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WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain
WWE Smack Down Here Comes Pain
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 5 (Japan)

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Face 4 face model 3 age -70
Head -2, 16
Eyebrow -14, -9
Eye -9, 0, 0, -37
Nose -55, 0, -16, 6
Cheeks -12
Mouth -16, 0, 0
Jaw -29, 0, 0
Skin 1, Colour 3
Hair 32 (-87,10)
Eyebrow 7
Eyes 9
Lips 38
Socks 1
Shoes 1

Design: Simple: Left Leg: 153 Max size
(Place on left leg three times.)

Knee pad (only right) 5
Short pants 1
Long hemline 1
Gloves 6
Height 6'3

Attack: Cleverly
Attack: Not Usually
Use weapons: Not usually
Diving Moves: usually

Strength 4
endurance 6
Submission 4
Speed 3
Technique 5

Move set: Your choice

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