.
Earl Hebner wins the match: Follow the "Two referees" glitch. When Kane's head is red and he is not Koed, do the Kane Powerbomb Pin to Earl (referee). Let him reverse it. If it does not KO Kane, do the Kane Powerbomb Pin as many times needed for Earl to KO Kane. When Earl KOs Kane, another referee will come in and hold up Earl's hand. Thus, Earl will have won the match.

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