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WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain
WWE Smack Down Here Comes Pain
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 5 (Japan)

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Method one:
Choose a wrestler that has a special front grapple move, such as Brock Lesnar. Go to the top turnbuckle and side. Get your special meter up and Irish Whip your opponent into that turnbuckle. Walk towards him and press L1. You should do your finisher. Once he hits the ground, pin him and you should win.
Method two: Note: This trick only works in a match where DQ is on. At the start of the match, kick your opponent or just go outside the ring. Go to where the table is under the mat then press Square and take out the table. Get back inside the ring with the table and set it on one of the corners quickly, or the referee will take the table away and take it back outside. Then, keep running toward the corner where the table is, putting yourself onto the table. If the opponent is close enough, he or she will grab you and put you through the table, causing a DQ and making you the winner.
Method three: Note: This trick only works in a no DQ match. To get an easy win with a sledgehammer, you need to have a running move that will knock down the referee (such as the Sweet Chin Music). In a no DQ match, run towards the referee and do the running attack. Go to the outside the ring and get the sledgehammer from the bottom lower apron. Run back in the ring and use the sledgehammer grapple attack. It will give you most of your special bar. It also damages your opponent after two times. You can probably get in two sledgehammer grapples while the referee is down. Do this repeatedly to weaken your opponent and get specials. Then, do your specials to your opponent and you should get an easy pin (if you have two powerful specials).
Method four: Unlock Ted DiBiase. Switch one of your wrestler's finishers to the "Million $ Dream". While in the match, work on the opponent's head. When their damage meter's head turns red, lock in the Million $ Dream. The slider bar will have a small amount to go before submission. This trick also works with the Dragon Sleeper 2. That way, you do not have to use a special.
Method five: Note: Disqualification must be on for this trick. When you start the match, get your opponent on the ground in the middle of the ring. Go outside the ring and get the table from under the ring (the top of your screen), and bring the table in the ring with you. If your opponent is standing, knock him or her to the ground again. Set up the table in one of the turnbuckles. When your opponent gets up and close to you, run into the table. About 90% of the time, your opponent will grab and throw you into the table, causing him to be disqualified and giving you the win.
Method six: In a single match, go over to the side of the stage and fight until they are weak. Make sure that they will tap out, then knock them down and run into the ring. When they get in the ring, knock them down and make them tap out. Note: Your body might be weak; do not let them touch you.
Method seven: Go outside of the ring. Go up to the apron nearest to the ramp and press Square to pull out a table. Get in the ring, walk towards the turnbuckle, and press Square while pressing and looking in the direction of the turnbuckle that you want to set the table on. Do this quickly or the referee will take the table away. Then, run to it and the other wrestler will throw you into it and get disqualified. This works in tag matches and singles in exhibition or season. This will not work in a table or non-DQ match.


Method one:
In season mode, if you want a title shot, go to the "Move" option and choose "GM Room". The titles vary, depending if you are on Raw or SmackDown. You can challenge for every title on the show except for the World Title or WWE Title. You have to have enough SP to get a title shot. The only way you do not get a title shot is if you do not have enough points, or you are too involved with a storyline.
Method two: Whenever you have a title and you do not want to defend it, exit out of the game. You will lose the title. The next week, go to the general manager and request a shot for the title you just lost. You can now earn it back easily. This will ensure that you have a title match every week and give you additional money to help unlock expensive items.
Method three: In order to get a World/WWE title shot, you first need to make yourself the number one contender. Check your status in season by looking at the title information. Then, you need to start the first week or whichever promotion you belong to and reject any storylines people present you with. At some point Vince McMahon or someone else will offer you a shot at the title.
Method four: To get a title shot during season mode, you must have at least the following amount of superstar points and not be involved in any storylines. Note: You cannot win the Women's Title in season mode. Also, you must talk to your GM with that amount of Superstar Points: Cruiserweight: 60 points, Hardcore: 60 points, Intercontinental Championship: 70 points, U.S. Championship: 70 points, World Heavyweight: 85 points, World Tag Team: 130 points(combined), WWE Championship: 85 points, WWE Tag Team: 130 points(combined).


Method one:
Hold Down/Left or Down/Right and press Attack. This will have the wrestler perform a straight kick to the stomach and stun them for more then enough time for you to press L1 to do your special. This works for all wrestlers. To do your opponent's special move, hold L2 then press L1.
Method two: Knock out the referee by running at him and trying to tackle him. Then, go outside and grab a chair from under the ring. Either run back into the ring or wait for the opponent to come out. Then, keep X + Right pressing to continuously hit your opponent in the stomach. Keep doing this and you gain your special very fast, and also do serious damage to your opponent. Note: Make sure to throw the weapon away when the referee is getting up or else you will get DQed.
Method three: If you wait for the an entire taunt to finish, it will raise your special meter. It does not raise as soon as you press R3; you must wait for the whole taunt to complete to raise your SmackDown! meter.

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