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WWE SmackDown Here Comes the Pain
WWE Smack Down Here Comes Pain
Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 5 (Japan)

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Light heavy-weight
Skin: 2, skin color(now), color X-93, Y10, Shade X-1
Face: 8, Face model: 08, (figure, shape, and age default)
Head: Default
Eyebrow: Default
Eyes: Default
Nose: Default
Cheek: Default
Mouth: Default
Jaw: Default

Eyes: 33, Color X46, Y-4, Shade X0
Eyebrows: 2, Color X-86, Y-50, Shade X14
Lips: Unpainted, Color X-49, Y9, Shade X0
Hair: 30.Color X-72, Y-46, Shade X-100, Length X40
Underwear: 1, 1, Color X12, Y-100, Shade X100

Headpaint: 60, Color X-100, Y28, Shade X-14, Trans X100
Headpaint: 72, Color X13, Y-100, Shade X100, Trans X100
Make-up: 2, Color X-100, Y9, Shade X0, Trans X100
Tights: 2, 1, Color X13, Y-87, Shade X23, Trans X100, Length X-100
Shoes: 19, 1, 5, Color X12, Y-95, Shade X15
Arm Paint: 145, Color X32, Y-6, Shade X39, Trans X9
Wristbands: 1, Color X2, Y100, Shade X-79, Trans X100, Length X100
Arm Paint: 66, Color X28, Y-25, Shade X19, Trans X43
Hand Acc.: 1, Color X-80, Y-100, Shade X100, Trans X100
Arm Paint: 129, Color X31, Y-10, Shade X29, Trans X25
Headpaint: 72, Color X7, Y17, Shade X-18, Trans X100
Headpaint: 59, Color X-100, Y9, Shade X0, Trans X100
Tattoo: 30, (place on middle of outside of his thighs, and make second smallest) Color X-20, Y17, Shade X-38, Trans X100
(Do the same for other leg)
Simple: 131, (position on right pec close to shoulder and arm, make it second smallest) Color X21, Y-25, Shade X-59, Trans X-22
Tattoo: 4, (make it 2nd largest and place on left pec close to shoulder)Color X-100, Y0, Shade X0, Trans X-9
Simple: 9, (place in the center of previous tattoo)Color X17, Y-35, Shade X0, Trans X-13
Arm Paint: 8, Color X33, Y-25, Shade X0, Trans X-50
Arm Paint: 99, Color X28, Y-15, Shade X0, Trans X-25
Simple: 20 (turn once, and blend in with other tattoo on right pec/shoulder) Color X21, Y-20, Shade X0, Trans X15
Simple-88 (blend with other 2 tattoos on left pec going slightly down) Color X22, Y-40, Shade X0, Trans X-90
Hand Acc.: 5Color X-70, Y-2, Shade X9, Trans X100

Figure: Body morphing-X:26, Y-47
Height: 6'1"
Head: X-12, Y-27, Y26
Neck: X79, Y88, Y-86
Chest: X57, Y-8, Y-43
Shoulders: X-12, Y7, Y29
Abs: X69, Y-9, Y31
Arms: X38, Y8, Y-4
Forearms: X0, Y31
Hands: X26, Y25, Y-71
Waist: X4, Y-12
Thighs: X21, Y26
Legs: X24, Y4, Y79
Feet: X5, Y51, Y-29

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